you're the only one i'd be with

quick update! remember that journey ticket giveaway we did? well the tickets were for the wednesday show and the winner sent us a picture from the meet and greet!

i had no idea that the singer was soooooo tiny! i guess that makes him more aerodynamic cuz that dude FLIES all over the stage!

then we had tickets to the thursday show (yesterday) we forgot the camera, but i was able to get a few shots on my phone! this first one is of my dad and me waiting for the show to start. i have so few pictures of us together, so luckily i caught him in a "picture taking mood"

and this last one is a picture of when the band first showed up on stage. i know its really dark, but hey, its not too shabby for a camera phone pic right?

i have a few more pictures on my phone, but they are still being emailed. and yeah you guessed it, i'm gonna scrapbook them!!! you know those handy word albums that we custom make? i'm gonna order one that sayd "journey" and scrap all these phone pics in them!
here at the store we also carry those recorder things that you can put in your scrapbook; They are by "Speakin Up" and they can record 30 seconds of sound! here's what they look like:
what im gonna do is record 30 seconds of my favorite journey song, and stick this recorder in the word album im gonna make! cool huh? i post updates of that project when i get around to it, it should be really awesome!

another thing you can do with this recorder is to record your child talking. it doesnt matter what they say, just a snippet of them speaking. add this element to your page and save it for when they grow up. in about 10-15 years, you will be so glad you did it! when my brother was little, my mom recorded him talking, played it back recently and it was so precious! when you scrapbook, you are capturing an image of a particular moment, but when you add these recorders, you add another dimension of time to preserve even more of your favorite memories! next time you stop by Scrapbook Heaven, be sure to ask about these "Speakin Up" recorders!

i must hele, see ya!

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when you see my face

this friday we have the basic grey page of the month class and i totally forgot to post a pic of it! i know this one is small, but you'll see the sample when you stop by Scrapbook Heaven!

basic grey has a different page every month and each month uses different papers from each of their fabulous collections! we have signed up to do this page of the month program until the end of the year, and hopefully basic grey will do it again next year because it is a great way to get stuff done. not only does this class come in a kit, but instructions are included as well, so you can replicate the layout when you get home! if you like this layout, but are unable to make the class, you can take the kit and do it whenever you like! but hurry, seats are limited!

i myself bought one each month for this year! what i did though was save the papers and embellishments that it came with and used the instructions with other supplies from my stash!

for more information on these kits, give me a call at 808 680-9000 or send me and email at

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either way i've found out

hey! whats up? i wanted to stop by today, cuz i miss you guys tons and tons :) we had a crop this weekend that was loads of fun! it was on saturday (which is the day off for me) and started at 6pm.

once all the ladies got there, it was good times from the word go! i ended up working on a christmas mini album and a couple of layouts. dont worry, im not horribly behind or ahead on christmas, i just felt like using up the building stack of christmas stuff! i dont really do cards (trust me, my cards stink!) and i did a few christmas layouts, but i just love love love mini albums! of all the albums i have made, i never made a christmas one, so i got started on one.

during our crop, we had our first contest! we gave the ladies a pile of scrappy stuff (everyone got the same thing) then after one hour, whoever had the neatest project won a prize! we had smaller prizes for everyone else though. it was really tough being a judge, because i seriously loved every project turned in! there were 8 total and each one was so massively different that i couldnt help but lovelovelove all 8! we did end up choosing a winner, wait no, it was a tie so 2 winners! but everyone walked away with a little gift.

one thing i have noticed, our crops have started collecting snacks! we bring a few snacks and some of the regulars bring snacks and it becomes a party! so if ever you sign up for our crops, feel free to bring a snacky snack!

do any of you remember how we've been out of our disney stuff? well, we just got our order in! we sent in the order a while ago, like over a month, and we finally got it! so if you're looking for disney, then come check out our fresh stock. we also got in a few baby things as well as a few wedding stuffs. hopefully we can put another order together for some travel stuff, those things just fly out the door!

i have to be going now, but stop by and say hi to me, i miss you :)

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we're in the city of wonder

jam pics! we woke up at 4am on saturday! woah! yeah, the only two times a year i wake up that early is when i have to go to the jam.... so once we woke up and left, we met the Distress Mistress at Scrapbook Heaven and rode to the windward side.

we got there around 6:15 and started to unload our stuff in the rain :( its ok, nothing got damaged! and of course we had to goof around a little bit!
thats D, me and A. D sees no evil, i hear no evil and A speaks no evil.
we had lots of help from our friends (they kick total butt, i love these girls!)
Distress Mistress was awesome! she was so entertaining! i swear i could talk to her for DAYS!!! not to mention, she is my scrappy idol! she does the coolest stuff with paper, if you havent taken one of her classes yet, GET ON BOARD SISTER :)
and me. in the booth. showing people our things. we had lots of new things in our booth! we had a bunch of acrylic stamps that we special ordered just for the jam, a bunch of new paper from American Crafts with embellishments to match, American Crafts embossing powder, awesome awesome make and takes, some sale stuff, and lotslotslots more!
we had so much going on at our booth that we barely had time to shop! i stopped by a place in time's booth and took a peek at their goodies. i ended up getting a charming little polka dot stamp (i have a thing for polka dots) and a few sheets of paper. i'm not sure what mom got her hands on, but she did leave with a bag of stuff too!
here we are talking crop! these two lovely ladies are coming to the crop on saturday (3/28) so we were talking about how excited we are! i always get excited for our crops, they are always so much fun, plus people usually bring food to snack on, so its like a party! woo hoo!!!!
alright, its time for me to get going! see ya!

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meet me at the front door

hey everyone! today is gonna be a short post just to let you know that we are still recovering from scrappers jam yesterday and i will be posting the pictures soon!

i was really looking forward to sleeping in this morning after a really long day yesterday, but my dad couldnt wait for me to get up, so he called my cell phone and hung up! that dirty rat! but i guess its sweet that he couldnt wait to see me again (aww) i guess you could say that its an issue easily solved by starbucks! (yum yum, i love me some starbucks!)

i'll be back later, i just wanted to pop in and say heyheyhey!

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dont be afraid

know what was happening on this day 23 years ago in albany, new york? my mom had my big brother! yep, my brother turns 23 today! my how time flies!

we just got in some new dandelion stamps! check it out:

we got a lot of the little characters, and they are all perfect for any occasion! my personal favorites are the penguin, giraffe and the little tiger! to help give you an idea of how big they are, the black grid is in half-inch measurements.
the great thing about these adorable little stamps is that they are perfect to use on cards! with cards you are given a small canvas and you can't always fit a huge image into your card design.

with charming and whimsical characters, dandelion creates the perfect stamp for first birthday, baby showers and all kinds of events!

another great way to use these stamps is to put them on a tag. next time you give a gift, spiff it up with a fun tag that has a penguin on it, penguins are cool! :)

like magazines? we have march's installment of cards magazine and scrapbook trends magazine. what i love most about these magazines is that they cut back on the ads and throw in TONS of ideas! with practically an idea per page, you will never run out of inspiration! i've gotten some of my best ideas after thumbing through these bad boys, you should pick one up too!

i'm not sure about you guys, but i LOVELOVELOVE embossing powder! most people tend to use embossing powder for their cards, and its great for that, but my favorite is using them in my altered artwork! i like making mini albums out of old child board books, and i use embossing powder to enhace the appearance of my stamped images.

american crafts recently came out with their first line of embossing powders and i have them pictured below. what you see is five tiers of fabulous colors that coordinate perfectly with any american crafts product! the first tier houses the flourescent powders, second has the metallics, third has the glitter embossing, and the last two are the opaque. all these colors go very nicely on darker papers (especially the flourescents).

just as a reminder, our american crafts promotion ends this sunday (3/8/2009), so dont forget to take advantage! just buy 10 sheets of american crafts printed papers and 2 packages of thickers and you get the free gift set pictured below!

class is in session! our march schedule is put together and i have 2 sneak peeks for you! here are the samples for the card class on sunday march 20th. the cards are about half done in this picture, i just wanted to give you a little peek!

and here we have a tiny snippet of the "Shiny New Penny" layout that mama is teaching on sunday march 15th. i would have taken a bigger picture, but she didnt want me to leak it! sorry, this is all you get for now! but when you stop by the store, we can show you the whole layout!

i will post the march class schedule on the blog later today, right now i'm gonna go eat my leftover pizza from last night! spinach and mushroom, yum!

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you never have to be alone

we got in a HUGE order of american crafts!

we got 5 new lines of product: character, craft fair, backyard, teen, and baby. if you'd like to see what the new lines look like, check out the American Crafts website for images, dont forget to check out the idea gallery, they have lots of neat ideas! along in that same order was a bunch of new thickers -mostly alphabets, but we got shapes too- a few alphabet rubons, and some embellishments.

as most of you may know, tomorrow is 3/3/09 aka GIRLS DAY!!! to celebrate, we are going to be doing make and takes from 11am to 3pm. here's what it looks like:

we are also going to be doing a giveaway tomorrow, so when you stop by to do the make and take, you can fill out an entry blank too! the prize is a super cute hello kitty purse, with a mini album kit inside, and 2 sheets of stickers to match.

the hello kitty on the purse is embroidered and wearing a beautiful kimono, so its absolutely perfect for girls day! you can enter all day tomorrow (3/3/2009) and we will pull the winning name at 6pm tomorrow, and notify via phone.

we are having a spring promotion featuring our American Crafts product! when you purchase 10 American Crafts printed papers and 2 packages of Thickers, you can get a free gift! The gift pack includes 1 precision pen; 3 buttons, eyelets and minibrads in cherry and chestnut; 4 buttons, eyelets and minibrads in white; 16 feet of premium ribbon; 1 kara mint chocolate truffle and all of it fits inside a designer gift box. The gift box can be broken down to use as a template to recreate your own designer boxes with some beautiful american crafts paper and embellishments!

the promotion starts 3/3/2009 and ends sunday 3/8/2009 or while supplies last.

lots to do today, so i must be going! see you!

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