make and take 11/28

todays make and take from 10am to 4pm! $3 for this cute mini notebook that will come in handy when you're doing some christmas shopping :)

i look forward to seeing you today!

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whats going on for black friday???? well...

30% off regular priced merchandise when you say this code phrase at the check out:

plus you'll get 50% off one item, an additional 10% off clearance items, and free gift with purchase of $30 or more!

but....if youre one of the first 10 people in the store, you'll get 40% off all regular priced merchandise!

for Black Friday only, we will be open from 5am to 2pm.

see you bright and early!!!!

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drive-by post

another short and sweet post :)

here's what im doing right now:

  • creating a more "user friendly" store for you to shop in
  • putting together the black friday email
  • putting in the prima order we just got

if you arent on our email list, check out the angel club page on our website to sign up (trust me, you wont wanna miss our black friday email)

i wish i could tell you more about our future plans, but i'm afraid the timing is not right yet. we're going to send out the black friday emails some time tomorrow, so be on the lookout!

see you soon!

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make and takes - as promised!!!

make and take! this is probably my favorite one so far! three of the most beautiful tags i have ever seen! $3 for three tags, and you can use them for all the goodies you going buy next week friday :)

10am to 4pm, this saturday 11/21/2009

and here is one of the gifts i made for my friend's birthday! she really loves the twilight movie, so i made her a mini album in the twilight color scheme: black, ivory and blood red!

the album is 4x4, made out of chipboard and mostly cardstock. the cover has feathers and let me tell you, it was really interesting trying to figure out how to get them to stay!!!

this page has pages of an old book with tim holtz crackle paint

a close up of the "blood" drops :)

a while back, i saw a page my friend did with a safety pin through it and i was DYING to try it on a page!

my new favorite stamp! a chandelier with black heat embossing. my new favorite ribbon weaving technique! effervescence border punch with ribbon laced up. yum yum yum!!!

this page is pretty simple. just flowers and bling

have i told you about my circle cutting system? its a compass, scissors and an edge scraper. i use the compass to trace my circle on the back of my paper, cut it out with scissors and scrape the edges to hide my imperfect cutting abilities :) the edge scraper was $4, compass was $.50 and i cant remember how much the scissors were (but it sure beats a $1874354687463541638 cutting system right??)

another tim holtz technique! using distress ink, i dyed this paper and gave it a very aged feel. i used an old background stamp for the pattern and distress ink in three colors (fired brick, black soot and weathered wood)

this page is a little too simple for my taste, but i still like it. i just took some lace and taped it across the page. i figured most of this page will be covered in pics right?

and thats all there is to it! i'm gonna give this to my friend tomorrow so if you see her, shh!!! i have another one like this that is halloween themed if ever you'd like to see it :) see you later!!!

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Another busy week!

What is it about the holidays that makes everyone so busy???? my goodness i have been working my butt off lately!!!! its all for a good cause though ;)

we just got in more christmas paper from my mind's eye! i posted a link to the left in the "whats new" area, so go check um out!!!!!!

i'm working on some new promotions for the months of november and december, so hang tight for that! we have the make and takes ready for this saturday (i'll post pics of those tomorrow!) and i've been working on a few mini albums for my friends birthdays this week! dont worry, i'll post pics of them later this week after i give it to them :)

dont forget, tuesdays are double punch days! for each dollar you spend, you get 2 points for your angel club coupons!!! plus......we're open late on tuesday! 10am to 8pm!!!!

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make and take!

heres the make and take for this saturday (11/14/2009)
dont forget! 10am to 4pm, $3 each. plus!!!!!! glitter will be on sale, saturday only, 50% off!!! what??? GET OUTTA TOWN!!! yup, 50% off!!!!

i have to be going, lots of people using the veteran's day treat i sent them :) see ya!

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drive-by post :)

hey! i dont have any pics to share with you today :( but i do have some news to share!

  • We're expecting our new shipment of My Mind's Eye any day now!
  • I'm gonna send out an email today with info about our Veteran's Day Celebration!
  • I'm posting the make and take here tomorrow; you'll get an early peek!

If you haven't signed up for our email, now's the best time! We're planning a lot of activities for this holiday season and we want everyone to take part in the excitement! If you haven't signed up yet, visit the Angel Club page on our website, where you can sign up!

See you tomorrow!

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Make and Takes!!

(11/7/2009) today's make and takes are these two adorable favor box ornaments! for $3 you get to make both of these cute ornaments just in time to start decorating your tree! make and takes are from 10am to 4pm!
Dont forget about our countdown to 2010 giveaway! every saturday you can enter to win our fabulous gift basket, but when you do our make and takes, you get an additional entry! not to mention, this isnt any ol' gift basket, its a growing gift basket! every week we add in a few more goodies and then when we finally give it away at the end of the year, it'll be HUGE!
and in honor of todays make and takes, we're having a paper sale! 20% off when you buy 2lbs or more! this includes vellum, cardstock, printed papers and specialty papers! the sale is only happening today, so stop by early for the best selection!**
**only valid on items in stock

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Project i just finished!

this is a mini album one year in the making!!! isnt that ridiculous? it took me a whole year to make this! well...technically a couple of days spread out in a year, but still!

roughly a year ago i got this beautiful bracket album and added the paper on the chipboard. from there i lost inspiration so i left it aside for a while.

eventually i added the giant flower on the front and a little ink here and there but i really felt nothing when i looked at this album. so once more i left it aside...

then last week when i started to clean out my craft stuff i came across this album and the extra paper that went with it and i said, "tomorrow night, i'm gonna finish this album!" so the next night (saturday) i went about finishing it.

i worked on one page at a time (slow and steady wins the race!) and before i knew it i had actually finished it!

i have the pictures planned out, its just a matter of printing them! this album is so fun and girly so i decided to put "girls night out" pictures!

rome wasnt built in a day and neither should your art work! scrapbooking is art; the art of memories!
i would definetly suggest that all crafters go through their stash once in while, because when you do, you rediscover old treasures and you get a better mental inventory of what you have. once in a while you'll find that album you started back in the stone ages and you'll feel the inspiration you need to put the finishing touches.

today i'll be working on the sample for the make and takes this saturday! i'll post another update when i have the photos of those. plus, are you our fan on facebook? why not???? go add us!

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