i see you

my Dad is sooooooo proud of himself! I can just feel the excitement emanating from his pores. wanna know what he is so proud/excited/giddy/happy/cheerful about? here:

He usually asks Mom and me to come up with the words and designs for these albums, but he came up with this design all by himself! i dont think this photo does it justice, it is absolutely DARLING in person! yup, thats right i said darling, i like using classic lingo. He has been bugging me all weekend to post it up here, so here it is!

so far, i've heard our ad a few times, even my friends heard it too! in case you didnt catch it, here is the gist: scrapbook heaven. black friday. inventory sale. 30% off. yup thats the gist. we open from 6am to 3pm on Nov 28, and the sale changes as the day goes on, so the earlier you come in, the more you save. i cant reveal anymore goodies, so dont even try to coerce any out of me, i wont budge!

ok folks, i'm preparing the store for the event on friday, so i must hele. dont forget, I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

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