you done done it

so, i bet that was nice huh? an update FILLED with pics....that was fun, i enjoyed it. i hope you liked it.

we recently got our My Mind's Eye order in, omg! its so GORGEOUS! seriously! its totally wonderful! i myself grabbed a few of each! there are also rubons that go with them too, my goodness, and i grabbed one of each! i cant wait to usse them, its going to be soooooo much fun!

you know that advent calendar i'm making? yeah, that one. well i havent done anymore work on it, but i will be tonight. dont worry, i'll take pictures, i WANT to update you silly! i'm really really excited. i know that sounds so silly, but i am! i love being crafty! i love making things. sometimes, the way my mind works, i'll envision something in my head. then, its almost as if im watching a video in my head of me making it. then i get ants in my pants because i just cant seem to wait until that video comes to life. another video id love to be watching right now is Iron Man. I saw my open DVD box on the floor this morning next to the player, so you know Big Papa was watching it last night!

while we're talking about movies, i'd love to watch the rest of xmen2. i've never seen the whole thing. i was watching it the other night, but Big Papa wasnt really into it, so i shut it off. i'll watch the rest one day. i guess i kinda have this goal of watching all Marvel Comics movies. i like marvel so much better than DC. DC is the one with Batman, Superman and whatnot. ok, i think thats enough of geek roxie, on to newer and better topics!

this next topic is going to be on a serious note. More recently, a cousin of Brother and mine has passed. I didn't get a chance to meet him, but Brother did. They served together in the Air Force and became good friends too. So the next time you put a drink to your lips, be sure to say a silent toast in his honor. Requiscat in Pace, Kekoa.

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