long gone

sorry, its been a few days... how are you? good? yeah...thats great!

we have an ad running on 93.1 the zone, and its a good one too! its kinda talking about friday, but only a little. we have stuff going on that day. yup, lots of stuff! i cant tell you now, no that would be a secret my dears...but its big happenings! i think thats enough of a teaser huh? lets move on...

im not sure how many of you know, but i am a vegetarian. yup, its true. so for thanksgiving, i have to kinda figure out my own main course. i tried a to-furkey one year, jeez was that aweful! it was very rubbery and gross tasting. i cant remember what i did last year, but this year, i am going to make tofu loaf. its like meatloaf, but with tofu instead. i've never made it before, but it sure looks good! even if it turns out really bad, i'll still have lots of food to eat anyway, so its not a big deal if it doesnt turn out. my hopes are that regardless of deliciousness, i hope it looks pretty so that i can take a picture and (yup) SCRAPBOOK IT! i very rarely take pictures on thanksgiving, but this year i have a reason to because this is the first holiday that my brother has been home for since he joined the Air Force.

so, you remember that cookie sheet calendar? yeah, its a lot more difficult to make than i thought. well, maybe not difficult, but just a lot of time is required. i may do a lot more work on it during our thanksgiving holiday, but man! i didnt think it was going to be as time consuming as it is. i will admit, it is beautiful so far!

i think i mentioned earlier that i had a giant box of pictures to go through? well i did go through it last night, boy do i have a lot! a lot of it are doubles from when i used film, plus i have a lot of negatives. if any of you have any ideas on how i could store negatives, i would love to hear your tips! i found that i have a lot of nature shots that i took when i went on a cruise in the 6th grade with my class. i also found pictures from when i went to camp erdman (is that how you spell it?) i have no idea what to do with those, because i seriously cant remember that trip other than a swimming pool and finding amythyst on the nature hike.

i think what i'm going to do with those nature pics is just put them all in one mini album. a lot of those pictures are of just ocean, or ocean with a bit of whale (yup, we went whale watching) one particular one is of the horizon with a tiny sailboat off the coast of maui. just about all those pictures are blue-y, so i think a mini album would serve the best purpose.

remember that online class im taking? in that class, we are learning how to work with different sized pages. before this class, i have never thought to try an 8.5x11 page. i love doing them now! i'm not sure what it is about them, but they are really fun and easy to finish. i dont really see too many albums that size, but i imagine if i looked a bit harder, i might find something!

i have to go, but i will talk again later, trust me!

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