i can handle it

i know my posts have been few and far between, for that i am truly sorry. i'm doing some stuff to prepare for our holiday and some other stuff to prepare for Tuna's wedding. but i'm here now and thats the main thing right? right!

on Mondays we close at three, so Mondays tend to act as a day off for me. Yesterday, i met up with my mom in town and she took me to Kaimuki Dry Goods. I had never heard of it before Sunday, so of course i'd never been there before. If you don't know, its a fabric store in Kaimuki and they also sell notions for your sewing projects. They had a nice selection of fabrics, but i about wet myself when i saw the selection of buttons! they had five HUGE spinner racks full of them! by the time i made my way over to them, my mom found a stool to sit down on cuz she knew i could take a while! Overall, i really enjoyed that store, if you like sewing and you haven't been there, you should really check it out.

We got in the new Valentine's Sizzix. They look really awesome for Valentine's Day, but they have all kinds of flourishes too so you could definetly use them for every day. We also got more of the Hello Kitty, so if you didn't get your paws on those yet, have at um!

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, so we will have short hours 10am to 2pm. When we close that day, we are going to be shampooing the carpet so it can dry over Christmas and be ok by the 26th. So if you are planning to make it in on Dec. 26, be sure to have clean shoes!

we are going to be placing as many orders as we can on Jan 1, 2009, so around mid January, be on the lookout for an explosion of announcements of reordered product and some new product as well. i'm pretty sure most of the new stuff will be Valentine's stuff, so be prepared for hearts, pink and red!

I have to get going for now, and i thought i'd let you know this time, i probably won't be able to post anything new here until the 26th or so, like i said, lots of stuff to do from here on out! I hope you all have a Happy Holiday and enjoy your season!

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