boo album class, pink gift and Christmas collage thingy

you like my title? does it make sense? not yet!!! ok, i have the image of the boo album class. the class is on the 23rd of october, a friday evening. sorry about the sideways, i couldnt get it to flip right:

im sure all of you know that october is breast cancer awareness month, but many of you may not know that october also happens to be the anniversary month of my mom beating breast cancer. five years ago, my mom kicked cancer to the curb and nothing makes me happier than to celebrate that every october. every year i'll get my mom a gift and after she opens it, we watch this slideshow i made her for her last chemo treatment.

this year, i'm going to make her pink wall art. i learned a really cool mod podge technique from a friend, and here is a picture from the first step in the process. i mixed mod podge with water and pink paint and layered it with pages from a book onto a stretched canvas. this is all i have done for now, but i will keep you updated on its progress. also, dont tell my mom yet, she doesnt know its for her! shh!!

so you saw the boo class, and my pink gift, but what in sam hill is a christmas collage thingy? well i honestly have no idea what else to call it! i used christmas papers to make this collage looking project, but its soooooo much more than a collage!
i found this idea book that i havent flipped through in ages and it had this beautiful collage wall art in it that just had to make! after a few hours of inspiration and perspiration, i finished it! its more than what meets the eye, so it takes several pictures to see everything....
here is what you see at first glance:
looks like a bunch of pretty paper right? NOPE! theres more! the rectangle on the right is actually a door for hidden journaling!
i love that huge flower, but it was such a pain trying to figure out what to put in the center. i painted a chipboard piece and layered a pearl brad in it. a poinsettia would have been pretty too...
and a close up of the tree! this tree is a cuttlebug embossing folder that i lovelovelove so much! i started off with a cream colored carstock, embossed it, then distressed the edges with distress ink. the round thing is actually a drawer pull from home depot!

if you look closely, this embellishment reads "merry christmas." i've had it in my stash for three years and i finally used it!!! its one of my favorite parts of this piece!
so whats with the drawer pull? its a handle. yup! a handle to lift up and put a hidden photo!
it was a really fun project to do and i really loved how accomplished i felt once it was done. if you like this project, i'm happy to do it as a custom class! gimme a call for more details!
i have a busy week lined up, but i'll be back later with more goodies! btw, did i tell you that we just got more prima flowers in????? see ya!

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