good morning starshine, the earth says hello! its a beautiful aloha friday and i am loving it! im so sorry i havent been on here sooner, but hey i am here now!
as you may know, we closed on mothers day and i wanna share what we did!
first we went to the mililani cemetery to visit daddy's parents. we wanted to eat our breakfast out there with them, but we were too hungry and ate earlier. after our visit we started our trip around the island! first we stopped at the bead gallery and i got a chance to pick up supplies for a class im taking with them. from there we were off!
i took this pic right outside the entrance to sea life park. i have always loved seeing this island, even when i was a little girl. at first, i had no idea why it was called rabbit island. ;) after here, we stopped by a place in time to say hello to our kailua scrappy friends. its always nice to see them!
we ended up back home at around 3pm and all of us crashed for a 3 hour nap!

it was a lovely mother's day. technically im a fur-momma now so i got to celebrate too!!
on another note, have any of you heard of timtam? its this chocolate biscuit with two layers of chocolate malted biscuit with chocolate cream in the middle and covered in more chocolate. its a like a cookie and it tastes really good!!! anyhoo.... why am i talking about them?
the other night at our crop, a couple of ladies did what is called the timtam slam.
its where you bite off each end of the timtam and use it like a straw in a hot beverage. the hot liquid melts all the chocolate in your mouth and it feels soooo good!
but the trick is to eat it before it falls into your drink! if you wanna try them, stop by and pick up a coupon from us!
remember that class i told you about? the one thats tonight? heres the project:
in this class, i will be teaching distressing techniques and a couple of altering techniques.
see you later!

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