its gotta be

alright, i just posted about an hour, two hours ago? yeah, is that about right? well, i got as much i could done, but i just have a bunch more stuff to take care of, so i will no longer tease you with the update of this calendar.

this first picture shows the cookie sheet already painted with the two decorative strips of paper on the top and bottom.

this next image shows the background paper adhered down with most of the numbers already complete. with these particular numbers, i didnt have to make them because i cut them out of a piece of paper that already had them decorated! all i did was cut them out and glue down to chipboard.

this last one shows what i completed so far. i have these all magnetized and ready to go! i just have 22 and 24 to go! after i finish those i think i'll add a wire to hang it from then i will be done-done.

thanks for being patient, i hope you enjoy whats done so far! i'll update again later!

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