we're in the city of wonder

jam pics! we woke up at 4am on saturday! woah! yeah, the only two times a year i wake up that early is when i have to go to the jam.... so once we woke up and left, we met the Distress Mistress at Scrapbook Heaven and rode to the windward side.

we got there around 6:15 and started to unload our stuff in the rain :( its ok, nothing got damaged! and of course we had to goof around a little bit!
thats D, me and A. D sees no evil, i hear no evil and A speaks no evil.
we had lots of help from our friends (they kick total butt, i love these girls!)
Distress Mistress was awesome! she was so entertaining! i swear i could talk to her for DAYS!!! not to mention, she is my scrappy idol! she does the coolest stuff with paper, if you havent taken one of her classes yet, GET ON BOARD SISTER :)
and me. in the booth. showing people our things. we had lots of new things in our booth! we had a bunch of acrylic stamps that we special ordered just for the jam, a bunch of new paper from American Crafts with embellishments to match, American Crafts embossing powder, awesome awesome make and takes, some sale stuff, and lotslotslots more!
we had so much going on at our booth that we barely had time to shop! i stopped by a place in time's booth and took a peek at their goodies. i ended up getting a charming little polka dot stamp (i have a thing for polka dots) and a few sheets of paper. i'm not sure what mom got her hands on, but she did leave with a bag of stuff too!
here we are talking crop! these two lovely ladies are coming to the crop on saturday (3/28) so we were talking about how excited we are! i always get excited for our crops, they are always so much fun, plus people usually bring food to snack on, so its like a party! woo hoo!!!!
alright, its time for me to get going! see ya!

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