too low to see

HAPPY GOBBLE GOBBLE!!!! i know, thanksgiving was yesterday, but hey, we should be giving thanks everyday right? alright... a little time for the "What are we thankful for" game. lets see...i am thankful for a wonderful family and AWESOME parents that support me in all my endeavors. I am thankful for that awesome tofu loaf and the pumpkin pie. i know all cheesy and predictable right? fine, i'll come up with a great about... i am so grateful for pretty paper. i know its a little weird, but hey, i like paper! so yeah... my non-cheesy thankful-ness thing.

i'm also grateful for my Tuna Lover. She and i get to chill tomorrow at a wedding seminar (i guess thats what you'd call it). i'm planning on bringing that awesome peacock bouquet i made and passing out my cards to see if any brides (or maids) would like to order a custom one. sounds good right? yeah? i think it'll be fun.

the other day, i had an epiphany of sorts. i am always curious to see the work of our customers. i have had the pleasure of seeing Molly's work, as she was published on the cover of a magazine a few months ago (dang, that lady is talented!) but i haven't seen a lot of other's stuff. so the idea is this: i would love to see your work, as i'm sure others would too. if you'd like, feel free to email me a picture along with your permission and i will post it on the blog! i know there are plenty of talented people out there, so let me see it folks! our email is

gotta go, but i'll be back later for sure

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i see you

my Dad is sooooooo proud of himself! I can just feel the excitement emanating from his pores. wanna know what he is so proud/excited/giddy/happy/cheerful about? here:

He usually asks Mom and me to come up with the words and designs for these albums, but he came up with this design all by himself! i dont think this photo does it justice, it is absolutely DARLING in person! yup, thats right i said darling, i like using classic lingo. He has been bugging me all weekend to post it up here, so here it is!

so far, i've heard our ad a few times, even my friends heard it too! in case you didnt catch it, here is the gist: scrapbook heaven. black friday. inventory sale. 30% off. yup thats the gist. we open from 6am to 3pm on Nov 28, and the sale changes as the day goes on, so the earlier you come in, the more you save. i cant reveal anymore goodies, so dont even try to coerce any out of me, i wont budge!

ok folks, i'm preparing the store for the event on friday, so i must hele. dont forget, I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

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long gone

sorry, its been a few days... how are you? good? yeah...thats great!

we have an ad running on 93.1 the zone, and its a good one too! its kinda talking about friday, but only a little. we have stuff going on that day. yup, lots of stuff! i cant tell you now, no that would be a secret my dears...but its big happenings! i think thats enough of a teaser huh? lets move on...

im not sure how many of you know, but i am a vegetarian. yup, its true. so for thanksgiving, i have to kinda figure out my own main course. i tried a to-furkey one year, jeez was that aweful! it was very rubbery and gross tasting. i cant remember what i did last year, but this year, i am going to make tofu loaf. its like meatloaf, but with tofu instead. i've never made it before, but it sure looks good! even if it turns out really bad, i'll still have lots of food to eat anyway, so its not a big deal if it doesnt turn out. my hopes are that regardless of deliciousness, i hope it looks pretty so that i can take a picture and (yup) SCRAPBOOK IT! i very rarely take pictures on thanksgiving, but this year i have a reason to because this is the first holiday that my brother has been home for since he joined the Air Force.

so, you remember that cookie sheet calendar? yeah, its a lot more difficult to make than i thought. well, maybe not difficult, but just a lot of time is required. i may do a lot more work on it during our thanksgiving holiday, but man! i didnt think it was going to be as time consuming as it is. i will admit, it is beautiful so far!

i think i mentioned earlier that i had a giant box of pictures to go through? well i did go through it last night, boy do i have a lot! a lot of it are doubles from when i used film, plus i have a lot of negatives. if any of you have any ideas on how i could store negatives, i would love to hear your tips! i found that i have a lot of nature shots that i took when i went on a cruise in the 6th grade with my class. i also found pictures from when i went to camp erdman (is that how you spell it?) i have no idea what to do with those, because i seriously cant remember that trip other than a swimming pool and finding amythyst on the nature hike.

i think what i'm going to do with those nature pics is just put them all in one mini album. a lot of those pictures are of just ocean, or ocean with a bit of whale (yup, we went whale watching) one particular one is of the horizon with a tiny sailboat off the coast of maui. just about all those pictures are blue-y, so i think a mini album would serve the best purpose.

remember that online class im taking? in that class, we are learning how to work with different sized pages. before this class, i have never thought to try an 8.5x11 page. i love doing them now! i'm not sure what it is about them, but they are really fun and easy to finish. i dont really see too many albums that size, but i imagine if i looked a bit harder, i might find something!

i have to go, but i will talk again later, trust me!

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you done done it

so, i bet that was nice huh? an update FILLED with pics....that was fun, i enjoyed it. i hope you liked it.

we recently got our My Mind's Eye order in, omg! its so GORGEOUS! seriously! its totally wonderful! i myself grabbed a few of each! there are also rubons that go with them too, my goodness, and i grabbed one of each! i cant wait to usse them, its going to be soooooo much fun!

you know that advent calendar i'm making? yeah, that one. well i havent done anymore work on it, but i will be tonight. dont worry, i'll take pictures, i WANT to update you silly! i'm really really excited. i know that sounds so silly, but i am! i love being crafty! i love making things. sometimes, the way my mind works, i'll envision something in my head. then, its almost as if im watching a video in my head of me making it. then i get ants in my pants because i just cant seem to wait until that video comes to life. another video id love to be watching right now is Iron Man. I saw my open DVD box on the floor this morning next to the player, so you know Big Papa was watching it last night!

while we're talking about movies, i'd love to watch the rest of xmen2. i've never seen the whole thing. i was watching it the other night, but Big Papa wasnt really into it, so i shut it off. i'll watch the rest one day. i guess i kinda have this goal of watching all Marvel Comics movies. i like marvel so much better than DC. DC is the one with Batman, Superman and whatnot. ok, i think thats enough of geek roxie, on to newer and better topics!

this next topic is going to be on a serious note. More recently, a cousin of Brother and mine has passed. I didn't get a chance to meet him, but Brother did. They served together in the Air Force and became good friends too. So the next time you put a drink to your lips, be sure to say a silent toast in his honor. Requiscat in Pace, Kekoa.

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be my

alright, this one's gonna be loaded with pics, so watch out!

this first picture is a cookie sheet. why would i put a picture of a cookie sheet on here? well, i am going to be turning this cookie sheet into an advent calendar! for those of you who dont know what an advent calendar is, its a basically a count down calendar created by early christians to await the season of advent and the birth of Jesus. most people nowadays use it to count down to christmas day. now, im going to show you pictures of its progress, so keep an eye out!

Ok, the cookie sheet i have isnt the exact same as this one, its a different brand, but hey in this case, all cookie sheets are pretty much equal. it was the same color as the one picured above and i felt that didnt go with the papers i was planning to use, so i decided to paint it GOLD!!! as you can see, the paint i used is modeled here by a beautiful, fabulous and wonderful young lady... :)

the cookie sheet i have is a cheapy $6 one that i got from walmart. it doesnt have teflon on it, but it is non-stick stainless steel. metal is NOT a porous material so that means it cant absorb paint the same way other stuff would, so i had to make sure that i got a special paint that would be able to go onto metal. i found this paint at walmart also, its not acid free, but i dont have to worry about that because i will not be preserving any photos on it.

here i have photos of the first couple of coats. the first picture is of the back side of the cookie sheet, the second is the front. if you noticed, the back seems to have a thicker layer of paint than the front. thats because i will be covering the front with paper, so i only needed to paint it so that my paper would have something to adhere to. keep in mind when painting metal, its best to read the label first, my label said that the paint would take 48 hours to cure (Cure, Curing: The process whereby a liquid coating becomes a hard film.) so i knew that i needed to plan this project thoroughly.

those are all the pictures that i have for that project for now, but keep your eyes peeled for more. just so you know, i may not have anymore pictures of this project for another few days because i need to finish painting it and it has to cure.

this picture is sort of random and off topic, but i saw this cute little birdhouse at walmart and i decided that i wanted to alter it and make it a little christmas house. i painted the fron a nice cream color, but now im thinkin that i want to cover it with paper instead. i already know that i want to cover the roof with paper and put ribbon on as well, but im still in the planning stages.

the following pictures are of the layouts that i have done for that online class that i am taking. some of them are sideways (so so sorry) and i dont know how to fix that in blogger. would you mind doing a head tilt?

this first picture is a layout thats still waiting on a journaling spot, but the layout is about the tattoo that i have on my neck. they are angel wings that i got in memory of a friend that i lost last year. a few months after this friend died, he came to me in a dream and told me to get them. that moment was a very touching one for me, so of course i had to scrap it!

this next one is my sort-of title page. when i finish the class, i will be having a complete album, so i decided to make this album a reflection of me, sort of like a self discovery.

these are pictures from my 19th birthday. it was a nice evening at CPK. i really hate how my hair looks. bleh.

heres a layout of me and my dear mama. these pics were taken at the july 4th augie t. show. we were waiting for the show to start so we were just goofing around (as usual!) i did get a chance to add my title to this layout, it says "MOM & ME"

Remember that CSI game we had this past weekend? well...we took some mug shots... no, i am not six feet tall. i'm actually around 5'7"

Here is dad, caught RED HANDED! if anyone took a cookie out the cookie jar, it was totally him!

I have no idea what he was thinking about this one...i guess hes an alien?

those are the pics for today! i hope you liked them, i'll talk to you later! also, dont forget about those teeny tiny calendars, we got them in, so come and check um out!

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all the same

alright i know, i havent updated in a bit. well, let me tell you whats up!

we just got in our Martha Stewart christmas stuff. She has some really adorable punches available, snowflakes, stars, holly leaves, and her border punches are cute too. She has a few stickers too. One is a really beautiful foiled snowflake, perfect to use on cards or just as wonderful to use on a page layout. There are also glitter snowflake stickers, they're really cool too! She also has die cut felt ribbon, in holly leaves, red and white snowflakes.

we got K&Co's Swell Noel and Christmas Cheer embellishments! We had the paper pads, but they sold out the same day that we got them! a little bird did tell me that we may be re-ordering them, so be on the lookout for that! Anyhoo, the embellishments are GORGEOUS!!! the swell noel collection is a more soft palette, featuring pinks and blues along with the traditional reds and greens. They would be absolutely perfect to scrap baby's first christmas, or for those of you who like a soft, clean and refreshing look, either way, this is a beautiful collection! The Christmas Cheer collection on the other hand is very rich and bold. It features teals, golds, and more vintage shades of red and green.

We also got in a bunch of new EK Success stickers! Most are christmas themed, some are disney, but all are ADORABLE! I've put the christmas themed ones in the front with the rest of the new christmas stuff, but i put all the new disney stuff in their proper place on our disney wall.

So, aside from all that, what else have i been up to? Well, you know those felt flowers i showed you? well my friend (we'll call her tuna lover) is getting married in a few months and she asked me to make her bouquet! Tuna Lover's favorite color is pink and her fiance's is green, so those are the colors they are using for their wedding! so far, i really like the color combos with the varitey of greens and pinks. i'm really really excited to see the finished product, but i wont be done for a few weeks, so...yeah!

we also have a crop coming up tomorrow! I'm really excited about that! i'm always excited about our crops, they are way too much fun not to be excited! i usually get more done at these than i do at home. 6 hours of cropping with a bunch of other ladies doing the same? who wouldnt love that?

I must get going now, so until we meet again!

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i'm just gonna pop in really quick to let you folks know what's just in.

you know thise teeny teeny tiny tiny calendars? yeah? well, we got them in! we have three sizes, tiny, teeny, teeny-weeny. they make great stocking stuffers, so come check um out!

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control me

wanna know what i've been up to? yup, thought so...

we just got in a Bazzill cardstock order, and boy did it have some great colors in it! are you familiar with the color raisin? no? well, its a really great color because when you first look at it, it looks like, well, a raisin. but as soon as you lay it down with a nice pastel pink, it looks chocolate brown! then again, when you lay it down with a bright bright orange, it looks BLACK! its such a versatile color, because it goes with just everything!

speaking of color, i just love it! i love color matching my photos. what i looooooooooooooooooooove even more is finding that PERFECT paper to match my pictures. the other night, i pulled my mom into my craft area and ask her opinion on what papers go with what pictures. i ended up pulling out ALL the paper in my stash! the great thing was that i ended up matching my pictures with some pretty old paper. dont get me wrong, this isnt about only using your stash. what i mean is, i bought the paper the first time i saw it. i had no ideas for what i would use it for. low and behold an entire YEAR after i bought said paper, i found its soulmate in a photo. when you see a paper, or sticker or this or that, something you adore, make sure you pick it up. just because you dont feel right using it as soon as you get home, it doesnt mean you shouldnt get it. trust me, it comes in handy way down the line!

so last night i went to waikiki to watch a friend of mine dance polynesian at the Hilton. it was pretty nice, he's a good dancer (especially at hula). after that, we went back to our other friends house to eat and watch movies. the hula dancer was the one doing the cooking, and he made the best thing ever! there isnt a name for it because one of his other friends made it up, but its sort of like a malasada with out the sugar, but filled with chocolate! all he did was take that pillsbury biscuit dough and flatten it with his fingers. then he tucked a piece of hershey's chocolate in the middle and pinched the dough back together. then, he deep fryed it in a pot (a wok would work too) and he had it on a really low heat. after it turns golden brown on one side flip it over and brown the other side. when its done, put it on a few paper towels and lte it cool. it takes a few minutes to cool cuz the chocolate is pretty hot. after i tried the first one, i had him make me one with dark chocolate, and OMG it was so seductive!

hula dancer used the flaky kind of dough, so i'm not sure how it would turn out if you didnt. if you have a moment, you should try it. its really good. the chocolate is melty, and the dough inside cooks, but stays soft. you'll love it! i bet you could even use savory stuff in there too, like spinach and mushrooms! yum!

dang, all this talk is getting me ono now! i think i'm gonna go and get some food! see ya!

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what is wrong

What? whats going on? updates two days in a row? is everything ok??? hahaha, i know, weird right? updates 2 days in a is a miracle!

Just wanted to give you folks a preview of this Sunday's "Thanks" class. this is the sample, so enjoy it in all its sample-y goodness.

Also, not sure if you noticed the stuff page, but yeah, its there! I got a chance to update the class schedule, so if you want to mozy on over there, you can check out our class schedule for this month!

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i gave you

bloggity blog update!

alright alright, i know, i know! long time no see, i miss you too!!!

right now we are doing pre-orders for Cricut and Sizzix. you pre-pay for the die or cartridge that you want and we call you when we get it. what is so special about it? when you pre-order one, you save 15%, two, you save 20%, three or more you save 25%! the promotion ends november 9th, and it also includes the cricut machine too. so lets say you want to save 15% on a Cricut Expression, all you have to do is come to Scrapbook Heaven and pre-order it! or if you want to save 25%, all you do is pre-order the Cricut along with 2 cartridges and you can save 25% on the whole order! Feel free to give us a call at 680-9000 for any questions or if you'd like a price range.

I'm not sure how many of you saw our recent email newsletter, but we will be honoring competetor coupons from November 1st 2008 to December 31st 2008! See our store for details!

remember that post about all the projects i have going on? well, i got a chance to work on a few and i finally finished one! you know those felt flowers i told you about? well, here is a little bit of how i do them!

This is the little table top basket that i keep my supplies in. in here goes thread, floss, felt, pins, wire and a few more goodies. i usually layer all my flowers before i get started, just so i can get an idea of what the finished product will look like. color coordination really comes in handy with these flowers!

these two flowers are going to be pins and i chose the colors to go with a fall theme. one thing i have come to learn in doing these flowers is that buttons are really incredible things. if you use them incorrectly in even the slightest degree, they look HORRIBLE! but the moment you use them for something else (other than clothing) they look so awesome! the button in this next flower is a great example:

The button is made of wood and its really thick and kinda dirty looking. when i first bought it, i really didnt think id ever use it because it looked so bad! but when i was working on these autumn flowers, i pulled that one out and was amazed at how perfect it was for this flower! i stood back and looked at it and just couldnt believe that button was it. great things come in strange packages!

this next flower is another autumn themed one. its not as dark as the other one is, but trust me, when its done, it will be BEAUTIFUL!!!

this next one is featuring pinks and greens. looks cheerful huh? i like it. its almost princess like dont you think?

this last one is all pinks with a touch of white. this is going to be for breast cancer awareness. speak of which, i saw this banner on a website that had a pink awareness ribbon with a heart, and on the bottom it said, "Save the Ta-tas" i thought it was the funniest thing ever! i would love to get a tshirt that has that on it! i want to hurry up and finish this one. im excited for the outcome!

ok, now here are the pictures of my finished bouquet. its kinda small, i honestly wish it were bigger. but hey, its my first one! its not that i made a mistake, i'd just like it to be bigger. i learned a lot from this bouquet. the theme is Peacock by the way

Those are all my felt flowers. i'm trying to work on a citrus one, but i think i chose one particular color wrong. you see, i wanted to pick a light orange, almost peach, but i settled for a bright orange orange. its a nice color, but not with this theme. i'm really trying to like it, but i am not happy with it. i'm sure i'll finish it one day and show you! for now, you get to look at things i'm pleased with :)

i must be off, so i'll see ya when i see ya!

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