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HAPPY GOBBLE GOBBLE!!!! i know, thanksgiving was yesterday, but hey, we should be giving thanks everyday right? alright... a little time for the "What are we thankful for" game. lets see...i am thankful for a wonderful family and AWESOME parents that support me in all my endeavors. I am thankful for that awesome tofu loaf and the pumpkin pie. i know all cheesy and predictable right? fine, i'll come up with a great about... i am so grateful for pretty paper. i know its a little weird, but hey, i like paper! so yeah... my non-cheesy thankful-ness thing.

i'm also grateful for my Tuna Lover. She and i get to chill tomorrow at a wedding seminar (i guess thats what you'd call it). i'm planning on bringing that awesome peacock bouquet i made and passing out my cards to see if any brides (or maids) would like to order a custom one. sounds good right? yeah? i think it'll be fun.

the other day, i had an epiphany of sorts. i am always curious to see the work of our customers. i have had the pleasure of seeing Molly's work, as she was published on the cover of a magazine a few months ago (dang, that lady is talented!) but i haven't seen a lot of other's stuff. so the idea is this: i would love to see your work, as i'm sure others would too. if you'd like, feel free to email me a picture along with your permission and i will post it on the blog! i know there are plenty of talented people out there, so let me see it folks! our email is

gotta go, but i'll be back later for sure

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