so theres a crop tonight...

and i am totally excited! crops are so much fun and i look forward to all of them because its 6 straight hours of scrap time here at Scrapbook Heaven and you're completely unbothered by kids/chores/other non-scrappy stuff!

at tonights crop, i am hoping to finish an 8x8 album that i've been meaning to do for a long time. i brought ribbons, paper, cardstock, rubons, stamps and all sorts of stuff to work into my album! i'll be sure to post pictures of what i've done later!

today's is going to be a short post :( i dont have any pics to show off yet! but i wanted to come on here to tell you that we're having a sale this weekend! here's whats going on:

50% off regular priced ribbon (by the spool and by the yard)

25% off printed papers

40% off martha stewart glitter

20% off marvy uchida punches

20% off envelopes

25% off american crafts thickers

the sale starts today (8/28/2009) and ends monday (8/31/2009)

see you soon!!!

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hand batik eggs!

i have pictures from the egg class!!!

this class taught the art of batiking using goose eggs! batik is a wax-resist dyeing technique used on textile. our wonderful friend, Kent, instructed these students on how to make beautiful works of art like his. Kent uses huge ostrich eggs for his custom works, but for this class he used a goose egg.

pysanky is the art of Ukrainian egg decorating using the betik method of dyeing. traditionally the symbols have deep religious meanings believed to help rid the world of evil,protect households and celebrate abundant harvests and prosperous years. In manycultures around the world, the egg is recognized as a revered symbol of life.

he started off the class by having the students draw their designs onto the egg using a pencil. he also had books showing different designs they could create to help inspire them.

once their design was completed, they would draw over the design with wax to prepare for the dyeing process.

and then the dyeing takes place!

and voila! a pysanka! (pysanka is a Ukrainian Easter egg)

this post is loaded with pics! i looooove it!

looks kinda messy huh? after class, Kent told us that he got extra kits for us to do our own! so we gotta call him up so we can get down and dirty too!

these eggs look so lovely! i was sad not to be able to stay for class (i had to go watch my puppy) but im soo excited to do one of my own!
i just cant decide what design i'd like to do...perhaps somethings floral? i'm loving this one:

and in other news....we have a crop coming up this friday!!! i havent had a lot of time to scrap lately, so i really look forward to our crops. now that my scrap time is restricted, i try to plan better for these crops so that i can be as productive as possible.
what i'll do is plan to work on a specific project. for example: i'm working on an 8x8 book for my dog daphne.
1) i've already chosen my printed papers and i bought more than enough cardstock to last the whole album.
2) i have the album i'm going to put it in.
3) i have some of the pictures that i want to use.
4) tonight when i get home, i'm going to choose the ribbon that coordinates with my color scheme
5) i keep an idea book handy in case i run out of ideas
so all i have to do is put it together! i have 6 hours on friday night to complete an 8x8 album...think i can do it? i sure hope so! i'll show you pictures after friday!
have a lovely day!

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paper bag album - your wish is my command!

here is the paper bag album, as you requested in that spiffy little poll i made last month! take a look!

as you may know, i tend to march to the beat of my own drum, so this album is a little different from other paper bag albums you may have seen. my album has pictures from my most recent trip to the honolulu zoo so i decided to call it "not just creatures ...exploring the honolulu zoo" i am soooo loving giant flowers right now! each students a giant flower for their album and use of the cricut to cut their title.

this was my first time making a paper bag album, it was really fun! its a nice way to used up scraps too

i still wanna go back and dirty the edges, but i cant decide between using paint or ink...decisions decisions!

i was able to fit a lot of pictures in here; i counted 17! 2 of them were 5x7 and i have a 5 1/2 x 10 in there too! so just imagine if you put all tiny wallets in there; thats a lot of pics!

i have the sample in store, feel free to stop by and take a peek!
in this class we will be doing inking, embossing, die cutting, stapling, and all kinds of fun stuff!

this class in on saturday the 22nd starting at 6:30pm. i still have seats in class if you're feeling scrappy! if you are unable to make it this saturday but want to take the class, i'd be more than happy to book a custom class with you! all you need for class supplies are adhesive, scissors and a paper trimmer! see you later!

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omg! blogger has been really weird lately! i have been trying for 2 days to get on here and update something but argh!!! it wasn't letting me! so sorry about that, but heres youre update!

first things first! the winner of our No Doubt contest was Niya! i hope she had a really good time at the concert this past wednesday! Congrats Niya!!!
as for the rest of my post....remember how i gave you a tour of my crop bag? well...these are the projects i worked on using all the material you saw! all that paper ribbon and fun other stuff!
these layouts are just a few from what i did that night, as the rest are not as near done as these are. the night of that particular crop, i just glued down pictures, ribboned them and maybe stuck a flourish or die-cut on there. the next day off i had, i spent putting flowers on and choosing titles. for me, the flower/title part is the longest process and i save that part for when i get home so i can feel like accomplished something at the crop! on to the pictures!

all of these photos are from my senior year of high school. these first 2 layouts are from a group project in sociology class. we had to make a PSA commercial using only photo stills and voice over. our subject was something like divorce and its effect on children. i want to keep these 2 layouts on the simple side because the journaling will take up most of the page.
it was a really fun project! i cant wait to finish these layouts!

this page is alllllllmost done. i just need to put a journaling block in that upper-left blank spot and a flower on the pointy end of that flourish. i cant figure out the flower part yet...i know i want it to be red, but i cant decide if i want a cluster of flowers or one giant one...
the photos are from one random day at school. we never took pictures for a particular reason, we just loved to goof around and document it!

this next layout may be a surprise because its a layout about one of my guy friends, but it has a bunch of flowers on it! what??? flowers are girly!!! hehehe, i know flowers are girly! but the way i see it: this is my scrapbook, i like flowers, in they go!
meet john. he is a really goofy character that can turn your frown upside down by making this face:
this layout is a little bittersweet for me. i really love the colors, the pictures, the paper, the flowers and the font of the title, but it takes me back to the day these pictures were taken.
this day was the last day that i ever saw my old boyfriend, chris. he moved to texas the day after these were taken and that was almost 3 years ago. :( we've stayed friends, but i still miss him.
this layout was one of the first i ever made...which means i've been scrappin for almost 3 years! woo hoo!
this is the first version of this layout. i made a second one for another album. why? this version is supposed to be about my senior portraits and how much fun it was to take them. the second version is more about the dress i wore, and how its the best dress i have ever owned.
this layout feels kinda boring to me. i want to add something to it, but i have no idea what is missing...what do you think?

this is another boring one for me. i love the photos, but i am not sure how to compliment them. let me know if you have any ideas for this one, cuz i am STUMPED!

this is a reeeeeally simple layout. one flower. a title. two pictures. what more can be said about blue bangs? ok a little more than that. like i dyed my hair purple for spirit week at school, but it turned out blue instead...i still liked it! i might just make it a hidden journaling apot on the back of the page.

i'm not sure what i would journal about in this layout. we went to ala moana. i guess this is another time that we just goofed around and documented it!

this is the last layout i have for you today. one day, i did my hair with a curling iron, got dressed for work and decided to pick up my bass for a little bit. i felt like such a rock star, i had to take a picture. one day, my hair will get long enough to style like this. who knows...i may just update my rock star profile!
these layouts were all really quick for me. i like to coordinate the colors in the pictures to the colors in the papers. i knew that most of my high school photos sported lots of blacks, browns and reds so i just grabbed a bunch of paper from my stash that qualified! after that i pulled out ribbons that met the same requirements and my bag was ready to go!
we have another crop tomorrow night, and if you're lucky, i will take more pictures! i just cant decide what to work on! i have more senior pictures...maybe i'll do that! operation using stash is in effect! see you later!

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last nights cupcake class

last night (friday 8/7) was the giant cupcake album class and i was able to sign up for it! i'm not insanely cupcake crazy or anything, but dang is this album sweet!!! i wasnt able to finish last night (nor were the other ladies) but here's what i got done!

the album is about 9x8 and is designed and cut by my dad, the laser expert! i decided to go with a different paper for the outside cuz i really love the way the "chocolate" reads on the spine!

the class was a total of 2 hours and we weren't able to do a lot of embellishing, but the point of this particular class was to learn the style of binding. there were papers included for embellishing later though!

you can see in the picture i still have sanding to do! sanding down the edge of my chipboard books has to be my least favorite part. it just seems to take forever! brenda, one of the ladies in class, did point out that i could just trim my paper smaller than the chipboard and cover up the extra space with paint or ink, so i gotta try that one day!

here was my first time using martha stewarts "drippy goo" punch. just looking at the punch, i thought it was alright...but the moment i punched out this chocolately paper i realized that it was the BEST THING EVER! i love this punch! i'll probably use it a lot in this book!

here's a close up of the punch out:

the next page was fun too. i cut out my printed paper with the giant accucut scalloped circle and centered it on the two pages.

the next page is really really plain! its just cardstock right now...i havent yet figured out how to embellish this page. i kinda have a plan for the other pages so maybe once i finish those something will come to me?

here's a close up of the scallop punch. im not sure how much i like this punch overall...

the last page shows a really great color combo. its a nice creamy color with tiffany blue. did you know that tiffany blue is actually robin's egg blue? they trademarked it as there own "tiffany blue" and it is a protected pantone color. who knew you could get a color trademark??

this scallop punch has to be my favorite. its the fiskars "threading water" punch:
and here you will see the inside of the back cover. i still have a loooooot of sanding to do! i hope to finish this album soon so i can show you! i'm gonna do my best not to ink it up all over; it uses the doodlebug cupcake line and its really cute when its clean!

i'm gonna be in waikiki to guess what my next post will be about???

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as promised!

ok! if you couldnt guess what my next post was supposed to be about, here's the answer: my stash! im not sure how many of you have been curious about what my collection of craft junk looks like, but here it is! its not very organized because im still looking for that perfect organizational system, but for now, it sort of works!

first we have my paper section. i have 2 columns of stackable trays that are filled with paper. the left column is halloween and christmas themed with one or two DCWV paper stacks. the right column is sort of organized by vendor. i have american crafts in one tray, my minds eye is two trays, about 3 misc trays and the rest are all basic grey broken down by collection. collecting basic grey should be a sickness, cuz i got it bad!

the plastic drawers on the far right organize my small collection of 8.5 by 11 cardstock and other random things like bling, fibers, a few rubons and some scraps. the two smaller drawers on the top hold my tiny inkpads.

here we have one of my desks. when i got this desk, it was supposed to be for my laptop and other non-scrap stuff, but the scrappy-ness took over! the chest on the top holds my stash of buttons. its actually a hardware organizer from lowes that i got for $10! i also keep my perfume on here and there are some of my clear stamps on the right side in cd cases.

and here we have my bookshelf! it is my favorite piece of furniture in my room right now. i got it at target a few weeks ago and it is so beautiful! the bottom shelf is for my 12x12 scrapbooks; then above that shelf are the 8x8s and a couple 6x6s; middle shelf holds some mini albums and a few mass market books; next are my yearbooks, poetry books, hymnal, bible and art books; top shelf holds harry potter 2-6 and a few literture books.

getting this book shelf really helped in my organization because before this, i had no where to keep my scrapbooks! my reading books were boxed up in the garage and attic.

here we have desk #2. its supposed to be my crafting desk, but i have discovered that i dont scrap on it, i mostly scrap on the living room floor or dining table. so for now it stores stuff! the eiffel tower is from target, it serves no purpose but to be pretty! next to the eiffel tower is my desk-top organizer that holds scissors and other misc tools that i pretty much never use!

the small paper rack on the left holds paper for my "current projects" and everything else on the top of this desk is pretty much junk i havent organized into place yet!

here you can see my desk-top organizer again, along with a shadow box i have yet to make and a wire thing that hangs on the wall. the "stuff" in the top shelf are actually some button flowers i've made that havent a home yet and the second shelf houses a round green-ish purse that i dont know how to finish.

this is the undercarriage of my second desk. the giant plastic bin stores my half-finished mini albums; the white puffy bag is stuffing for a pillow i was going to make; the two blue-topped bins hold my flowers (bottom = paper flowers, top = fabric flowers) and the grey thing on the side is the sewing machine i got for christmas last year.

this is another desk-top organizer that holds assorted stuff. i have my big clear stamps and alpha stickers in the back; mini clipboard and camera bag on the left, comb binding and shaggy toys in the middle; and sizzlits dies on the right.

when looking at the organizer from the front, there is a drawer that pulls out. i keep ribbon spools and a few more rubons inside. i dont really use this drawer much, though i could use the real estate!

thats my stash! it may not seem really giant, but i think its a bit much for how productive i am. one day i'll have it organized perfectly and when i do, i'll be sure to create a new post about it. i've been doing lots of cleaning lately cuz we've lived in this house for 11 years and that equals lots of junk!

this week i had an extra day off, and it was lovely! i went to the zoo, the aquarium and all around waikiki on one day...

the next day was for chilling, watching movies and eating french fries...

and this sunday i went hiking on aiea loop trail!

enjoy my stash! when its all nice and pretty, i'll show you more pics! have a great tuesday!

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