chang chang changity chang shoo bop

i love grease. i guess it inspired my wardrobe today? (I'm wearing a plain white tshirt with blue jeans hehe) anyway, i had that lyric stuck in my head from earlier and i thought you might enjoy it.

so I'd say that i am easy to entertain. give me some paper, glue and an hour's time and you'd be amazed at what i can come up with. now, give me a camera, that's a different story! i know i haven't posted a new pic in a while, so, i thought I'd grab a fabulous new toy from a recent shipment, and show you whats going on here at Scrapbook Heaven!

so basically those pics mean that we got the coveted cricut spatula back in!
also, i'm not sure how many of you knew this, but our windows are tinted, so it sort of looks like the lights are off and no one is home. We are open all seven days of the week and we usually close on certain holidays (the next closed day will be labor day). So if it looks like our store is closed in the middle of the day, that may not be the case! On the lower right hand side of our blog, i posted our store hours, so you can double check if you like. While we're on that note, i also wanted to let you know that if our store has been looking a bit on the darker side, its because we only turn on half of our lights to cut down on the electricity. this way, we can save energy and it won't drive up the cost of the goods you love so much!

tip for today: when you start using your collection of alpha stickers, never throw away what you don't use because if ever you need an "r" from that sheet of stickers, you could easily cut up an "n" and you have got an instant "r."
Oh, and i heard word that we're going to have a new commercial on the radio. be sure to tune in to 93.1 the zone to here it! see you soon!

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New New New!!!

So this weekend, we got a TON of new stuff in! Lots of papers (cuz you guys know we love paper!) with matching embellishments and stickers, ribbons and chipboard too! Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to take a pic of the stuff, but you should totally stop by and see me if you get the chance! I really miss you!!!!

We are now working on the class schedule for next month, and let me tell you, its getting exciting! I'm getting all giddy just telling you about it! So far we have a layout class in the works, and i am working on a class that will help you out a lot (cant tell you how it will help, but i gotta build the suspense don't i?) it's going to be so great!

Also, the Scrapper's Jam is coming up in September, so i have been working on another little something i hope you folks will enjoy! in fact, i have a handful of projects in the works, so that when you see us at the jam, your eyes will be a poppin! We just recruited a few extra pairs of hands to help at the jam, so I'm prepared for lots and lots of fun!!!! If you haven't signed up yet, be sure to stop by our store and ask us how you can! For those of you not attending the jam, never fear, for you will get a peak at our goodies too!

I just cant wait to finish these projects so i can show you! i love being crafty and what-not, it makes my tummy do backflips! i'll leave you with a fun tip.

If you need to title your layout, here is a quick and easy way to do so: use Microsoft Word! You can open up a document, type in a fun funky font, print, cut and adhere and you are done! Word is also a great tool to use for journaling. i personally don't like my handwriting, so i use Word a lot to use the right words for my page. You'd be amazed at what you can do when you just play around!

See ya!

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Tip for Today

I can't remember who I was talking to about this, but I recall telling someone that I absolutely love acrylic stamps, they are so addictive! I have TONS of them at home, and I use them in almost every project. My faves are the corners and borders, because it allows me the creative freedom to make my own paper. Sometimes acrylic stamps are the last missing touch on a card you've been working on for weeks, or they finally finish junior boy's first grade scrapbook page. Basically, they are very versatile!

So here is my tip: For those of you who have already jumped onto this awesome bandwagon, you may notice occasionally that sometimes, the ink comes out spotty when you stamp the image. Its not anything you are doing, so no worries! Usually, acrylic stamps are very slick when they are brand new, so in order for some inks to grip the image, you gotta rough up the surface. In order to do that, clean the stamp of all inks. Once its dry, take a pencil eraser and gently rub the surface of the stamp. Try inking the stamp with the rubber part face up, this way you can tell if the stamp is inked all the way. If you look closely, you can see that the ink will cover the surface, but if you notice that the ink has gathered in tiny little pools, then you may want to try rubbing it a little harder. Stamp the image, and there you go!

I love using acrylic stamps. I'm sure with the right collection, you guys will love them too!

Until we meet again!

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Class is now in session!

So here we have the remaining two class projects for the month of August. The first one is an explosion box created by yours truly, featuring the Spring&Summer collection from American Crafts. It has lots of wonderful colors to show off the perfect summer layout.

Explosion boxes make a nice home decor piece, perfect for the coffee table, and can be created with a combination of different mediums. I prefer to use paper and cardstock for the base of the box, and I like to give my box some feet, so I use brads or buttons. One of our talented customers is making me some beautiful custom beads to use as feet for another explosion box that I have in the works. So stay tuned for picks of that one!

This next project here is called "A Berry Sweet Board" and is a clipboard with a chipboard frame embellished with strawberries in coordination with K&Co's Berry Sweet collection. There is a little slit in the side so one might slip in a photo, or, you can print out a favorite quote to slide in. Its a great piece to hang on the ice box for displaying a mini calendar, notes to the ohana, or making a grocery list.

Don't you just love pictures? They are so much fun! I have to be going now, but I will be back soon! See ya!

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Elle Oh Elle

So this month we are having a promotion in store where for each $75 you spend, you get a pair of tickets to the AugieT comedy show at the Pagoda. I think so far we gave away about half.

I got a chance to go to his Pagoda show last month, and man was that a good show! The crowd was small that night, probably because it was on July 4th. I got a chance to talk with Augie after that show and he said that he really enjoys doing small crowds like that because it gives him a chance to do a routine and yet still incorporate some improv in there. Another really great thing about Augie is that he is a good community servant, and wants to see Hawaii's keiki succeed, so that is why we at Scrapbook Heaven are donating some of this month's proceeds to his "Speak the Dream Foundation."

I'm also very eager to get in more new things. I love getting new things! We have started to get some stuff in, so far I'm lovin all of it, but I really can't wait to get more! The newest so far is the BoBunny Spooktastic, Beau Jardin, and Believe collections and they are all to DIE for! I myself got a chance to buy 3 of each paper! Yes, yes, I too am a giant paper collector. I have a HUGE stash at home in my closet and it grows all the time, but what helps me with my paper addiction is that I know I will use it!

Now, I am off to go back home and make something with my paper stash! Au revoir!

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Here's a pic finally!

Okay, so I know I said before I was going to post a few pics in here, but I totally forgot the camera! I was going through our picture files and I came across a couple of pics, so I figure that it'll do for the mean time!

Ok, so this layout here was actually made for an online sketch contest, and ta da! It won!

This was a birthday cake specially made for us here at Scrapbook Heaven. It was to celebrate us turning one! It was given to us by my best friend Reo, who was an expert cake icer at Baskin Robbins.
Until we meet again!

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These are a few of my favorite things...

So we have a small toy area for the keiki to play while mommy/daddy/aunty/uncle shop around. We keep it sort of on the other side of the register, just beneath the counter. One of my favorite things about having this little play area is the stories that these kids come up with.

One of our toys is this little castle with little people to go with it. Kids play with this the most, and they animate the little people that they play with! So they make the little princess talk to the little prince while the king and queen sit idly by. I swear, it's the cutest thing ever! You would think mostly girls would play with this little castle, but boys love it too! Sometimes, I take a moment to listen to the stories, but I do know that each time I hear one, it warms my heart.

One day, when I get a chance, I want to post of pic of the keiki that frequent our humble little store. See you later folks!

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First Blog...ever!


Welcome to our new blog! This is our first post ever, so if you are reading, thanks! I, personally, am hoping that this blog can further help us to keep close contact with our fans *cough cough* I mean customers! hahaha!!!

I can't wait to get this ball rollin' so those of you who haven't been by in a while can keep up with us until you get a chance to stop by. Also, for those of you who are on a neighbor island, feel free to browse around, so you can stay updated on whats going on here at Scrapbook Heaven!

Stay tuned for more...

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