last nights cupcake class

last night (friday 8/7) was the giant cupcake album class and i was able to sign up for it! i'm not insanely cupcake crazy or anything, but dang is this album sweet!!! i wasnt able to finish last night (nor were the other ladies) but here's what i got done!

the album is about 9x8 and is designed and cut by my dad, the laser expert! i decided to go with a different paper for the outside cuz i really love the way the "chocolate" reads on the spine!

the class was a total of 2 hours and we weren't able to do a lot of embellishing, but the point of this particular class was to learn the style of binding. there were papers included for embellishing later though!

you can see in the picture i still have sanding to do! sanding down the edge of my chipboard books has to be my least favorite part. it just seems to take forever! brenda, one of the ladies in class, did point out that i could just trim my paper smaller than the chipboard and cover up the extra space with paint or ink, so i gotta try that one day!

here was my first time using martha stewarts "drippy goo" punch. just looking at the punch, i thought it was alright...but the moment i punched out this chocolately paper i realized that it was the BEST THING EVER! i love this punch! i'll probably use it a lot in this book!

here's a close up of the punch out:

the next page was fun too. i cut out my printed paper with the giant accucut scalloped circle and centered it on the two pages.

the next page is really really plain! its just cardstock right now...i havent yet figured out how to embellish this page. i kinda have a plan for the other pages so maybe once i finish those something will come to me?

here's a close up of the scallop punch. im not sure how much i like this punch overall...

the last page shows a really great color combo. its a nice creamy color with tiffany blue. did you know that tiffany blue is actually robin's egg blue? they trademarked it as there own "tiffany blue" and it is a protected pantone color. who knew you could get a color trademark??

this scallop punch has to be my favorite. its the fiskars "threading water" punch:
and here you will see the inside of the back cover. i still have a loooooot of sanding to do! i hope to finish this album soon so i can show you! i'm gonna do my best not to ink it up all over; it uses the doodlebug cupcake line and its really cute when its clean!

i'm gonna be in waikiki to guess what my next post will be about???

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