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I know, i know, i said i was going to update yesterday with pics...i'm sorry! i got a really bad migraine yesterday and i ended up going home sick. i tried to update, but it didnt live up to my standards, my current projects: here they are!

so this is a topiary that i am working on. its made of 400+ prima flowers. its still a work in progress, so bear with me. i didnt get a picture of the pail that it is in, but thats ok, when this is all done i'll be sure to get a full length pic for it. it took a few hours to put all the flowers on, but so worth it, it looks really nice so far. i want to somehow include glitter on it.

this is a christmas tree made out of paper strips. i got the idea from a magazine, and it was pretty easy to make, the only thing is that the straight pins are absolute murder on the thumbs. i still have a bunch of work to do on this one, plus i have two more matching baby trees to make with it. i'm not really happy with it how it is, but in due time it will be perfect!

these are a bunch of flowers i made out of buttons and felt. for the felt, i just die cut them with sizzix dies and stitched on them. then i laced stem wire through each and twisted it to make the stem. very time consuming! i'm still trying to figure out hot i'm going to make them into a bouquet, so i'm on a break from those guys!

this is a pirate purse. the body is from creative imaginations as well as the paper. i used paint around the edges to get a dirty look. i havent decided what else to do to it yet, so this is how it will stay for a bit! i may end up using it just as storage for some of my jewelry. i dont wear anything super fancy, i usually get costume jewelry. any trip i make to tiffany's ends up being a gift for my mom (she's one lucky dog huh?)

this is a 11x14 frame. i got it at walmart for just 5 bucks. i saw an idea online of how to make a halloween version of this, but i wanted to make something i could hang up all year, so i came up with this. its black and white because i'm in the process of redoing my bedroom in a black and white theme. there is a bunch of printed paper cut up in there, but most of it is cardstock. in order to spice up the cardstock squares a bit, i hand made each one to be different. i embossed a few and inked them all, some even have die cuts on them! it was a really fun project and i love how it turned out. i'm thinking of doing something similar for a class this month, what do you think?

ok, i didnt make this, i bought it at pier 1. i looooove that store and i usually find it really expensive, but this trip around, i found lots of awesome stuff! this dress form is made out of wrought iron and stands about 2.5 feet tall. it only cost me $20, and i think that is a deal for something so beautiful and heavy duty! mom thinks i should use it to hang jewelry, but i say why cover up art? hahaha...moving on

this is la piece de resistance! my favorite part about my room. i have it hanging above my desk and never a day goes by without looking at it. its a collection of things that inspire me. some are just people that i know and love. some are my favorite pictures. some are photos that i took. i took a foam core board and covered it in printed paper. then i covered the edges in ribbon to hide the core. i selected my photos carefully and arranged them before i adhered them down. i printed out the title on my computer and voila! i didnt realize it at the time, but after i hung it, i noticed that the subject of each photo is looking at another photo on the board. very harry potter dont you think?

so those are my current projects. i know it seems like i never finish what i start, but sometimes i feel like if i'm too involved in a project, i cant see its proper ending. this way, i keep my inspiration from going stale.

i love to love the finish product. i love looking at the things i make and say "wow, i cannot believe that i made that." it warms my soul to be surrounded by beautiful things like art. i believe that everyone deserves to be surrounded by nice things, and that doesnt mean it has to be bought, sometimes its what you create.

i love you guys!

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Croppy Crop!

Sooooooo...... UPDATE!

Okay, well lets see...this was one action PACKED weekend i tell you! first, we had a class on Friday (that fall themed layout class) it was so much fun! Everyone left with such beautiful layouts!

Then was Saturday. We had our canned food drive that day. It turned out ok, we got some great donations! I also got a chance to re-arrange the store that day, i love it! New blog, why not have a new store layout? so heck yes! i re-arranged! and then there was CROP!

the crop was so great! i had a really really really good time! 6 hours of talking story, scrapping and plain old goofing around! i got a lot done actually. i havent felt that motivated in a while. its really amazing how being around crafty people can make you inspired to do so much! like many of you, i aspire to use my stash and i finally got a lot closer because of that awesome crop. also, thank jeebus that we are next to a starbucks because let me tell you, there is nothing quite like having their **awesome** pumpkin spice latte at 10pm! ok picture time!

So these are a few of the lovely ladies that attended our crop! From left to right we have Maegan, Natalie, Carol and Stephanie! If I remember correctly, Carol was working on some disney stuff (came out really cute!) Natalie was working on a bunch of different stuff from graduation, Stephanie was working on a really neat presentation board (featuring the ever popluar browns and blues color combo!) and Maegan was working on an awesome little holiday planner set!

work in progress!

This is Nicole. Nicole won some awesome stuff. She won it from the Scrapbook Heaven Croppy Crop. (hahaha, that sounded so "see spot run" right? i think so...) Nicole was working on her disney album too. She had one of those albums you buy at disney land, man i was so jealous! i really wanted one of those when we went, but i talked myself out of it :( Her book was really really cool!

I love our customers! they always make such awesome stuff!

Group Shot! left to right is Nicole, Carol, Nana, Natalie, Maegan and EmilieAn. Those are all the goodies they from us (hooray for goodies!) These are the ladies that ended up staying till midnight! That is one heck of a graveyard shift huh?

mom. and me. falling asleep. burning the midnight oil. after our long, awesome scrapbook-y day. yay for crops! let's do it again! We are soooooo having more crops! they are just too much fun! i love croppy crops! hip hip hooray!

So i've been forgetting to do this, but i'm going to take some pictures of the projects i've been working on and put them up here. a bunch of people have been asking, but i suffer from horrible brain flatulence and i can never remember to bring home our camera! so look forward to my pictures!

We just placed an order for some stuff. album and adhesives mostly. we had some special order items in there and i know we also have new stuff coming too. as soon as we get those things, i will let you folks know through the blog.

alright! thats all for now! enjoy! ooh, but while i'm at it...did you guys catch the premiers for Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy? or the ones for Desparate Housewives, Brothers and sisters? THEY WERE AMAZING!

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I'm not gonna write you a love song blog! what do you guys think huh? i love it! its so artsy fartsy! hooray for artsy fartsy!

any hoo...tonight is the premier for ugly betty and grey's anatomy! i dont know about you guys, but i am totally stopping everything to watch them! i loooooove those shows! i was thinking about doing some scrapping, but uh hello? roxie? you cant watch and scrap at the same time! you arent talented enough silly! oh, thats right! thanks...

if you didnt get a chance to look, check the previous post, i left you a goodie! just copy and paste the text onto a word document and print that out, it should be fine!

lets get down to business. i discovered a blog challenge online. in case you dont know, blog challenges are to help inspire creativity when it comes to writing in a blog, so this weeks challenge was to discuss our favorite scrapbook tool as of lately. here goes!

My new favorite toy would have to be the Big Shot from Sizzix, paired with a few dies from Sizzix. The bigz and originals size dies are thick enough to cut fabric and chipboard, two of my new favorite mediums. I love doing home decor, and the Sizzix system really enables me to do that. Sometimes, just looking at a die can get me inspired! Not to mention, Sizzix really has the holidays covered. We got their Halloween dies last month and we just got our shipment of holiday themed and Hello Kitty dies earlier this week.
I just love making all sorts of wall hangings and art to hangup. its like being a preschooler but with out the macaroni! oh! but the glitter, there is still lots and lots of glitter!
So we are having a crop this Saturday night. 6pm to midnight! I wanted to give it a really cool name. i like crop-a-thon. or crop-tastic or crop til you drop. OMG! we should call it a croppy crop! hahaha, i'm being silly, i think its time for roxie to get a coffee, what says you?
Here is a tip-a-rooney for ya! When you glitter a project and you want to get it to dry a tad quicker, hold a heat gun over it for a bit and it will speed up the drying time.
by guys!

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online offer

print out this blog entry and present it at Scrapbook Heaven and receive 15% off all regular priced merchandise.

plus, a 3-5-8 sale! when you buy 3 Sizzix dies, save 15%; 5 Sizzix dies, save 20%; and 8 Sizzix dies, you can save 25%!

**cannot be combined with any other offer and is limited to stock on hand. offer expires 9/30/2008 limit one coupon per person per day.


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Picture this

We got in a bunch of new stuff! We sent out an email yesterday, i'm hoping everyone got it okay. The Hello Kitty dies are super duper cute! They would be perfect for a little girl's birthday invite! There are a total of 14 dies that are made for the Sizzix Machine.

We finally got Basic Grey's Eva, Ambrosia and Off Beat. I really love these papers! They trigger such wonderful emotions just by looking at them! I love the colors and each collection is truly amazing!

Tonight are the make and takes, $3 for one, or you can do 2 for $5. They are soooo cute! One is themed for Halloween and the other for Thanksgiving. We are having the make and takes from 5pm to 8pm, so those of you who work during the day can come and play! Be sure to come on down, its going to be tons of fun!

The Scrapper's Jam was really good. I enjoyed myself as did our little helpers (aka, my friends)! It was really good to see some familiar faces as well as some we havent seen for a while! its always wonderful to see our customers. i was telling my mom that i felt like miss america because of all the waving and smiling i was doing (not that there is anything wrong with that, it would be really cool to be miss america!)

i'm thinking about having a midnight madness crop. if you are interested, please let me know! i know our store is a bit small, but we can host up to 8 people and for crops, we let each person shop for 10% off their purchase of regular priced merchandise. if enough people sign up, then we can have it this saturday (9/27/08) from 6pm to 12am. talk to your girlfriends, see if they'd want to come! also, when you come to a Scrapbook Heaven crop, you get free use of all our tools such as the big shot, circle scissor and accucut machine! email me at

Thanks guys! its always a pleasure!

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Bonjour Minet!

Thats french for Hello Kitty. Yep, we JUST got the dies. Hooray!!! Come to Scrapbook Heaven today to get yours!

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Here's Whats going down...

Hey everyone! Whats up? not much? that's cool... many of you may know, we here at Scrapbook Heaven will be clearing out our quickutz selection to be bringing you a wider selection of Sizzix dies. we still have a bunch of dies and a few alphas to clear out, so we will be putting ALL* Quickutz brand merchandise on 50% off while supplies last! that's right! ALL* Quickutz will be 50% off! if you'd like to see if we have a particular die, feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to check! our number at Scrapbook Heaven is 808-680-9000, talk to you later!

*discount is limited to stock on hand, cannot be applied to special orders, only valid while supplies last


we just got in our NEW Basic Grey collections! We have Eva - a beautiful selection of hot pinks and rich purples, gorgeous flourishes and one heck of a peacock, Ambrosia - fabulous oranges and reds with a dash of greys, just wonderful for fall layouts, and Off Beat - a fun and funky line great for all themes of scrapping featuring a particular paper that is reminiscent of a certain "Partridge Family"

stop by Scrapbook Heaven today!

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8 seconds left in overdrive.

Wow. Just wow. I haven't updated in so long!!! but its okay now. i am here, updating! never fear, roxie's here! hahaha, i am so funny! well....silly is more like it! any hoo..... here is whats going down in Scrapbook Heaven:

I got a chance to finish up my sample for the home decor class. i used beautiful fall colors like espressso, cranberry and pumpkin with a touch of celery glitter. remember, for this class, you supply the materials so that you can use up the paper stash you have at home. however, if you like my sample so much that you want the exact one, i have materials saved on the side for you to buy and use in the class. also, just to let you folks know, there was an error in the price for this class. it is NOT $15 it is $10, so sorry about that! now, the $10 fee covers the cost of the chipboard panels, the chipboard letters, and use of all dies and tools in the project.

here is the supply list for this class (all should coordinate ideally):
2 12x12 sheets of printed paper
2 12x12 sheets of cardstock
1 bottle of acrylic paint
1 bottle of clear glaze acrylic paint
2 different colors of glitter
a few scraps of solid papers (for the die cuts)
4 large eyelets (3/16" in size)
1 yard ribbon
paper trimmer
prefered adhesives

Scrappers Jam is this saturday and i have ants in my pants! i really really really cant wait!!!! its like an explosion of excitement, magic and wonder! we are going to have lots of stuff to see, so be prepared! i would also bring a napkin or two because you will salivate over our table! i really cant wait for this! i bet you cant wait either!!!!!

we also got in a bunch of new idea books an magazines! i really am enjoying the paper trends magazine! there are tons of ideas for the holidays, and really makes my mind soar at the possibilities! they have paper trends year round, so they usually have a lot of cute stuff for all the holidays. you would be amazed at how much a magazine can inspire you. some days i feel like i'm in an absolute rut with no way out, but opening a magazine really brings out my imagination. its also really helpful for those just starting out in a craft because it gives them a good idea of where to start out. if you haven't picked up an idea book or magazine before, you really should!

we are eagerly waiting our arrival of basic grey! if you get a chance, be sure to take a peek at the Basic Grey website and see whats in store. the newest lines are: Urban Prairie, Granola, Eva, Ambrosia and Offbeat. i haven't seen them in person yet, but online they are just beautiful! i cant wait to get ours in!

The hello kitty dies are on order! i don't have an exact date for when we will be getting them, but as soon as we get them i will update our blog to let you know! so as soon as you know we have them, be sure to get down to Scrapbook Heaven to snatch up yours! as far as i know, they come in bigz and originals sizes, and they sure are cute!!! see, now i have ants in my pants again! *jeez*

The AugieT comedy show was last friday, the 12th. it was a good show! i really enjoyed myself, and i could tell everyone else did too! A big mahalo to all of you who participated in our Augie in August promotion! they arent going to be doing the Pagoda show for very much longer, so i'm not sure when exactly we can do that again. i do know that Augie recently did another taping, so be on the look out for another DVD.

alright, this entry has gotten long enough. i'll leave you with a tip: when using embossing powder, rub a used dryer sheet on the surface to remove the static before you stamp and emboss in order to get a clearer image.

see you later!

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Shake It

Scrappers Jam is coming up in a week and a half! I really cant wait! Its going to be soooo much fun! I can't wait to go and see all our customers and new people. Its going to be so exciting to be in one giant room with 150 crafty people making things and talking story. its sort of like a reunion dont you think? i know that a bunch of ladies made a craft group out of the people they met at one of these a few years ago. There will be so much going on at the jam that your head just may fall off. can you tell i'm excited about this jam?

Check out the website, there is a surprise on the promotions page! hooray for surprises!

also, i would like to do a mini survey about the cricut. we will be bringing in more cricut products, like the cartridges, and i wanted to know what you guys think. What cartridges do you like best? which ones do you think are the cutest? to view images of the cartridges click this link:


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The Happy Working Song!!!

Omg, if you haven't seen Enchanted yet, you totally should!

So for today and tomorrow only, we have decided to have a Quickutz fonts special. 40% off regular price! Also, we have the Limited Edition Sophisticate Gift Set for 45% off.
For those of you on the outer islands, or if you aren't as close as a skip, hop and a leap to Scrapbook Heaven, feel free to ask us about our shipping program! We do take credit card by phone, and we'd be happy to mail products to you! This way, you can purchase products right over the phone in the comfort of your home or office!
We even do special ordering, so if you can't find what you are looking for, we may be able to get it especially for you!
As a small business, we truly appreciate your patronage. We know that you can buy your scrapbook supplies anywhere, so we really appreciate your loyalty to Scrapbook Heaven. Supporting small business in Hawaii is important to our economy. So whenever you can, support the little guy!

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Some people search the world.

Alright, time to update! This weekend was lovely. We had that charming little coupon out, which many of you took advantage of. It was very nice to see some old faces, and some new ones too! As many of you may know, we got a bunch of new stuff in, and of course there is more coming!

We have our class schedule up for the month of September, so, i can go ahead and fill you in:

Fabulous Fall Cards - Sunday Sept 21 3:30p ($20)
In this class, you will be making 8 fabulously gorgeous cards, perfect to hand out this fall season

Fall in to Scrapbooking - Friday Sept 26 6:30p ($20)
Here, you will create a beautiful two page layout, perfect to scrap your thanksgiving memories, filled with expertly coordinated shades of pumpkin, evergreen, and chocolate! Stop by the store today to see the sample! (trust me, its jaw dropping!)

Roxie Originals Home Decor - Sunday Sept 28 3:30p ($15)
This class will be the first in a series, by yours truly, teaching you how to incorporate scrapbooking into your home decor. I also decided to add a little twist to this class: I know that many of you have a growing paper stash, and you want to start using it, I want to give you a jump start! For my new class series, you will be providing your own papers so you can clear out your stash to make room for new stuff this holiday season! From door signs to picture frames, you'll be amazed at what you can do with a little paper, adhesive and lots of imagination!

That's all for September! Just a reminder, the fall Scrapper's Jam is coming up on the 20th of this month, if you haven't signed up yet, be sure to ask us for an application! another reminder, Scrapbook Heaven will be open on the 20th, with our regular store hours.

One of my new favorite things in this cool crafty world is idea books. I especially love the "Celebrate the Holidays" idea book from scrapbook trends magazine. inside is a magical world of sugary ideas and frosted treasures. i love making gifts for others, and this book is the perfect way to help accomplish that! It has great ideas for holiday layouts, Christmas cards, thanksgiving decorations, tree ornaments and even home decor! with over 140 pages, and almost an idea per page, you're sure to find yourself your very own holiday treat!

tip for today: did you know Sizzix dies can cut fabric too? if you use the Bigz and Originals size dies, you can cut fabric, chipboard, acrylic, paper, cardstock, vellum, some woods, and even some metals! if you log on to, you can see tons of ideas on how they designed their own clothing using Sizzix dies! If you haven't jumped on the die cut band wagon, now is the time to do so! Here at Scrapbook Heaven, we carry the Sizzix Big Shot - the machine that cuts several brands of dies - and we also have a growing selection of Sizzix dies! The Big Shot also cuts Quickutz brand dies, and we have our Quickutz brand dies on clearance for 20% off!

See you here, at Scrapbook Heaven!

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