i cant keep my eyes off you **updated 5:30pm

guess what we got this afternoon????? DOODLEBUG!!!!!!!! and we got our shipment of bazzill!!! lots of new paper, lots of new cardstock, lots and lots of awesome stuffy stuff!!!!! check it out!

hey hey hey! so guess what...we got the new hello kitty dies!!!!

but thats not all, we also have hello kitty t-shirts for keiki! i love this one, its so cute!
and this one is super delicious! it has a front and back design!
we also have a special promotion going on for a limited time; purchase a hello kitty die at regular price and get 25% off a hello kitty t-shirt! thats right, purchase any hello kitty die (including sizzlits) and get 25% off a hello kitty t-shirt! this promotion is only while supplies last, so hurry in to get yours!
heres a closer peek at the dies:
these dies are so cute! and so great for summer pool parties and days at the beach!
i actually have a friend whose birthday is in november, but she's waiting until summer to celebrate just so she can use these dies for the pool party invite!
if only these were around when i was younger...i could have used them for my sweet 16 beach b-day!
i love this one, i do that back turn pose all the time!
and a giggling kitty! i love the giggling hello kitty! it makes it even cuter than regular hello kitty cuz you can just hear that sweet laughter!!!
cuteness. overload. cannot. compute!!!!
alrighty, onto more serious business. :)
heres tonight's class:
its basic grey's page of the month, being taught by the wonderful AnnieT. as of 12pm today, we have seats left, so if you are feelin scrappy tonight, you should come! it'll be tons of fun! also, dont forget i am teaching the basic grey page of the month next month. it features the cool wisteria collection!
did you read the class schedule? remember that we mentioned a "special crop"? well, that crop is $20 and includes this card kit! Its from basic grey using their lime rickey collection.

those are all my updates for now! i'll see you later!

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lets go

what did you do on memorial day? whatever it was, im sure it was a blast!

we have put together our june classes already so i figured i could give you an update. here goes!

Thursday, June 11th 12pm-1pm - $8
New at Scrapbook Heaven! Kidz Kardz!
Book a class for your keiki and you can shop for a whole hour!
We’ll be making 2 cards and the kids will learn how to use some basic tools and techniques.
Kidz Kardz is recommended for children 8 and over.
Limit to 3 students.
Please bring liquid glue, tape runner and scissors

Friday, June 12th 6:30-8:30pm - $20
Mommy and Me Father’s Day Project
Mom and child will create a special gift for Father’s Day.
Please bring liquid glue, paper trimmer, scissors and several photos of the child (or children)
We’ll be using one photo but better to bring more so you have more to choose from.
Limit to 4 pairs of students.

Sunday, June 14th 3:30-5:30pm - $20
Summer Cards Class
A summer edition of Annie T’s card class. We’ll be making 8 cards and learning different techniques and styles of card making.
Please bring liquid glue, tape runner, scissors and some ink (if you want to personalize your cards)
Limit 8 students

Friday, June 19th 6:30-8:30pm - $20
Mommy and Me Father’s Day Project Class #2
Adding a second class with the same project as June 12th class. Mom and child will create a special gift for Father’s Day.
Please bring liquid glue, paper trimmer, scissors and several photos of the child (or children)
We’ll be using one photo but better to bring more so you have more to choose from.
Limit to 4 pairs of students.

Saturday, June 20th 6:30 - $20

Basic Grey's Page of the Month

Featuring the Wisteria collection from basic grey, we will be assembling a gorgeous two page layout thats perfect for any occasion! Roxie will be teaching this month's class, and she will be adding her own dash of spice to this layout! class requirements are scissors, paper trimmer, adhesive, and whatever fun stuff you feel like using!

Monday June 22nd 12pm-1pm - $8
Kidz Kardz!
Book a class for your keiki and you can shop for a whole hour!
We’ll be making 2 cards and the kids will learn how to use some basic tools and techniques.
Kidz Kardz is recommended for children 8 and over.
Limit to 3 students.
Please bring liquid glue, tape runner and scissors
We are considering making Kidz Kardz a permanent part of our Summer Schedule. Your feedback would be most helpful!

Friday, June 26th 6:30-8:30pm - $30
Dirty Dirty with Roxie T
Roxie is doing it again! She will show you different distressing techniques to help embellish and stylize your pages. In class you will be making 2 sets of 2 page layouts! Get ready to get down and dirty and work your fingers to the bone!
Call 680-9000 to sign up for one of our classes today!

today i will try to work on my two class samples starting with the basic grey class then moving onto the dirty dirty one. i'll see you later!

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like i know you do

hey guys! today is memorial day and i wanted to post a little reminder that we are open today with our regular store hours: 11am to 3pm!

we have a special today, be green and bring in your own bag and you will save 15% off your purchases! for archangels, you guys can get an additional 5% off for a total of 20% off all purchases!!!!

we'll see you later!!!

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have you ever been

heres the update i promised!!! get ready cuz i got lots of pictures!!! lets start off with the new stuff we got in yesterday: my minds eye!!!

my minds eye released 3 new collections and we have all 3! Breaking Free is a very fun, summery collection that is also great to use year round!
Pretty Please is the prefect collection for the girliest girl!
then there is Andrea Victoria, a collection so elegant, it will have you reaching for a ballgown in no time!
and we cant leave out the accessories!!! we have tons of die cuts, transparencies and rubons!
imaginisce has done it again! they came out with an adorable new line of paper called "wild things!" i took one look at these papers and boy did i feel like going to the zoo!
what better reason to go to the zoo than to scrapbook it with cute paper? (stamps too!)
now that thats all done and out of the way...wanna see my current project? here we go!
remember i told you about that board i have in my room? its a foam core board that i covered with paper and put pictures of the things that inspire me. i have decided that i want to make a mini book version of it!
the binder part is a catalog that we got a while ago, it measures about 9x9. i took a zoomed in picture of the flower cuz i just love the giant-ness of it! its the perfect color and it feels so pretty when you touch it :)
and the inside cover was fun too! once i trimmed the cardstock down to size i embossed a huge corner stamp on it. you stamp with versamark embossing ink, then put clear embossing powder on top and heat set it. when it melts, it will be clear and glossy but it does make the color of your cardstock a few shades darker.
after the embossing, i glued it down to the book and wrapped the cover with 2 ribbons and tied them in the front with a knot. (i like knots better than bows)
here is my first page. none of my pages will have photos until i finish the book cuz i havent decided how to arrange the "categories of inspiration" i copied this layout from the dirty class that i taught recently. it is sort of a mini version of a layout that mama made and i really liked it. the circle paper is velvet and its like heaven to touch!
the second page also called inspiration from my class project :) i loooooove these colors so much! they go so well together! i want to redo my bedroom in these colors but that may take a while.
i made a matchbook brag book recently and it got me jones-ing for more matchbooks! they are so much fun to make and they are easy to finish. i decided to make a matchbook in my album! so i have a mini book in a mini book! how cool is that? a book in a book. if only i could do a book in a book in a book....
heres a close up shot to show you the detail of that embossing. have any of you heard of tim holtz's distress powder? it looks like ambossing powder but its not. you use it just like you would embossing powder, but when it melts, it doesnt become glossy. its sort of matte and it feels like sand paper.
and showing off my new clock stamp. i love love love this stamp and have been looking for it for ages!!! we have more on order, so let me know if youd like one.
i left the matchbook to only have 4 pages, this way it wont be too heavy and weight down the page. i ripped just the top of the page to give it a vintage book feel.
and of course the many more pages to go. some of them are half pages so it will be like those farm doors where the top and bottom open separately... (i would love to have one of those doors in my dream home, it would lead to the backyard)
and thats my update for you! again i am so sorry for leaving you bored for an entire week :( but here i am! i'll try to be better this week!!!
ps, hoping doodle bug will come in this week, i'll let you know!

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oh oh o-oh!

hey guys! sorry its been so long since ive updated, ive been pretty busy!

as you know ive been working on our website. its not quite finished yet, but you can take a look at some of the changes! to visit our page, click on our logo at the far left of the page. hopefully it will be ready to start selling soon, i'll let you know as soon as it is!

i have to keep this post short because we just got our shipment of my minds eye!!!! and i have to put it out for all of you to enjoy!!! i will be back with more details, i just wanted to update so you wouldnt think i forgot about you.

how could i forget about you guys? i love you waaaaaay too much to forget you!!!

see you soon!

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good morning starshine, the earth says hello! its a beautiful aloha friday and i am loving it! im so sorry i havent been on here sooner, but hey i am here now!
as you may know, we closed on mothers day and i wanna share what we did!
first we went to the mililani cemetery to visit daddy's parents. we wanted to eat our breakfast out there with them, but we were too hungry and ate earlier. after our visit we started our trip around the island! first we stopped at the bead gallery and i got a chance to pick up supplies for a class im taking with them. from there we were off!
i took this pic right outside the entrance to sea life park. i have always loved seeing this island, even when i was a little girl. at first, i had no idea why it was called rabbit island. ;) after here, we stopped by a place in time to say hello to our kailua scrappy friends. its always nice to see them!
we ended up back home at around 3pm and all of us crashed for a 3 hour nap!

it was a lovely mother's day. technically im a fur-momma now so i got to celebrate too!!
on another note, have any of you heard of timtam? its this chocolate biscuit with two layers of chocolate malted biscuit with chocolate cream in the middle and covered in more chocolate. its a like a cookie and it tastes really good!!! anyhoo.... why am i talking about them?
the other night at our crop, a couple of ladies did what is called the timtam slam.
its where you bite off each end of the timtam and use it like a straw in a hot beverage. the hot liquid melts all the chocolate in your mouth and it feels soooo good!
but the trick is to eat it before it falls into your drink! if you wanna try them, stop by and pick up a coupon from us!
remember that class i told you about? the one thats tonight? heres the project:
in this class, i will be teaching distressing techniques and a couple of altering techniques.
see you later!

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we will be closed on mothers day 5/10/2009 (sunday).

we will resume regular store hours on monday 5/11/2009 11am to 3pm.

mahalo and have a wonderful mother's day!

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love love love love

its aloha friday! no work till monday...a dooby doo, doo doo doo dooby doo...... i think those are the right lyrics, but the words arent fitting to me exactly cuz i gotta work tomorrow too!

tonight is the "Gift for Mom" class. for this class, we will have kids make a gift for their moms, but mom cant see the gift until mothers day! this is the first time we're doing a class like this, and i think its gonna be great! we are going to do another class like this for father's day too.
i finally have pictures from National Scrapbook Day! for NSD, we had a scavenger hunt and took everyone's picture when they finished. heres a few, take a peek:
Dr. Ashley
Dr. Brenda
Dr. Alex and his mom Dr. Erin
Dr. Nicole
and the winner of the prize basket, Janice!
i'll bet she had fun playing with her new "surgical supplies" for those who came and participated, thanks for coming out, we had lots of fun with you! and a big thank you to the croppers who spent their time here at Scrapbook Heaven!
i got a chance to update the class schedule for may (sorry it took me a whole week, idk why i didnt check that!) but if you see the "dirty elegance" thats my class! it was a series i started a couple years ago but havent been able to re-ignite until now! in this class, i use different distressing techiniques to make a scrapbook page or two. for this month's class, i am using 5 sheets of printed paper and 6 sheets of cardstock to make a bunch of different things including 2 8x8 layouts, a matchbook bragbook, a card and a couple more goodies! here is a sneak peek at some of the ingredients.
this class is on friday may 15th from 6:30pm.
i have one more thing before i get going and its a little off topic but still fun! i want you to meet my new best friend, Shaggy!
he is such a cutey! he is chihuahua with a little bit of dachshund. you can really see the dachshund in his nosey! so far he's been sleeping a lot, and he is such a well behaved little boy.

if you wonder why we named him shaggy, its because our two beagles are scooby and daphne ;)

see you later!

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down down in an earlier round

hello! today is tuesday (aka DOUBLE PUNCH TUESDAY!!!) and i have been one heck of a busy little worker bee!

yeah see, that picture up there proves it!! :) so what have i been busy doing? well....you know how we love cardstock right? right! i went through our bazzill swatch book and decided to get some new colors! we've never really re-vamped our selection of bazzill, but now we are! so far, we are bringing in over 15 new colors! including these:
turquoise mist
i havent had a chance to go through the neutrals yet, but im going to see about some new browns and creams and then look into black and white in different textures. if any of you have a special request for colors, let us know! or if you'd like to look at our swatches and place a bulk order for invites, favors or just to have, feel free to let us know when you stop by Scrapbook Heaven!
before i go, i'd like to ask if any of you would want to submit any of your work to display here on the blog? i've had a request or two about seeing some of YOUR work here on the blog! thats right, i have people wanting to see what you've done! so if you'd like to see your work here, email me a picture of your projects and a little description and i will post it here!
thanks guys!

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