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hello! today is tuesday (aka DOUBLE PUNCH TUESDAY!!!) and i have been one heck of a busy little worker bee!

yeah see, that picture up there proves it!! :) so what have i been busy doing? know how we love cardstock right? right! i went through our bazzill swatch book and decided to get some new colors! we've never really re-vamped our selection of bazzill, but now we are! so far, we are bringing in over 15 new colors! including these:
turquoise mist
i havent had a chance to go through the neutrals yet, but im going to see about some new browns and creams and then look into black and white in different textures. if any of you have a special request for colors, let us know! or if you'd like to look at our swatches and place a bulk order for invites, favors or just to have, feel free to let us know when you stop by Scrapbook Heaven!
before i go, i'd like to ask if any of you would want to submit any of your work to display here on the blog? i've had a request or two about seeing some of YOUR work here on the blog! thats right, i have people wanting to see what you've done! so if you'd like to see your work here, email me a picture of your projects and a little description and i will post it here!
thanks guys!

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