try to make a move just to stay in the game

before i get into the fun pictures, let me tell you a story about how last evening went...

when i got home last night, i was really ono for some vegetarian chili. being that i had purchased the ingredients the night before, i was fully prepared to make some. i finished chopping all the usual vegetables that i put in it but this time i wantedto try it with some jalepeno in it. i had one small pepper and started chopping it up.

now, i know that you NEVER touch your face after you prepare jalepeno pepper unless you thouroughly wash and dry your hands. so knowing this, i used the very bottom bottom of my palm to rub my slightly itchy eye. a few minutes later, the skin next to my eye is getting tingly, so i walk to the bathroom to try and wash it out. i wash my hands with soap and water, then proceed to rub my eye.

BIG MISTAKE! i must not have washed my hands well enough cuz now my eye is on FIRE!!! then i think, "ok, i should take out my contacts to relieve myself" OMG!!! now both my eyes are dying!!!! even though its super painful, i manage to take them out and my eyes get better after a few minutes.

yeah. my fun evening....i felt so dumb.....ok! now on to the fun stuff!

first of all, i know you remember that mini album i made with the list of things i wanna do before i die. i updated it and i wanna show you! this is what my finished cover looks like:
that ribbon weaving is one of my favorite ways to use ribbon because it adds so much texture and dimension at the same time. next i have one of the inside pages to show you. in case you cant tell, this page says "date a HOT fireman"

this next item was something one of our customers made for me for my birthday. one day, she randomly asked me for my favorite colors and i told her that they were black and white. a little while later, she walks in and plops this on the counter!
some of it looks a little blurry cuz i had to use a scanner (today i have off and the camera is at the store) it is so beautiful and i have no idea what i should put in it...i'm thinking about storing some ribbon in it for now..
speaking of ribbon, i wanted to show you another cool way to use ribbon on a page. this page is a 6x6 for a mini album. i used a double sided tape to make the pleats and stapled them down instead of sewing it.
if you try this technique with a printed ribbon, it makes for interesting results.

and since today was my day off, i decided to pay a visit to our friends at the bead gallery! i bought my mom a mothers day gift and i spent most of the early afternoon making these:
they are a pair of earrings made from swarovski (i think thats how its spelled) crystals and silver wire and chains. all in all, it took me -with help from the bead girl- an hour to design and create. not bad huh? i love dangly earrings and i love greys...they look so elegant! thanks aga jamie! dont forget to check out their new blog, i helped them put it together!
i'm gonna go enjoy the rest of my day off now, bye guys!

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one way to say those three words

hey! sorry its taken me so long to post. i've had a very trying morning and lets not get into details...onto the fun stuff!

we got in a small order that included bazzill cardstock (i love me some bazzill!) and a couple new things! these three stamps sets are from autumn leaves and we ordered them way back in january at CHA and they finally came in!
this first one is a beautiful flourish set that would go perfectly with any card or layout. i love flourishes so much, i have way way way too many flourish stamps! sometimes a flourish is that one final touch to really MAKE your project.
these next two sets are really cool. they are more than meets the eye because you can stamp the different layers!
first, you stamp the outline. the outline is what you usually get with any other stamp. after you stamp the outline, you must use the second layer to stamp the first color. then you'll see that you are almost done, you just need the last layer which will complete your image. the last layer applies the second color and presto! you have a colored in monkey!
and we replenished our stock of bone folders! this bad boy has quickly become one of my favorite tools. as i've said before, i'm not much of a cardmaker, but i still use this guy everytime i scrap.
bone folders are especially great to use when you are working with chipboard. if you cover a large piece of chipboard with paper, you can use a bone folder to smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles! i also do a lot of distressing in my work, so when i wrinkle my paper for texture but dont want the dimension, all i do is get out my bone folder and smooth it out like an iron!
remember that mini album i made with the 50 things i wanna do before i die? well i have updated it and i wanna show you! but unfortunately you'll have to wait for tomorrow to see that post. i also want to show you what one of our customers made me for my birthday earlier this month, so you can look forward to that too!
if you get a chance, stop by my friend's blog. she just started it and i helped her fix up design and i'm sure she'd love to have visitors! i'll see you later!

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i'll be the princess

the phone lines are back up! i have no idea what was going on, but for yesterday and most of the day before, the phone wasnt working and all one would get is the busy signal. the phone dude said that there was something wrong for the whole area so there were other people without phone as well. but yay! its all over and we can talk to you again! hooray!

as most of you may know now, we are having lots of things going on for national scrapbook day and its going to be soooooo exciting! we have an all day crop, an all night crop and festivities for the day time!

take a look:
There is a lot going on for May, and we're going to start off with National Scrapbook Day!Saturday, May 2nd is when Scrapbook Heaven is going to celebrate and we're doing it in a big way!

Come to Scrapbook Heaven and solve our "Grey's Anatomy Medical Mystery"Get a free make and take kit with a purchase of $10 or more

All Day Crop & Card KitSign up for our "All Day Crop" from 10am-6pm! Limited to 4 croppers - cost is $20 and includes refreshments and a free Marrakech Card Kit from Basic Grey

All Night Crop & Card KitSign up for our "All Night Crop" from 6pm -midnight! Limited to 8 croppers - cost is $20 and includes refreshments and a free Porcelain Card Kit from Basic Grey

Stay tuned for more information on our National Scrapbook Day Event - Saturday, May 2nd!

we also have a regular crop scheduled for may 9th, 6pm to midnight. sign up today cuz the seats go quickly!

and here is a peek at may's class schedule:

Friday May 8 at 6:30pm - A Gift for Mom $15Designed for kids 8 and over, we will be making a special hand made gift just in time for Mother's Day.Moms will drop the kids off at Scrapbook Heaven and need to leave...we don't want to spoil the surprise!Don't worry about seeing the sample before you sign up for class. It is beautiful and will be fun for the kids to make.Pick up the kids at 8:30.

Friday May 15 at 6:30pm - Dirty Elegance $20Dirty Elegance is back! If you love the look of distressing your projects but are afraid to try, this class is for you!

Sunday May 17 at 3:30pm- May Flower Cards $20Flowers, flowers, flowers!! Make 8 beautiful cards incorporating flowers into your projects. This class is tremendously popular, so be sure to call and sign up today!

Friday May 22 at 6:30pm - EmilieAn's Rolodex $20A fun and different way to organize your photos! EmilieAn will show you how to decorate an ordinary Rolodex and make a beautiful card file for all of those family Christmas photo greeting cards you just don't know what to do with.

Friday May 29 at 6:30pm - Basic Grey's Page of The Month $20This class kit uses the new Lime Rickey line from Basic Grey. The good thing about these kits is that it includes detailed instructions, so if you can't make the class, take the kit home and do it at your leisure! 8 kits available so grab yours today!

Sign up for these classes by calling Scrapbook Heaven at 680-9000 and we can process your payment by phone!

talk to you later!!!

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Technical Difficulties!!

Today is Friday, April 24th
We are experiencing troubles with our phone line :(
If you need to contact us call 388-0842 or
send us an email at

Hawaiian Telcom is coming out today so hopefully the problem will be resolved. We'll keep you posted!!

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ive been missin you crazy

so you know how we've been out of disney/wedding/travel stuff for like ever right? well.... we FINALLY got our shipment in! it seems like forever ago that we placed that order and i have no idea why it took so long to get here! either way, we are restocked on our disney/wedding/travel embellishments!

many of you may know this, but National Scrapbook Day is the first saturday of every May and this year it falls on May 2nd. first of all, i cant spill all the details, but i can tell you to lookout for an email from us that should help give you an idea of what we have planned! if you arent signed up for our email newsletter, send me an email and i can help fix that!

i know this post is kinda short, but i must be off to work on the new website! as soon as that is up, we will be sure to announce it here and in an email. see you later!

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they call me...

so how much do i look like mama in this pic??? before i couldnt see it, but in this picture: DANG!

ok, i know you guys totally dont care about looking at pictures of me, so i'm gonna post some pics of scrappy projects! these two projects were some gifts that i made for a couple of friends of mine.

this first one is an altered picture frame. i got the frame from walmart and the papers were a bunch of scraps from my giant scrap box. i like making these altered picture frames because 1) you use lots of scraps 2) there is no one way to make these and 3) they make really affordable gifts.
usually when i make these frames, i take out the glass so i can pop out my designs, but this time i left it in.
this one is an altered mail can. i got the can from target in california, and the papers from Scrapbook Heaven :)

i dont typically put this much bling, but the girl i gave it to totally looooooooves blingity bling. i had bling ribbon, bling thickers, rhinestones and metallic brads!

as you can see, we got some new stuff in! we got the basic grey lime rickey and wisteria collections! i am so loving the bright cool colors of lime rickey and the passionate purples of wisteria blow me away. i got mine already, so stop by Scrapbook Heaven and scoop up yours!

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does that make me crazy

here's our lucky winner, Lianne!!! that basket sure was heavy! luckily, she had her son with her to help carry!
im sure most of you have heard about our big shot promotion! the big shot can be yours for only $69.99 when you purchase a minimum of $30 in dies! the promotion ends once we run out of machines, so hurry up and make it in to Scrapbook Heaven!
also, this just in: BASIC GREY!!!! we just got wisteria and lime rickey from basic grey! i must say they are two beautiful collections and i couldnt resist them, so i grabbed a few sheets!
still working on the website, i'm hoping you'll like it when im done! talk to you later!

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say it for me

good morning starshine, the earth says hello! today is the 13th and it is indeed a lovely day outside! we picked our winner for the $500 prize basket, so we'll be posting pictures of that later!

also, just to let you folks know, we will be working on our website over the next few days, so if it goes a little funny kine, then you'll know that its under construction. if you need any help, you can go ahead and leave a comment here or send us an email!

i am off to fix up our site, so i'll talk to you later!

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i didnt know that she could dance like this

Today is the big day!!!! Scrapbook Heaven is two years old, and we wanna celebrate in the biggest way! We have games, prizes, demos, make and takes, and of course we have the gift basket filled with fabulous scrappy stuff worth over $500! today is the day you can enter to win that fabulous gift, all you have to do is stop by Scrapbook Heaven and drop your name in the box!

I have to keep this a short entry, but before i go, you wanna know today's special??? everything in the store is 20% off! thats right, everything! so hurry up and make it in to Scrapbook Heaven for all the fabulous festivities!!!!

see you later!

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im ready for it

day 5 of Scrapbook Heaven's Anniversary Extravaganza!!!

we're getting down to the wire, only one more day until the big event! here's what today's make and take looks like:
this make and take is $3 and we will be doing them from 10am to 3pm or while our supply lasts. So far, this make and take has been pretty popular, so hurry up and get down here so you can do yours too! today's special is 20% off all punches in stock! that includes our martha stewart border punches, ek success shape punches, and many more! stop by today!
Tomorrow is the big event, and i am so excited! we have games, prizes, demos, make and takes, and dont forget about the big giveaway! we are giving away a gift basket worth over $500!
we'll see you tomorrow!!!

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in your favorite car with the missing top

day 4 of Scrapbook Heaven's Anniversary Extravaganza!!!!

this week sure has wizzed by, and we only have 2 days until the whole she-bang goes down! Today's make and take is this:

This make and take is $3 and we will be doing it from 10am to 3pm.

today's special is..... All Prima Marketing Flowers are 20% off!!! Thats right! you know all those darling paper flowers that we have all over the store? They are 20% off today, so when you stop by to do the make and take, stock up on your favorite color flowers!

dont forget about the big event this saturday! We will have games prizes and all kinds of goodies! We will be giving away a gift basket of scrappy stuff worth over $500!!

i'll see you later today!

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talk about it somewhere only we know

day 3 of Scrapbook Heaven's Annversary Extravaganza!!!!

today's make and take:

this make and take is $3, and we'll be doing them from 10am to 3pm today. and todays special is..... 20% off Bazzill Solid Cardstock when you buy 10 or more pieces, and all ink pads are 20% off and that includes the distress ink pads too!

We have tons of bazzill colors in stock! we already have lots of people stocking up on their favorite colors so hurry up and get your supply! we also have a nice variety of Stazon ink, distress ink, and chalk ink! i love inks, and i use them in every project i do! i have a growing collection and its always fun to look at the happy colors of ink! its almost like they smile up at me from the drawer i keep them in!

Dont forget about our event this saturday! we have games, prizes, make and takes, and you can enter to win a gift basket filled with fun scrappy stuff valued at over $500!

i'll see you soon!

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you found me

Day 2 of Scrapbook Heaven's Annversary Extravaganza!!!

take a look at today's make and take:

This make and take is $3, and we will be doing the make and takes from 10am to 3pm today. As for today's special, we have American Crafts Zing Embossing Powders, Making Memories Acrylic Paint and My Mind's Eye Printed Papers for 20% off!

When you do today's make and take, you will absolutely fall in love with the American Crafts embossing powder! i have used it before and i love it more and more each time!

Don't forget about our event this saturday! We'll have games, prizes, make and takes and you can enter to win a gift basket filled with scrapbook products valued at over $500!!!

I'll see you later!

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i've been waiting so long

day 1 of Scrapbook Heaven's Anniversary Extravaganza! you know us, we can't have just any old celebration! So we are stretching it out to 6 days of fabulousness!

Here's whats going on for April 6th 2009:

this is what today's make and take looks like.

all of our make and takes this week are $3 and i will reveal the new images each day. When you stop by to do your make and take, you get to take an early look at tomorrow's project!

and for today only (4/6/2009) we have an American Crafts sale! 20% off American Crafts Brand papers, stickers, rubons, ribbon and acrylic stamps! this sale is for today only, so be sure to make it to Scrapbook Heaven!

dont forget our event this Saturday! games, prizes and enter to win a prize basket worth over $500!

I'll see you later!

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here you are again***updated 4/2***


hey! wanna know whats up? yeah you do.... ok get ready, cuz here we go:

this year, Scrapbook Heaven turns two! Luckily enough for you, we wont ever hit the terrible twos cuz we are going to celebrate with our Anniversary Extravaganza! Saturday, April 11th we will be celebrating from 10am to 6pm!

from 10am to 11am we will be having a Sizzix demo

from 11am to 12pm we will have a stamping demo with Dandelion Designs

from 1pm to 5pm Scrapbook Heaven will be hosting make and take projects for $2

thats not all! we will be having a game booth downstairs from 10am to 3pm where you can win fabulous prizes!

now if that isn't enough, we will be stretching out the fun by doing make and takes everyday starting monday april 6th all the way until our Anniversary event!

all right now you know thats not all thats going on, but i cant tell you what kind of discounts we'll be doing that day! you have to wait and see! If you are in our angel's club, then you will receive our emails that will leak out info about the event, so be on the lookout for that!

and last but not least, WE'RE DOING A GIVEAWAY! During our Anniversary Extravaganza, you can enter to win a prize basket worth $500! we will have the entry box starting monday april 6th and the name will be drawn at 6pm on saturday april 11th.

if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email. talk to you later!
so um, roxie....why the heck didnt you just make a new post with this stuff??
well, this post is all about the exciting stuff we have going on next week and i wanna make sure everyone gets a chance to read all about it! soooo..... on with the update:
tomorrow is friday april 3rd and also the day of the cards organizer class. i didnt get a chance to post the pictures up to show the project, and we also have a couple of seats left in that class for anyone who is itching to come to Scrapbook Heaven tomorrow night! it is beautifully crafted, and features the grace and charm of Basic Grey's Porcelain Collection. With the strawberry pinks, vanilla creams, pistacio greens and choclate browns, this is a project for anyone to crave (plus, there's no calories!)
this cards organizer is the perfect gift for mother's day! you could even alter it into a mini album too!
album in an hour! if you're like me, then you have a hard time finishing mini albums, but in this class, we'll show you how to turn 6 fabulous printed papers and transform them into a mini album that you'll be proud to call your own!
this is the teacher's sample:
she made her album to scrap about her newest boy who just made 6 months! this class is a little bit different from our other classes: this time you get to choose the paper! thats right, you get to choose the 6 papers that make your album!
this class is friday april 10th and starts at 6:30 pm. feel free to come by a little early to pick out your papers! what should you bring? a basic class kit is good...paper trimmer, scissors, adhesive. if you have other tools that you like to work with -like stamps, inks, punches etc.- feel free to bring those too!
we'll see you at Scrapbook Heaven!

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