dont be afraid

know what was happening on this day 23 years ago in albany, new york? my mom had my big brother! yep, my brother turns 23 today! my how time flies!

we just got in some new dandelion stamps! check it out:

we got a lot of the little characters, and they are all perfect for any occasion! my personal favorites are the penguin, giraffe and the little tiger! to help give you an idea of how big they are, the black grid is in half-inch measurements.
the great thing about these adorable little stamps is that they are perfect to use on cards! with cards you are given a small canvas and you can't always fit a huge image into your card design.

with charming and whimsical characters, dandelion creates the perfect stamp for first birthday, baby showers and all kinds of events!

another great way to use these stamps is to put them on a tag. next time you give a gift, spiff it up with a fun tag that has a penguin on it, penguins are cool! :)

like magazines? we have march's installment of cards magazine and scrapbook trends magazine. what i love most about these magazines is that they cut back on the ads and throw in TONS of ideas! with practically an idea per page, you will never run out of inspiration! i've gotten some of my best ideas after thumbing through these bad boys, you should pick one up too!

i'm not sure about you guys, but i LOVELOVELOVE embossing powder! most people tend to use embossing powder for their cards, and its great for that, but my favorite is using them in my altered artwork! i like making mini albums out of old child board books, and i use embossing powder to enhace the appearance of my stamped images.

american crafts recently came out with their first line of embossing powders and i have them pictured below. what you see is five tiers of fabulous colors that coordinate perfectly with any american crafts product! the first tier houses the flourescent powders, second has the metallics, third has the glitter embossing, and the last two are the opaque. all these colors go very nicely on darker papers (especially the flourescents).

just as a reminder, our american crafts promotion ends this sunday (3/8/2009), so dont forget to take advantage! just buy 10 sheets of american crafts printed papers and 2 packages of thickers and you get the free gift set pictured below!

class is in session! our march schedule is put together and i have 2 sneak peeks for you! here are the samples for the card class on sunday march 20th. the cards are about half done in this picture, i just wanted to give you a little peek!

and here we have a tiny snippet of the "Shiny New Penny" layout that mama is teaching on sunday march 15th. i would have taken a bigger picture, but she didnt want me to leak it! sorry, this is all you get for now! but when you stop by the store, we can show you the whole layout!

i will post the march class schedule on the blog later today, right now i'm gonna go eat my leftover pizza from last night! spinach and mushroom, yum!

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