either way i've found out

hey! whats up? i wanted to stop by today, cuz i miss you guys tons and tons :) we had a crop this weekend that was loads of fun! it was on saturday (which is the day off for me) and started at 6pm.

once all the ladies got there, it was good times from the word go! i ended up working on a christmas mini album and a couple of layouts. dont worry, im not horribly behind or ahead on christmas, i just felt like using up the building stack of christmas stuff! i dont really do cards (trust me, my cards stink!) and i did a few christmas layouts, but i just love love love mini albums! of all the albums i have made, i never made a christmas one, so i got started on one.

during our crop, we had our first contest! we gave the ladies a pile of scrappy stuff (everyone got the same thing) then after one hour, whoever had the neatest project won a prize! we had smaller prizes for everyone else though. it was really tough being a judge, because i seriously loved every project turned in! there were 8 total and each one was so massively different that i couldnt help but lovelovelove all 8! we did end up choosing a winner, wait no, it was a tie so 2 winners! but everyone walked away with a little gift.

one thing i have noticed, our crops have started collecting snacks! we bring a few snacks and some of the regulars bring snacks and it becomes a party! so if ever you sign up for our crops, feel free to bring a snacky snack!

do any of you remember how we've been out of our disney stuff? well, we just got our order in! we sent in the order a while ago, like over a month, and we finally got it! so if you're looking for disney, then come check out our fresh stock. we also got in a few baby things as well as a few wedding stuffs. hopefully we can put another order together for some travel stuff, those things just fly out the door!

i have to be going now, but stop by and say hi to me, i miss you :)

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