super massive black hole

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo how was your holiday?

mine went very well i'd say. we saw benjamin button. we ate popcorn. we had gifts. it was splendid. my favorite gift? my parents got me a sewing machine. i would have put an exclamation point after that sentence, but the button on my keyboard is broken, so you'll have to imagine my enthusiasm. over all, i enjoyed my day off.

over the next few days, we're going to be doing the inventory. fun fun for everyone right? hopefully we can get that taken care of quickly so we wont carry the task over to the new year. also, we sent out an email, so go ahead and check that if you are in our Angel's Club.

over the last week, i've been getting ready to place a few orders on 01/01/09 so that we can have new stuff asap. if you're wondering why we don't order right now, its because there is a taxing law about our inventory for the year. apparently, before the end of each year, stores have to pay a tax on the dollar amount of the product currently in their inventory. since we want to cut back on as many costs as possible, we want to have as little inventory as we can for when the end of the year comes. so if our store has seemed out of stuff, its because of that inventory thing. if i could wish it away, i totally would in a heart beat, but we gotta do what we gotta do i guess, right?

my hopes are that when we place our orders, i hope to get them quickly so that you can have new things to play with in 2009. we also have our class schedule for january 2009 ready, so shortly after i post this up, i'll be updating the stuff page with that info. 2009 is going to be an awesome year, so prepare for greatness.

i'm not sure if this is coming kinda early, but i am starting to plan the Scrapper's Jam for Spring 2009. i know many of you were watching the blog for the Fall 08 Jam listening to me go on and on about the jam, so now you can do it again. as of right now, we are planing the make and takes, selecting product lines, and other awesome stuff.

at the last jam, we had our Quickutz products on clearance, and many of you seemed to really enjoy that, so this time around, we will definetly be bringing some great clearance stuff. i'm not sure what it is we will put on clearance, so we're gonna cross that bridge when we come to it. i will tell you that we are planning some great make and takes, so if you like doing those, be sure to make time for those when attending the jam.

i heard that many of you enjoyed our booth at the Fall Jam, so i'm looking into new and fun ways to keep our booth fun and fresh. i'm gonna be posting more info about our booth as the time passes. as soon as i get the dates for the jam, i'll be sure to let you know, we'll put it in emails and on here, so it'll be everywhere.

i'm gonna get going and get some inventory done, so i hope you all enjoy your day. and if i dont get on here until its too late, i hope you all have a great New Year's Eve with your family, friends and other loved ones. 2009 is going to be a really good year, and as long as you wish it so, it will continue that way all year long. Thank you all so much for 2008, i really enjoyed being here for you and i look forward to scrapping with you for a long time.

All my love,

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i can handle it

i know my posts have been few and far between, for that i am truly sorry. i'm doing some stuff to prepare for our holiday and some other stuff to prepare for Tuna's wedding. but i'm here now and thats the main thing right? right!

on Mondays we close at three, so Mondays tend to act as a day off for me. Yesterday, i met up with my mom in town and she took me to Kaimuki Dry Goods. I had never heard of it before Sunday, so of course i'd never been there before. If you don't know, its a fabric store in Kaimuki and they also sell notions for your sewing projects. They had a nice selection of fabrics, but i about wet myself when i saw the selection of buttons! they had five HUGE spinner racks full of them! by the time i made my way over to them, my mom found a stool to sit down on cuz she knew i could take a while! Overall, i really enjoyed that store, if you like sewing and you haven't been there, you should really check it out.

We got in the new Valentine's Sizzix. They look really awesome for Valentine's Day, but they have all kinds of flourishes too so you could definetly use them for every day. We also got more of the Hello Kitty, so if you didn't get your paws on those yet, have at um!

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, so we will have short hours 10am to 2pm. When we close that day, we are going to be shampooing the carpet so it can dry over Christmas and be ok by the 26th. So if you are planning to make it in on Dec. 26, be sure to have clean shoes!

we are going to be placing as many orders as we can on Jan 1, 2009, so around mid January, be on the lookout for an explosion of announcements of reordered product and some new product as well. i'm pretty sure most of the new stuff will be Valentine's stuff, so be prepared for hearts, pink and red!

I have to get going for now, and i thought i'd let you know this time, i probably won't be able to post anything new here until the 26th or so, like i said, lots of stuff to do from here on out! I hope you all have a Happy Holiday and enjoy your season!

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everything i do

hows this weather huh? wow. i haven't used my shower at all this week. i just step outside when i need a cleaning. ...ew! i am totally kidding! bleh, gross, i promise you that i shower every day. any hoo.

we just got in an order of Valentine's stuff. k&co's Sweet Talk collection and the Doodlebug valentine's collection. As usual, the doodlebug stuff is really adorable with all kinds of pinks and reds. a little flock goes a long way for their paper and they also have a glitter paper and two more flat papers.

the sweet talk stuff has a lot more pink to it and is packed with all kinds of hearts and flourishes. there are a few butterflies here and there and yes, there is glitter involved! We got the paper pad for this collection (i got one for myself as well, its so lovely!!) as well as a bunch of the embellishments like rub-ons, stickers and grand adhesions.

aside from that, there is not too much to report from here. i'm still working on some christmas gifts for a few friends, so i cant post images of those yet.

i also printed out 180 pictures at costco this weekend, so i have lots of work to do! they are all pictures from my last year at high school, so i have a lot. in fact, most of the pictures i have were taken during my senior year! i have them in categories, sort of. i have a separate album for my graduation, one for my last day of school, one for that year's vacation, and one for my general year. the one for my general year is bound to be the biggest. if i ever finish that year, i will move on to my junior year, which has a lot, but not as many. after that, i have my sophomore year which is absolutely minute. then the last of my school stuff is my freshman year. those photos were all taken from one particular marching band trip and thats pretty much all i want to remember from that year.

i also have a portfolio that i am trying to put together. not that i would show it off to get hired for anything, but i just want to have one. its filled with all of my art from freshman and sophomore year. they are all black and white photos and a few are award winning :)

while we are on the subject of school, a few months ago, my bank hired a new teller. i knew who he was before i read the name tag, he was a dude from my high school. he graduated 2 years before i did, but we were in marching band together and we talked briefly as friends. now, i remember faces and names really really well, so of course i remember him. so over these past few months, i talk with him a little and make small talk, but never mention that i knew him. so yesterday, Mama went to do our banking and she asked, "Arent you so&so? from PCHS?" he looked puzzled and said yes. then she went on to explain that her daughter went to pchs and recognised him and whatnot. then he came out to say, "No wonder she looks so familiar! I see her all the time but I can't remember where I know her from!" so this morning i walk into the bank and i see him there. my heart is pounding with embarrassment and i do my banking. he mentions this story to me and appears relieved that he found out where he remembers me from.

now, embarrassed you say? yes, i found it a little embarassing, mostly because i tend to remember a lot more people than i myself am remembered. not because i didnt make myself known, i just knew everyone even though they may not have known me. i find it embarrassing when i know someone who doesnt know me. not to mention, i'm afraid that the only reason he remembers me is for my embarrassing crush on the painfully obvious drum major. lets hope he remembers me for another reason!

now is time for me to go. i have buttons to hunt for and cd's to be bought & enjoyed. also, do me a favor: if someone is with you right now or next to you, turn to them and give them a hug. they just may need it.

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rain rain go away


so the parking lot is flooded. the upstairs walkway is flooded. its raining. its pouring. i'm pretty sure some old men are snoring. I want you folks to be safe, stay at home if you can, don't brave the weather. i almost slipped and fell and i do not want the same for you.

We will be closed on Thursday December 11th, due to the weather. we will resume regular store hours on friday december 12th.

stay dry, stay safe, and i'll see you friday!

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its been a while

OK OK I KNOW!!!! its been way too long, let the stone throwing commence.

i am so sorry, truly, for i had no idea my life would be this consumed by this time of year. we just saw my aunty off on her plane back to oklahoma last night and poor Mama has a head cold. but hey, you know what? I'M BACK!!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHA

so whats new? whats going on? well...i havent gotten a chance to do any of that online class stuff, so my work has been piling up one me. ugh...i do not look forward to the stress of catch-up. but hey, the work that needs to be done is not near being laborious!

the new year is approaching quickly, and with stuff! i know we all itch for new pretty things, heck i know i do! we plan to carry a few new lines, they are all quite promising. i am not sure off hand which lines they are right now, but as soon as i figure out which lines we are getting, i'll be sure to let you know! so far, i've seen lots of catalogs for all kinds of companies, and they are pretty much all premiering their 2009 valentine's stuff. so i've seen lots of reds, lots of hearts and TONS of pink! pretty much all of it is really adorable.

now, i'm not sure how many of you remember, but about 2 years ago, around when we first opened, we had a teacher for about 3 months and she taught distressing classes? Lets just call her Madame Distress. Yes, well, she is back! I swear this woman is a miracle worker and a half! she recently gave birth to her 3rd son, and right before she did, she made a comment about how she's always wanted to be surrounded by beautiful men, boy was she right! any hoo, she is coming back to teach with us for the month of January, so be on the look out for that notice. i swear, whatever this woman touches, turns to GOLD! she makes the most beautiful things and je suis tres jalouse! she is working on the class sample, so i'll post pics on here when its done.

remember how i told you that i was cleaning out a craft room for mom and me? well, i got a lot of work done this weekend! while i was working, i discovered that i have a lot of christmas paper and embellishments and as much halloween stuff to rival the christmas collection! they are my two favorite holidays, but i never take enough pictures to merit a proper layout.

this year, i've tried to use some papers to decorate my house for the holiday season, but i havent used a lot. after looking closely at some of the holliday themed papers, i came to see that they could be used for much more than a holiday card or layout! for that online class, i decided to put together a book of the things that meant the most to me and there was one particular layout that just had to be perfection. the subject is of my very best friend (let's call him Texas Toast) and the photos were taken on the beach on his last day here with me. the pictures feature the beautiful blue of the ocean with the perfect shade of creamy sand to compliment it. i had a very hard time finding the perfect paper to go with these pictures because the colors were really quite unique and i didnt want a harsh pattern to over power it. on the night that i was trying to accomplish this layout, it dawned on me in the middle of the night: use a christmas paper! i know it sounds really bizarre, christmas? isnt that greens and reds? forget about the snowy paper! the paper that i ended up using was about 2 years old, but the fabulousness of the design was supremely fresh. it was a combination of blue, that creamy sandy color and distressed with brown. the colors matched perfectly, with Texas Toast and me being the shades of brown in the photos. soon after, i discovered an even older journaling tag with a quote about the beach with the exact shades of blue and cream. i added a little bit of brown ink and adhered it down in place and i achieved a truly gorgeous layout!

my point was that one should not only look to their regular stash of papers to achieve that perfect look, but to look a bit deeper into the depths of a holiday stash or even look towards your really old stuff (if you have any) because what you have may just surprise you!

i have to get going for now, so have a nice day! i'll talk to you later!

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its gotta be

alright, i just posted about an hour, two hours ago? yeah, is that about right? well, i got as much i could done, but i just have a bunch more stuff to take care of, so i will no longer tease you with the update of this calendar.

this first picture shows the cookie sheet already painted with the two decorative strips of paper on the top and bottom.

this next image shows the background paper adhered down with most of the numbers already complete. with these particular numbers, i didnt have to make them because i cut them out of a piece of paper that already had them decorated! all i did was cut them out and glue down to chipboard.

this last one shows what i completed so far. i have these all magnetized and ready to go! i just have 22 and 24 to go! after i finish those i think i'll add a wire to hang it from then i will be done-done.

thanks for being patient, i hope you enjoy whats done so far! i'll update again later!

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be good

i know its been a few days, but dang have i been crazy busy! im gonna keep this one short and sweet.

i am working on the cookie sheet calendar as we speak! i'm going to do my very best to be done with it by this evening. i will update with more pics as soon as i can!

i'll be back later with a more satisfying update!

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