i cant keep my eyes off you **updated 5:30pm

guess what we got this afternoon????? DOODLEBUG!!!!!!!! and we got our shipment of bazzill!!! lots of new paper, lots of new cardstock, lots and lots of awesome stuffy stuff!!!!! check it out!

hey hey hey! so guess what...we got the new hello kitty dies!!!!

but thats not all, we also have hello kitty t-shirts for keiki! i love this one, its so cute!
and this one is super delicious! it has a front and back design!
we also have a special promotion going on for a limited time; purchase a hello kitty die at regular price and get 25% off a hello kitty t-shirt! thats right, purchase any hello kitty die (including sizzlits) and get 25% off a hello kitty t-shirt! this promotion is only while supplies last, so hurry in to get yours!
heres a closer peek at the dies:
these dies are so cute! and so great for summer pool parties and days at the beach!
i actually have a friend whose birthday is in november, but she's waiting until summer to celebrate just so she can use these dies for the pool party invite!
if only these were around when i was younger...i could have used them for my sweet 16 beach b-day!
i love this one, i do that back turn pose all the time!
and a giggling kitty! i love the giggling hello kitty! it makes it even cuter than regular hello kitty cuz you can just hear that sweet laughter!!!
cuteness. overload. cannot. compute!!!!
alrighty, onto more serious business. :)
heres tonight's class:
its basic grey's page of the month, being taught by the wonderful AnnieT. as of 12pm today, we have seats left, so if you are feelin scrappy tonight, you should come! it'll be tons of fun! also, dont forget i am teaching the basic grey page of the month next month. it features the cool wisteria collection!
did you read the class schedule? remember that we mentioned a "special crop"? well, that crop is $20 and includes this card kit! Its from basic grey using their lime rickey collection.

those are all my updates for now! i'll see you later!

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