super massive black hole

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo how was your holiday?

mine went very well i'd say. we saw benjamin button. we ate popcorn. we had gifts. it was splendid. my favorite gift? my parents got me a sewing machine. i would have put an exclamation point after that sentence, but the button on my keyboard is broken, so you'll have to imagine my enthusiasm. over all, i enjoyed my day off.

over the next few days, we're going to be doing the inventory. fun fun for everyone right? hopefully we can get that taken care of quickly so we wont carry the task over to the new year. also, we sent out an email, so go ahead and check that if you are in our Angel's Club.

over the last week, i've been getting ready to place a few orders on 01/01/09 so that we can have new stuff asap. if you're wondering why we don't order right now, its because there is a taxing law about our inventory for the year. apparently, before the end of each year, stores have to pay a tax on the dollar amount of the product currently in their inventory. since we want to cut back on as many costs as possible, we want to have as little inventory as we can for when the end of the year comes. so if our store has seemed out of stuff, its because of that inventory thing. if i could wish it away, i totally would in a heart beat, but we gotta do what we gotta do i guess, right?

my hopes are that when we place our orders, i hope to get them quickly so that you can have new things to play with in 2009. we also have our class schedule for january 2009 ready, so shortly after i post this up, i'll be updating the stuff page with that info. 2009 is going to be an awesome year, so prepare for greatness.

i'm not sure if this is coming kinda early, but i am starting to plan the Scrapper's Jam for Spring 2009. i know many of you were watching the blog for the Fall 08 Jam listening to me go on and on about the jam, so now you can do it again. as of right now, we are planing the make and takes, selecting product lines, and other awesome stuff.

at the last jam, we had our Quickutz products on clearance, and many of you seemed to really enjoy that, so this time around, we will definetly be bringing some great clearance stuff. i'm not sure what it is we will put on clearance, so we're gonna cross that bridge when we come to it. i will tell you that we are planning some great make and takes, so if you like doing those, be sure to make time for those when attending the jam.

i heard that many of you enjoyed our booth at the Fall Jam, so i'm looking into new and fun ways to keep our booth fun and fresh. i'm gonna be posting more info about our booth as the time passes. as soon as i get the dates for the jam, i'll be sure to let you know, we'll put it in emails and on here, so it'll be everywhere.

i'm gonna get going and get some inventory done, so i hope you all enjoy your day. and if i dont get on here until its too late, i hope you all have a great New Year's Eve with your family, friends and other loved ones. 2009 is going to be a really good year, and as long as you wish it so, it will continue that way all year long. Thank you all so much for 2008, i really enjoyed being here for you and i look forward to scrapping with you for a long time.

All my love,

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i can handle it

i know my posts have been few and far between, for that i am truly sorry. i'm doing some stuff to prepare for our holiday and some other stuff to prepare for Tuna's wedding. but i'm here now and thats the main thing right? right!

on Mondays we close at three, so Mondays tend to act as a day off for me. Yesterday, i met up with my mom in town and she took me to Kaimuki Dry Goods. I had never heard of it before Sunday, so of course i'd never been there before. If you don't know, its a fabric store in Kaimuki and they also sell notions for your sewing projects. They had a nice selection of fabrics, but i about wet myself when i saw the selection of buttons! they had five HUGE spinner racks full of them! by the time i made my way over to them, my mom found a stool to sit down on cuz she knew i could take a while! Overall, i really enjoyed that store, if you like sewing and you haven't been there, you should really check it out.

We got in the new Valentine's Sizzix. They look really awesome for Valentine's Day, but they have all kinds of flourishes too so you could definetly use them for every day. We also got more of the Hello Kitty, so if you didn't get your paws on those yet, have at um!

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, so we will have short hours 10am to 2pm. When we close that day, we are going to be shampooing the carpet so it can dry over Christmas and be ok by the 26th. So if you are planning to make it in on Dec. 26, be sure to have clean shoes!

we are going to be placing as many orders as we can on Jan 1, 2009, so around mid January, be on the lookout for an explosion of announcements of reordered product and some new product as well. i'm pretty sure most of the new stuff will be Valentine's stuff, so be prepared for hearts, pink and red!

I have to get going for now, and i thought i'd let you know this time, i probably won't be able to post anything new here until the 26th or so, like i said, lots of stuff to do from here on out! I hope you all have a Happy Holiday and enjoy your season!

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everything i do

hows this weather huh? wow. i haven't used my shower at all this week. i just step outside when i need a cleaning. ...ew! i am totally kidding! bleh, gross, i promise you that i shower every day. any hoo.

we just got in an order of Valentine's stuff. k&co's Sweet Talk collection and the Doodlebug valentine's collection. As usual, the doodlebug stuff is really adorable with all kinds of pinks and reds. a little flock goes a long way for their paper and they also have a glitter paper and two more flat papers.

the sweet talk stuff has a lot more pink to it and is packed with all kinds of hearts and flourishes. there are a few butterflies here and there and yes, there is glitter involved! We got the paper pad for this collection (i got one for myself as well, its so lovely!!) as well as a bunch of the embellishments like rub-ons, stickers and grand adhesions.

aside from that, there is not too much to report from here. i'm still working on some christmas gifts for a few friends, so i cant post images of those yet.

i also printed out 180 pictures at costco this weekend, so i have lots of work to do! they are all pictures from my last year at high school, so i have a lot. in fact, most of the pictures i have were taken during my senior year! i have them in categories, sort of. i have a separate album for my graduation, one for my last day of school, one for that year's vacation, and one for my general year. the one for my general year is bound to be the biggest. if i ever finish that year, i will move on to my junior year, which has a lot, but not as many. after that, i have my sophomore year which is absolutely minute. then the last of my school stuff is my freshman year. those photos were all taken from one particular marching band trip and thats pretty much all i want to remember from that year.

i also have a portfolio that i am trying to put together. not that i would show it off to get hired for anything, but i just want to have one. its filled with all of my art from freshman and sophomore year. they are all black and white photos and a few are award winning :)

while we are on the subject of school, a few months ago, my bank hired a new teller. i knew who he was before i read the name tag, he was a dude from my high school. he graduated 2 years before i did, but we were in marching band together and we talked briefly as friends. now, i remember faces and names really really well, so of course i remember him. so over these past few months, i talk with him a little and make small talk, but never mention that i knew him. so yesterday, Mama went to do our banking and she asked, "Arent you so&so? from PCHS?" he looked puzzled and said yes. then she went on to explain that her daughter went to pchs and recognised him and whatnot. then he came out to say, "No wonder she looks so familiar! I see her all the time but I can't remember where I know her from!" so this morning i walk into the bank and i see him there. my heart is pounding with embarrassment and i do my banking. he mentions this story to me and appears relieved that he found out where he remembers me from.

now, embarrassed you say? yes, i found it a little embarassing, mostly because i tend to remember a lot more people than i myself am remembered. not because i didnt make myself known, i just knew everyone even though they may not have known me. i find it embarrassing when i know someone who doesnt know me. not to mention, i'm afraid that the only reason he remembers me is for my embarrassing crush on the painfully obvious drum major. lets hope he remembers me for another reason!

now is time for me to go. i have buttons to hunt for and cd's to be bought & enjoyed. also, do me a favor: if someone is with you right now or next to you, turn to them and give them a hug. they just may need it.

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rain rain go away


so the parking lot is flooded. the upstairs walkway is flooded. its raining. its pouring. i'm pretty sure some old men are snoring. I want you folks to be safe, stay at home if you can, don't brave the weather. i almost slipped and fell and i do not want the same for you.

We will be closed on Thursday December 11th, due to the weather. we will resume regular store hours on friday december 12th.

stay dry, stay safe, and i'll see you friday!

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its been a while

OK OK I KNOW!!!! its been way too long, let the stone throwing commence.

i am so sorry, truly, for i had no idea my life would be this consumed by this time of year. we just saw my aunty off on her plane back to oklahoma last night and poor Mama has a head cold. but hey, you know what? I'M BACK!!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHA

so whats new? whats going on? well...i havent gotten a chance to do any of that online class stuff, so my work has been piling up one me. ugh...i do not look forward to the stress of catch-up. but hey, the work that needs to be done is not near being laborious!

the new year is approaching quickly, and with stuff! i know we all itch for new pretty things, heck i know i do! we plan to carry a few new lines, they are all quite promising. i am not sure off hand which lines they are right now, but as soon as i figure out which lines we are getting, i'll be sure to let you know! so far, i've seen lots of catalogs for all kinds of companies, and they are pretty much all premiering their 2009 valentine's stuff. so i've seen lots of reds, lots of hearts and TONS of pink! pretty much all of it is really adorable.

now, i'm not sure how many of you remember, but about 2 years ago, around when we first opened, we had a teacher for about 3 months and she taught distressing classes? Lets just call her Madame Distress. Yes, well, she is back! I swear this woman is a miracle worker and a half! she recently gave birth to her 3rd son, and right before she did, she made a comment about how she's always wanted to be surrounded by beautiful men, boy was she right! any hoo, she is coming back to teach with us for the month of January, so be on the look out for that notice. i swear, whatever this woman touches, turns to GOLD! she makes the most beautiful things and je suis tres jalouse! she is working on the class sample, so i'll post pics on here when its done.

remember how i told you that i was cleaning out a craft room for mom and me? well, i got a lot of work done this weekend! while i was working, i discovered that i have a lot of christmas paper and embellishments and as much halloween stuff to rival the christmas collection! they are my two favorite holidays, but i never take enough pictures to merit a proper layout.

this year, i've tried to use some papers to decorate my house for the holiday season, but i havent used a lot. after looking closely at some of the holliday themed papers, i came to see that they could be used for much more than a holiday card or layout! for that online class, i decided to put together a book of the things that meant the most to me and there was one particular layout that just had to be perfection. the subject is of my very best friend (let's call him Texas Toast) and the photos were taken on the beach on his last day here with me. the pictures feature the beautiful blue of the ocean with the perfect shade of creamy sand to compliment it. i had a very hard time finding the perfect paper to go with these pictures because the colors were really quite unique and i didnt want a harsh pattern to over power it. on the night that i was trying to accomplish this layout, it dawned on me in the middle of the night: use a christmas paper! i know it sounds really bizarre, christmas? isnt that greens and reds? forget about the snowy paper! the paper that i ended up using was about 2 years old, but the fabulousness of the design was supremely fresh. it was a combination of blue, that creamy sandy color and distressed with brown. the colors matched perfectly, with Texas Toast and me being the shades of brown in the photos. soon after, i discovered an even older journaling tag with a quote about the beach with the exact shades of blue and cream. i added a little bit of brown ink and adhered it down in place and i achieved a truly gorgeous layout!

my point was that one should not only look to their regular stash of papers to achieve that perfect look, but to look a bit deeper into the depths of a holiday stash or even look towards your really old stuff (if you have any) because what you have may just surprise you!

i have to get going for now, so have a nice day! i'll talk to you later!

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its gotta be

alright, i just posted about an hour, two hours ago? yeah, is that about right? well, i got as much i could done, but i just have a bunch more stuff to take care of, so i will no longer tease you with the update of this calendar.

this first picture shows the cookie sheet already painted with the two decorative strips of paper on the top and bottom.

this next image shows the background paper adhered down with most of the numbers already complete. with these particular numbers, i didnt have to make them because i cut them out of a piece of paper that already had them decorated! all i did was cut them out and glue down to chipboard.

this last one shows what i completed so far. i have these all magnetized and ready to go! i just have 22 and 24 to go! after i finish those i think i'll add a wire to hang it from then i will be done-done.

thanks for being patient, i hope you enjoy whats done so far! i'll update again later!

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be good

i know its been a few days, but dang have i been crazy busy! im gonna keep this one short and sweet.

i am working on the cookie sheet calendar as we speak! i'm going to do my very best to be done with it by this evening. i will update with more pics as soon as i can!

i'll be back later with a more satisfying update!

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too low to see

HAPPY GOBBLE GOBBLE!!!! i know, thanksgiving was yesterday, but hey, we should be giving thanks everyday right? alright... a little time for the "What are we thankful for" game. lets see...i am thankful for a wonderful family and AWESOME parents that support me in all my endeavors. I am thankful for that awesome tofu loaf and the pumpkin pie. i know all cheesy and predictable right? fine, i'll come up with a great about... i am so grateful for pretty paper. i know its a little weird, but hey, i like paper! so yeah... my non-cheesy thankful-ness thing.

i'm also grateful for my Tuna Lover. She and i get to chill tomorrow at a wedding seminar (i guess thats what you'd call it). i'm planning on bringing that awesome peacock bouquet i made and passing out my cards to see if any brides (or maids) would like to order a custom one. sounds good right? yeah? i think it'll be fun.

the other day, i had an epiphany of sorts. i am always curious to see the work of our customers. i have had the pleasure of seeing Molly's work, as she was published on the cover of a magazine a few months ago (dang, that lady is talented!) but i haven't seen a lot of other's stuff. so the idea is this: i would love to see your work, as i'm sure others would too. if you'd like, feel free to email me a picture along with your permission and i will post it on the blog! i know there are plenty of talented people out there, so let me see it folks! our email is

gotta go, but i'll be back later for sure

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i see you

my Dad is sooooooo proud of himself! I can just feel the excitement emanating from his pores. wanna know what he is so proud/excited/giddy/happy/cheerful about? here:

He usually asks Mom and me to come up with the words and designs for these albums, but he came up with this design all by himself! i dont think this photo does it justice, it is absolutely DARLING in person! yup, thats right i said darling, i like using classic lingo. He has been bugging me all weekend to post it up here, so here it is!

so far, i've heard our ad a few times, even my friends heard it too! in case you didnt catch it, here is the gist: scrapbook heaven. black friday. inventory sale. 30% off. yup thats the gist. we open from 6am to 3pm on Nov 28, and the sale changes as the day goes on, so the earlier you come in, the more you save. i cant reveal anymore goodies, so dont even try to coerce any out of me, i wont budge!

ok folks, i'm preparing the store for the event on friday, so i must hele. dont forget, I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

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long gone

sorry, its been a few days... how are you? good? yeah...thats great!

we have an ad running on 93.1 the zone, and its a good one too! its kinda talking about friday, but only a little. we have stuff going on that day. yup, lots of stuff! i cant tell you now, no that would be a secret my dears...but its big happenings! i think thats enough of a teaser huh? lets move on...

im not sure how many of you know, but i am a vegetarian. yup, its true. so for thanksgiving, i have to kinda figure out my own main course. i tried a to-furkey one year, jeez was that aweful! it was very rubbery and gross tasting. i cant remember what i did last year, but this year, i am going to make tofu loaf. its like meatloaf, but with tofu instead. i've never made it before, but it sure looks good! even if it turns out really bad, i'll still have lots of food to eat anyway, so its not a big deal if it doesnt turn out. my hopes are that regardless of deliciousness, i hope it looks pretty so that i can take a picture and (yup) SCRAPBOOK IT! i very rarely take pictures on thanksgiving, but this year i have a reason to because this is the first holiday that my brother has been home for since he joined the Air Force.

so, you remember that cookie sheet calendar? yeah, its a lot more difficult to make than i thought. well, maybe not difficult, but just a lot of time is required. i may do a lot more work on it during our thanksgiving holiday, but man! i didnt think it was going to be as time consuming as it is. i will admit, it is beautiful so far!

i think i mentioned earlier that i had a giant box of pictures to go through? well i did go through it last night, boy do i have a lot! a lot of it are doubles from when i used film, plus i have a lot of negatives. if any of you have any ideas on how i could store negatives, i would love to hear your tips! i found that i have a lot of nature shots that i took when i went on a cruise in the 6th grade with my class. i also found pictures from when i went to camp erdman (is that how you spell it?) i have no idea what to do with those, because i seriously cant remember that trip other than a swimming pool and finding amythyst on the nature hike.

i think what i'm going to do with those nature pics is just put them all in one mini album. a lot of those pictures are of just ocean, or ocean with a bit of whale (yup, we went whale watching) one particular one is of the horizon with a tiny sailboat off the coast of maui. just about all those pictures are blue-y, so i think a mini album would serve the best purpose.

remember that online class im taking? in that class, we are learning how to work with different sized pages. before this class, i have never thought to try an 8.5x11 page. i love doing them now! i'm not sure what it is about them, but they are really fun and easy to finish. i dont really see too many albums that size, but i imagine if i looked a bit harder, i might find something!

i have to go, but i will talk again later, trust me!

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you done done it

so, i bet that was nice huh? an update FILLED with pics....that was fun, i enjoyed it. i hope you liked it.

we recently got our My Mind's Eye order in, omg! its so GORGEOUS! seriously! its totally wonderful! i myself grabbed a few of each! there are also rubons that go with them too, my goodness, and i grabbed one of each! i cant wait to usse them, its going to be soooooo much fun!

you know that advent calendar i'm making? yeah, that one. well i havent done anymore work on it, but i will be tonight. dont worry, i'll take pictures, i WANT to update you silly! i'm really really excited. i know that sounds so silly, but i am! i love being crafty! i love making things. sometimes, the way my mind works, i'll envision something in my head. then, its almost as if im watching a video in my head of me making it. then i get ants in my pants because i just cant seem to wait until that video comes to life. another video id love to be watching right now is Iron Man. I saw my open DVD box on the floor this morning next to the player, so you know Big Papa was watching it last night!

while we're talking about movies, i'd love to watch the rest of xmen2. i've never seen the whole thing. i was watching it the other night, but Big Papa wasnt really into it, so i shut it off. i'll watch the rest one day. i guess i kinda have this goal of watching all Marvel Comics movies. i like marvel so much better than DC. DC is the one with Batman, Superman and whatnot. ok, i think thats enough of geek roxie, on to newer and better topics!

this next topic is going to be on a serious note. More recently, a cousin of Brother and mine has passed. I didn't get a chance to meet him, but Brother did. They served together in the Air Force and became good friends too. So the next time you put a drink to your lips, be sure to say a silent toast in his honor. Requiscat in Pace, Kekoa.

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be my

alright, this one's gonna be loaded with pics, so watch out!

this first picture is a cookie sheet. why would i put a picture of a cookie sheet on here? well, i am going to be turning this cookie sheet into an advent calendar! for those of you who dont know what an advent calendar is, its a basically a count down calendar created by early christians to await the season of advent and the birth of Jesus. most people nowadays use it to count down to christmas day. now, im going to show you pictures of its progress, so keep an eye out!

Ok, the cookie sheet i have isnt the exact same as this one, its a different brand, but hey in this case, all cookie sheets are pretty much equal. it was the same color as the one picured above and i felt that didnt go with the papers i was planning to use, so i decided to paint it GOLD!!! as you can see, the paint i used is modeled here by a beautiful, fabulous and wonderful young lady... :)

the cookie sheet i have is a cheapy $6 one that i got from walmart. it doesnt have teflon on it, but it is non-stick stainless steel. metal is NOT a porous material so that means it cant absorb paint the same way other stuff would, so i had to make sure that i got a special paint that would be able to go onto metal. i found this paint at walmart also, its not acid free, but i dont have to worry about that because i will not be preserving any photos on it.

here i have photos of the first couple of coats. the first picture is of the back side of the cookie sheet, the second is the front. if you noticed, the back seems to have a thicker layer of paint than the front. thats because i will be covering the front with paper, so i only needed to paint it so that my paper would have something to adhere to. keep in mind when painting metal, its best to read the label first, my label said that the paint would take 48 hours to cure (Cure, Curing: The process whereby a liquid coating becomes a hard film.) so i knew that i needed to plan this project thoroughly.

those are all the pictures that i have for that project for now, but keep your eyes peeled for more. just so you know, i may not have anymore pictures of this project for another few days because i need to finish painting it and it has to cure.

this picture is sort of random and off topic, but i saw this cute little birdhouse at walmart and i decided that i wanted to alter it and make it a little christmas house. i painted the fron a nice cream color, but now im thinkin that i want to cover it with paper instead. i already know that i want to cover the roof with paper and put ribbon on as well, but im still in the planning stages.

the following pictures are of the layouts that i have done for that online class that i am taking. some of them are sideways (so so sorry) and i dont know how to fix that in blogger. would you mind doing a head tilt?

this first picture is a layout thats still waiting on a journaling spot, but the layout is about the tattoo that i have on my neck. they are angel wings that i got in memory of a friend that i lost last year. a few months after this friend died, he came to me in a dream and told me to get them. that moment was a very touching one for me, so of course i had to scrap it!

this next one is my sort-of title page. when i finish the class, i will be having a complete album, so i decided to make this album a reflection of me, sort of like a self discovery.

these are pictures from my 19th birthday. it was a nice evening at CPK. i really hate how my hair looks. bleh.

heres a layout of me and my dear mama. these pics were taken at the july 4th augie t. show. we were waiting for the show to start so we were just goofing around (as usual!) i did get a chance to add my title to this layout, it says "MOM & ME"

Remember that CSI game we had this past weekend? well...we took some mug shots... no, i am not six feet tall. i'm actually around 5'7"

Here is dad, caught RED HANDED! if anyone took a cookie out the cookie jar, it was totally him!

I have no idea what he was thinking about this one...i guess hes an alien?

those are the pics for today! i hope you liked them, i'll talk to you later! also, dont forget about those teeny tiny calendars, we got them in, so come and check um out!

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all the same

alright i know, i havent updated in a bit. well, let me tell you whats up!

we just got in our Martha Stewart christmas stuff. She has some really adorable punches available, snowflakes, stars, holly leaves, and her border punches are cute too. She has a few stickers too. One is a really beautiful foiled snowflake, perfect to use on cards or just as wonderful to use on a page layout. There are also glitter snowflake stickers, they're really cool too! She also has die cut felt ribbon, in holly leaves, red and white snowflakes.

we got K&Co's Swell Noel and Christmas Cheer embellishments! We had the paper pads, but they sold out the same day that we got them! a little bird did tell me that we may be re-ordering them, so be on the lookout for that! Anyhoo, the embellishments are GORGEOUS!!! the swell noel collection is a more soft palette, featuring pinks and blues along with the traditional reds and greens. They would be absolutely perfect to scrap baby's first christmas, or for those of you who like a soft, clean and refreshing look, either way, this is a beautiful collection! The Christmas Cheer collection on the other hand is very rich and bold. It features teals, golds, and more vintage shades of red and green.

We also got in a bunch of new EK Success stickers! Most are christmas themed, some are disney, but all are ADORABLE! I've put the christmas themed ones in the front with the rest of the new christmas stuff, but i put all the new disney stuff in their proper place on our disney wall.

So, aside from all that, what else have i been up to? Well, you know those felt flowers i showed you? well my friend (we'll call her tuna lover) is getting married in a few months and she asked me to make her bouquet! Tuna Lover's favorite color is pink and her fiance's is green, so those are the colors they are using for their wedding! so far, i really like the color combos with the varitey of greens and pinks. i'm really really excited to see the finished product, but i wont be done for a few weeks, so...yeah!

we also have a crop coming up tomorrow! I'm really excited about that! i'm always excited about our crops, they are way too much fun not to be excited! i usually get more done at these than i do at home. 6 hours of cropping with a bunch of other ladies doing the same? who wouldnt love that?

I must get going now, so until we meet again!

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i'm just gonna pop in really quick to let you folks know what's just in.

you know thise teeny teeny tiny tiny calendars? yeah? well, we got them in! we have three sizes, tiny, teeny, teeny-weeny. they make great stocking stuffers, so come check um out!

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control me

wanna know what i've been up to? yup, thought so...

we just got in a Bazzill cardstock order, and boy did it have some great colors in it! are you familiar with the color raisin? no? well, its a really great color because when you first look at it, it looks like, well, a raisin. but as soon as you lay it down with a nice pastel pink, it looks chocolate brown! then again, when you lay it down with a bright bright orange, it looks BLACK! its such a versatile color, because it goes with just everything!

speaking of color, i just love it! i love color matching my photos. what i looooooooooooooooooooove even more is finding that PERFECT paper to match my pictures. the other night, i pulled my mom into my craft area and ask her opinion on what papers go with what pictures. i ended up pulling out ALL the paper in my stash! the great thing was that i ended up matching my pictures with some pretty old paper. dont get me wrong, this isnt about only using your stash. what i mean is, i bought the paper the first time i saw it. i had no ideas for what i would use it for. low and behold an entire YEAR after i bought said paper, i found its soulmate in a photo. when you see a paper, or sticker or this or that, something you adore, make sure you pick it up. just because you dont feel right using it as soon as you get home, it doesnt mean you shouldnt get it. trust me, it comes in handy way down the line!

so last night i went to waikiki to watch a friend of mine dance polynesian at the Hilton. it was pretty nice, he's a good dancer (especially at hula). after that, we went back to our other friends house to eat and watch movies. the hula dancer was the one doing the cooking, and he made the best thing ever! there isnt a name for it because one of his other friends made it up, but its sort of like a malasada with out the sugar, but filled with chocolate! all he did was take that pillsbury biscuit dough and flatten it with his fingers. then he tucked a piece of hershey's chocolate in the middle and pinched the dough back together. then, he deep fryed it in a pot (a wok would work too) and he had it on a really low heat. after it turns golden brown on one side flip it over and brown the other side. when its done, put it on a few paper towels and lte it cool. it takes a few minutes to cool cuz the chocolate is pretty hot. after i tried the first one, i had him make me one with dark chocolate, and OMG it was so seductive!

hula dancer used the flaky kind of dough, so i'm not sure how it would turn out if you didnt. if you have a moment, you should try it. its really good. the chocolate is melty, and the dough inside cooks, but stays soft. you'll love it! i bet you could even use savory stuff in there too, like spinach and mushrooms! yum!

dang, all this talk is getting me ono now! i think i'm gonna go and get some food! see ya!

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what is wrong

What? whats going on? updates two days in a row? is everything ok??? hahaha, i know, weird right? updates 2 days in a is a miracle!

Just wanted to give you folks a preview of this Sunday's "Thanks" class. this is the sample, so enjoy it in all its sample-y goodness.

Also, not sure if you noticed the stuff page, but yeah, its there! I got a chance to update the class schedule, so if you want to mozy on over there, you can check out our class schedule for this month!

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i gave you

bloggity blog update!

alright alright, i know, i know! long time no see, i miss you too!!!

right now we are doing pre-orders for Cricut and Sizzix. you pre-pay for the die or cartridge that you want and we call you when we get it. what is so special about it? when you pre-order one, you save 15%, two, you save 20%, three or more you save 25%! the promotion ends november 9th, and it also includes the cricut machine too. so lets say you want to save 15% on a Cricut Expression, all you have to do is come to Scrapbook Heaven and pre-order it! or if you want to save 25%, all you do is pre-order the Cricut along with 2 cartridges and you can save 25% on the whole order! Feel free to give us a call at 680-9000 for any questions or if you'd like a price range.

I'm not sure how many of you saw our recent email newsletter, but we will be honoring competetor coupons from November 1st 2008 to December 31st 2008! See our store for details!

remember that post about all the projects i have going on? well, i got a chance to work on a few and i finally finished one! you know those felt flowers i told you about? well, here is a little bit of how i do them!

This is the little table top basket that i keep my supplies in. in here goes thread, floss, felt, pins, wire and a few more goodies. i usually layer all my flowers before i get started, just so i can get an idea of what the finished product will look like. color coordination really comes in handy with these flowers!

these two flowers are going to be pins and i chose the colors to go with a fall theme. one thing i have come to learn in doing these flowers is that buttons are really incredible things. if you use them incorrectly in even the slightest degree, they look HORRIBLE! but the moment you use them for something else (other than clothing) they look so awesome! the button in this next flower is a great example:

The button is made of wood and its really thick and kinda dirty looking. when i first bought it, i really didnt think id ever use it because it looked so bad! but when i was working on these autumn flowers, i pulled that one out and was amazed at how perfect it was for this flower! i stood back and looked at it and just couldnt believe that button was it. great things come in strange packages!

this next flower is another autumn themed one. its not as dark as the other one is, but trust me, when its done, it will be BEAUTIFUL!!!

this next one is featuring pinks and greens. looks cheerful huh? i like it. its almost princess like dont you think?

this last one is all pinks with a touch of white. this is going to be for breast cancer awareness. speak of which, i saw this banner on a website that had a pink awareness ribbon with a heart, and on the bottom it said, "Save the Ta-tas" i thought it was the funniest thing ever! i would love to get a tshirt that has that on it! i want to hurry up and finish this one. im excited for the outcome!

ok, now here are the pictures of my finished bouquet. its kinda small, i honestly wish it were bigger. but hey, its my first one! its not that i made a mistake, i'd just like it to be bigger. i learned a lot from this bouquet. the theme is Peacock by the way

Those are all my felt flowers. i'm trying to work on a citrus one, but i think i chose one particular color wrong. you see, i wanted to pick a light orange, almost peach, but i settled for a bright orange orange. its a nice color, but not with this theme. i'm really trying to like it, but i am not happy with it. i'm sure i'll finish it one day and show you! for now, you get to look at things i'm pleased with :)

i must be off, so i'll see ya when i see ya!

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lay around

So we sent out an email notice last night, hopefully you all got it already. if not, here's the gist:

Come in this Saturday and Sunday to participate in our pre-order weekend! Here’s how it works.

This weekend (11/1/2008 & 11/2/2008) come by Scrapbook Heaven and put in your pre-order of Sizzix Dies and Cricut Catridges! When you pre-order 1 item, you save 15%; when you pre-order 2 items, you save 20%; and if you pre-order 3 or more items, you save 25%!

If for some reason you cannot make it in to Scrapbook Heaven, never fear, you can participate too! Give us a call at 680-9000 and we’ll take your Visa or MasterCard information over the phone along with your pre-order!

**These are for existing products; payment will be taken upon order placement.

Doesnt that sound exciting? The promotion includes the Cricut machine too, so if you've been meaning to get one, now is the time to do so! If you have any questions feel free to give us a call: 680-9000. also, if you'd like to take a look at the cartridges available here's a link: Cricut Cartridges. Here is the link for the Sizzix dies: Sizzix.

A couple weeks ago, i went to a baby shower for one of my high school girlfriends and about an hour before the party, i totally forgot about a CARD!!! now usually i have a hard time with cards. i honestly think that i cant make a card to save my life, but miracle beyond all miracles, i made a decent one! here it is:
I couldnt decide which photo was better, so i put both! I used Bazzill cardstock, Heidi Grace baby paper, and distress ink. i can't remember where i got the stamp from or the ribbon. i was so glad that it came out okay, because how embarrassing would it be if i went to a baby shower and handed over the worlds ugliest handmade card? I DONT THINK SO!!! hahaha!

ok, i think i have harrassed you enough, talk to you soon!

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Alrighty now.... treasure hunt winners. lets see.... here they are!
in First Place, we have Jade Lau
in Second Place, we have Rendy Chow
in Third Place, we have Charleen Nishimura!

And here we have a list of the grab bag winners!

BJ Higashi
Bobbie Hanlon
Brenda Freitas Obregon
Carla Simao
Cassie Toyofuku
Cathy Young
Cheryl Maldonado
Claire Shirota
Claudia Morikawa
Coleen Morgan
Cori Kaneshiro
Corinne Toyama
Davilyn Koa
Dianne Sykes
Donna Tajiri
Elsielyn Singson
Glenda Uyehara
Grace Winchester
Helen Repolio
Irene Gerkewicz
Jamie Yashiki
Joanne Martin
Kalei Damon
Karen Bryant
Kathy Ikeda
Kelly Hauser
Leta Wakamatsu
Lia Carlos
Lisa Salazar
Lori Ohira
Mae Kuriyama
Maria Maurez
Melanie Bonite
Mona Tamayose
Nicole McLaws
Nielle Koa
Olivia Camara
Pat Liu
Pat Matsumoto
Pixie Castro
Roberta Mau
Senchal Chai
Sharon Fujimori
Shelly Christopher
Stephanie Nishimura
Tammy Tajiri
Tenney Ribellia
Tiare Lando
Toni Takahashi
Val Kobayashi
Zeny Lucey
Cersi Hanlon
Nicole Gray
Charlotte Nakagawa
Almarie Teruya
Diane Lam
Nancy Gowen
Carole Locquiao
Cherilyn Lai-Kadooka
Pamela Batt

Congratulations everyone!

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Hot and cold

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo k. time for an update!

This past weekend was the treasure hunt! How was it? did you enjoy yourself? I did! It was great to see so many new faces!!! Today is monday, so that means we close at 3pm. After i close up shop, i am heading to Ala Moana to hang out with some friends and then at 7pm, we have a meeting with PhotoCraft and A Place in Time, and we'll be pulling a winner! along with another winner! and one more winner! with a few more winners! for a total of 63 winners, granted its not the same "first place" prize. i see no first place, you guys are all winners in my book! As soon as we pull a name, I can go ahead and post it on here. i'm sure we'll be announcing it in the newsletters as well, so be sure to check for that!

We are working on the class schedule right now, looks like we'll be having 4 classes in November, along with 2 Star Light Star Bright Crops. We haven't worked out the dates yet, so hold your horses please! We'll send out dates in the newsletter, and i will post it on here when i can.

not sure if any of you noticed, but on the last page, i changed it to our "Stuff" page. i'm going to be posting our class schedule there, along with the crop dates. at the top of the stuff page, i changed the links up so that you can take a look at the stuff that tends to occupy my free time. The first link is PrincessLasertron. She is the coolest chick ever! She hand makes these custom felt bouquets (mostly for brides) and they are so beautiful! I loved them so much, i made an attempt at creating them myself! so if you ever see me working on them, she is the one who inspired me!

The next link is 2peas in a bucket. its the most unique site i have ever seen. It is an online scrapbook store, that has a message board to talk to other scrappers, a gallery to see other's work, and i think they have classes too. I mostly go there to chat on the message boards to see whats up in the scrapping world. i also roam the gallery to get ideas for projects and whatnot. if you have a spare moment, you should really check it out, its cool.

Then there is postsecret. i first heard about it when i was a senior in high school. my sociology teacher (by far the awesomest teacher ever) worked it into her lesson plan and i thought it was neat. i eventually forgot what the site was, but really wanted to find it again. about a year ago, when i first started working at borders, i was reshelving these books and happened to open one up. it turned out that the book was composed by the same guy that runs the site! so i found the site again and was content! the site is basically a display of postcards that anonymous people from around the world mail to the guy. each postcard is usually hand made and displays a secret of its creator. its basically a way to let out your deepest darkest secrets without anyone knowing who you are. i've thought about sending one myself. they only display a handful at a time and they change the postcards every sunday, so its become a "Start of my week" tradition. You really should take a look, it may change your life.

And the last link is to Big Picture Scrapbooking. They are the hosts of that onling class i'm taking. i've looked around at some of the other classes, and some are really awesome looking! some of them look really cool, but i cant really do them because they involve using more pictures than i have! i think they have a gallery there too.

alright, i must hele!

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one step

we just got our shipment of Bazzill, and it included lots of bling!!! it really does amaze me how much the bling papers add to a page. i was working on a page for the online class i'm taking, and i needed a certain shade of yellow. i draped all kinds of flat bazzill cardstock, but none of those seemed to make it pop the way i wanted it to. so i tried using bazzill's metallics...and BINGO! it was the absolute most perfect shade of yellow! its metallic just enough to make my page shimmer, and its the perfect shade to compliment both the photo and the printed paper! sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect shade in a flat paper, but when you turn to Bazzill Bling, it can end up being the perfect color that you never would have expected!

we also got in our american crafts order, with TONS of absolutely adorable stuff! i cant wait to sink my teeth into some of this stuff! it looks so delicious! (jeez, with the way im going on its sounds like we're talkin food here!) but really...we got the everyday collection, christmas and romance. we got the matching embellishments too, so be on the look out for those! oh yeah, remember thosse ribbon boxes we have the register? those ribbons are actually made to match with the paper and embellishments that go with each line! i dont know about you folks, but i loooooooooove ribbon! like, to the point where its scary. seriously. i have tons of ribbon. hooray!

we got a few corner punches, so if punches are your thing, be sure to stop by and check um out! we have a charming little tree where our corner punches hang out.

you know, sometimes i wish there were more hours in the day. i love scrapbooking, and i would love to do it all day long. even if its just touching my papers and looking at all my flowers and ribbon, i feel a little better. if there were more hours in the day, i could finish so many books! remember i told you about that online class im taking? well, it is starting to get away from me! i'm still doing pretty well with keeping up with it, so far i'm only a week behind, and i would love to keep on top of it. just by taking this class, my style has changed so much, and i like it! its like i scrap smarter. instead of printing out bunches of photos at once, i print out as needed (which spreads out the costs). i also select my papers better. i do color matching from photo to paper so that they compliment each other! by scrapping this way, it really opens my eyes to prints i never would have dreamed of falling in love with. i still do have "techniques" that are sort of my signature on the page, but my thought processes have morphed into a more productive being.

so far, i've gone through my stash and used up a bunch. i think i will always have a "reserve" of fabulous papers, but hey, thats what makes me a scrapbooker right? i will always love this hobby, no matter what. its fun, its fabulous, its mine!

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come on!

alright people! time to come to Scrapbook Heaven!

we are ready for you to come and check out the new goods! we have the imaginisce princess paper, its sooooooooo cute! i swear i love it to pieces, so those of you with little girls, get it while the gettins good! for right now, we just have the paper, we are awaiting the arrival of a few rubons, stamps and brads.

isn't that paper just darling? i love it! i was telling a few customers that one day, i would love to play Belle at the Disneyland theme park. i mean, come on, who wouldn't want to be a princess for a living?

you know, i really do enjoy seeing all your smiling faces. i don't see as many now days, so please, come to me! make my day, and smile for me!

what do you guys think of day time crops? 11am-5pm! we have enough room for three people and you could come and crop all day! its just like our night time crops so one would call to reserve the seat, it would be FREE and get use of our tool selection, and don't for 10% off! for the day time crops, we will not be providing refreshments, but you are more than welcome to bring some from home! From Monday 10/20/2008 to Thursday 10/23/2008 we will be having our new Daytime Crops! So call today and reserve your seat! 680-9000

speaking of crops....Saturday 10/25/2008 -free crop!!! 6pm to 12am, 7 seats, call to reserve your seat, as usual, use of tools, refreshments, shop 10% off. call 680-9000 today!

Alright folks, pau hana time and i must hele on home! i hope to hear my phone ring off the hook tomorrow!


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***forgot to mention*** we are now selling a few of our stackable paper trays!

have you ever heard of sailor glue? it comes as a felt marker type dispenser and its blue when the glue comes out. its a bit more watery than regular liquid glue (because it comes out of the felt tip) but it's formulated so that if you let it dry a bit, its repositionable or if you tack it down right away its permanent! we've had it before a loooooooooong time ago, but we finally got it back in! we had one from martha the was similar, but i think i like this one better!

for me, lately i've really been into embossing. be it dry or wet, i love it! i even tried double embossing, that's where you dry emboss a piece of cardstock and then take a watermark pen and rub it over the design. before it dries, pour on the embossing powder and then heat! it comes out really cool. i also really dig the clear embossing powder. there is so much you can do with it! i could go on and on about that stuff, but i dont want to BORE you, so...NEW TOPIC!

i'm not too sure if told you, but a couple of weeks ago, i signed up for an online scrapbook class. lately i've felt unmotivated and useless when it comes to my favorite hobby. signing up for this class has helped me out a lot! so far, i finished more pages in two weeks than i have in the past six months and it feels really good. it feels like my style has improved and i'm using up my stash at home (so i have an excuse to buy more hehehe). it makes me feel so happy to finally have MY hobby back! for so long its felt like this hobby got me by the neck, but now i feel so much more in control! i know that sounds kind of weird, but that's kinda how it was for me. i love having creative freedom, it makes my scrapbook pages look so much better!

i've also found a new love for thickers! before, i was very much opposed to buying alphabet stickers for fear of wasting all those letters, not anymore! thickers are so much more than just alphabet stickers. they make the page come alive! most of the ones we carry are glitter, but we do have some foiled ones on order. WAIT TILL YOU SEE THOSE!!!

i'd also love to know... what kind of classes do you guys like to take? layouts? cards? digital? chipboard? let me know! -send us an email!

i must take off, so i will talk to you later!

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ok sorry sorry sorry! i havent updated i know! here you go:

alright now whats new with Scrapbook Heaven... we just got in a shipment of new stuff!

we got Basic Grey's Urban Prairie and Granola! we got most of the papers and a few embellishments, they are to die for!!! check out Basic Grey's website to see the images of them. so the Urban Prairie has pink, yellow, blue and a few browns with butterflies and flowers. Its really great for anything girly!

DCWV has this ADORABLE new line called "Sweet" i swear it is the cutest thing ever!!! this is my fave from the collection (i got two!)

i have no idea what i am going to use it for, but dang! that has to be the cutest ever! the first time i saw this sweet selection, i swear i had an aneurysm. its on a nice weight of paper. its not too flimsy so its great to use on a birthday card and its got some glitter that adds a perfect touch!

Scor-Pal! i've never gotten a chance to use one myself, but i have heard that its great for cardmakers. all you do is place your paper or cardstock onto the platform and there are guides at the top that help you score perfectly in half!

If you've ever been into our store, you would know how much we looooooove ribbon. well. we just got more! American Crafts sells ribbon on these cute little mini spools and they are only a dollar! this months theme is christmas! it is to die for with all the little snowflakes and christmas cheer! there's one that's white satin with green polka dots on them, i'm not sure why, but it reminds me of candy canes. then when i think of candy canes i think of peppermint hot cocoa. THATS what puts me in a christmas mood!

so right at this moment as we speak i am at our Krop-toberfest!!! we're about 2 hours in and so far pretty good! i havent gotten any work done yet, but i wanted to fill you all in with news of our goodies! i'm going to working on this online class project. this is the first class i've ever taken and so far i'm liking it! i just have to make sure i keep up!

also, i just got word that we have doodlebug stuff on the way! i'm not sure when we'll be getting it, but when we do, i'll be sure to shoot you an update! we also have more bazzill cardstock on the way!

alright, imust get back to our crop, but until we meet again!

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you just might get it

omg! its been soooo long, but never fear, for i am here!!!!

alright, here is the image of my halloween collage class project. I posted it earlier on twopeasinabucket and they seemed to looove it!

i'm not sure how many of you are in a funk right now. i know that stress really affects the creativity in our lives and hobbies tend to take a back seat, but hobbies make us happy, thats why we do them. i have been a funk for a bit, but i signed up for an online class and its only the first week, but i feel so much better. being in this class pushes me to get stuff done. its allowing me to dig deep and find a good inspiration. if any of you are stuck in a funk, you really should try signing up for a class. you'd be amazed at how one little class can effect your whole mood!

Scrapbook Heaven is going through some great changes! some of you may know, we are re-doing the layout of our store, thats why its been a little topsy-turvy in here! We are hoping to make your shopping experience even more pleasant by making our store better for your movment. we all move to the beat of our drummer you know! so if you havent been in in a while, expect the unexpected!!!

we have our free Krop-toberfest on the 11th which is this Saturday, if you havent signed up, do it now! remember... its free! if you'd like, talk to your girlfriends, get them to come. bring your stuff, do your thang! its all in fun! as usual, at our crops, you get use of all of our tools including paper trimmers and die cut machines. if you want to sign up, give us a call at 680-9000 or email us at

we just got in the making memories "Spellbound" collection. so far, i looooooove it! Halloween is by far my favorite holiday and these papers are so great! one is a lacey style paper, it has pumpkins on it with the teeth cut out.

another is black and COVERED in glitter *awesome*

then there is one with an orange word background and black glitter on the border and it has a glittered crow on it.

then the one with the zig zag cut and news print background. its really simple, but so far its my fav of this season! these arent all the papers we got! we got a few more from Spellbound and we got our Sweet Cakes from DCWV
of course i had to grab two each for myself. *gosh, i love paper*
anyhoo... speaking of Halloween, i have no idea of what i want to do that night. trick or treating is not my thing and scary movies dont scare me too much. call me boring but i think i may just stay home and scrapbook until the wee hours of the morning! come to think of it, it sounds way more fun than dressing up... jeez how can this be my fav holiday if i dont do "halloween" stuff. well, i really love it because of its origins. the term "Halloween" is actually derived from "A Hallowed E'en" which is short for "A Hallowed Evening." Hallowed is another term for "Holy" and the reason its considered a Holy evening is because its the evening of a 2-day celebration that takes place until November 1st, also known as "All Saints Day" where one would celebrate the Saints.
not my intentions to get "religious" on you, just sharing a little bit of history and insight to my mind! thats why i love you guys, you are great listeners! I find it interesting how traditions change over the years. dont you?
oh! also, a little known fact: Benjamin Franklin (yes the inventor) was a scrapbooker. yep! he was! i also recently discovered that Katie Holmes (the girl thats now married to Tom Cruise) is a scrapbooker too! apparently she has an entire room in her house just for her hobby and she spends an average $3000 a month on scrapbook materials! now, a non-scrapbooker would never understand how one could spend that much money, in one month, nontheless. i think that if i had a craft room and the funding, i totally see spending that much a month! i mean, i am such a paper hoarder. i love paper.
until we meet again!

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words are only words

Sooooooo this month we will be having 2 classes. A scrapbook layout class and a home decor class. We have a looooooot of stuff going on this month, so here goes nothing!

first, we have a mini class on Saturday October 11th. what the heck is a mini class? ok, well if a make & take got together with a class and had a baby, that what a mini class is! stay tuned for more info on that!

second, we have KROP-TOBERFEST!!! we will be having a free crop on Saturday, October 11th from 6pm to 12am. we will be hosting up to 8 people, so call and reserve your seat today!

third, we have Make&Take Sunday! October 12th from 11am to 4pm! Make&Takes will be $3 each or 2 for $5, no need to make reservations for Make&Takes, just stop by!

October 17th is our scrapbook layout class, it costs $20 and starts at 6:30pm. See store for class sample.

October 18-19 we have a special promotion starting, stay tuned for more on that!

Friday, October 24th, we have our home decor class, a Halloween Collage! It costs $20 and starts at 6:30pm, see store for class sample.

October 24th-26th, we are having a special promotion, stay tuned for more an that!

Wow! that is one busy month! We have a lot going on, don't miss a minute! We also have tons and tons of new stuff on the way, so look out for notices on that. If you haven't been by Scrapbook Heaven in a while, come on by! We moved around the furniture so come and check it out!

We are starting a Sizzix Sale tomorrow! Its called the 3-5-8 sale. here's how it works: when you buy 3 Sizzix dies, you save 15%; when you buy 5 Sizzix dies, you save 20%; when you buy 8 Sizzix dies, you save 25%! The sale includes the Big Shot and cutting pads as well. If you have any questions on this, feel free to give us a call at 680-9000 or shoot us an email at the promotion starts on Friday 10/3/2008 and ends on Friday 10/17/2008. *some restrictions apply

this month is just packed with action huh? we should make a Scrapbook Heaven action figure. that would be kinda lame though, cuz it would be like a store front action figure, it wouldnt do anything! but if we had a scrapbooker action figure, that would be awesome! it could come with kung fu grip and a pair of titanium scissors! omg! it would be like barbie for grown ups! that would be really cool if they came up with a scrapbook barbie....

alright, enough of me, talk to you later!

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creative freedom

I know, i know, i said i was going to update yesterday with pics...i'm sorry! i got a really bad migraine yesterday and i ended up going home sick. i tried to update, but it didnt live up to my standards, my current projects: here they are!

so this is a topiary that i am working on. its made of 400+ prima flowers. its still a work in progress, so bear with me. i didnt get a picture of the pail that it is in, but thats ok, when this is all done i'll be sure to get a full length pic for it. it took a few hours to put all the flowers on, but so worth it, it looks really nice so far. i want to somehow include glitter on it.

this is a christmas tree made out of paper strips. i got the idea from a magazine, and it was pretty easy to make, the only thing is that the straight pins are absolute murder on the thumbs. i still have a bunch of work to do on this one, plus i have two more matching baby trees to make with it. i'm not really happy with it how it is, but in due time it will be perfect!

these are a bunch of flowers i made out of buttons and felt. for the felt, i just die cut them with sizzix dies and stitched on them. then i laced stem wire through each and twisted it to make the stem. very time consuming! i'm still trying to figure out hot i'm going to make them into a bouquet, so i'm on a break from those guys!

this is a pirate purse. the body is from creative imaginations as well as the paper. i used paint around the edges to get a dirty look. i havent decided what else to do to it yet, so this is how it will stay for a bit! i may end up using it just as storage for some of my jewelry. i dont wear anything super fancy, i usually get costume jewelry. any trip i make to tiffany's ends up being a gift for my mom (she's one lucky dog huh?)

this is a 11x14 frame. i got it at walmart for just 5 bucks. i saw an idea online of how to make a halloween version of this, but i wanted to make something i could hang up all year, so i came up with this. its black and white because i'm in the process of redoing my bedroom in a black and white theme. there is a bunch of printed paper cut up in there, but most of it is cardstock. in order to spice up the cardstock squares a bit, i hand made each one to be different. i embossed a few and inked them all, some even have die cuts on them! it was a really fun project and i love how it turned out. i'm thinking of doing something similar for a class this month, what do you think?

ok, i didnt make this, i bought it at pier 1. i looooove that store and i usually find it really expensive, but this trip around, i found lots of awesome stuff! this dress form is made out of wrought iron and stands about 2.5 feet tall. it only cost me $20, and i think that is a deal for something so beautiful and heavy duty! mom thinks i should use it to hang jewelry, but i say why cover up art? hahaha...moving on

this is la piece de resistance! my favorite part about my room. i have it hanging above my desk and never a day goes by without looking at it. its a collection of things that inspire me. some are just people that i know and love. some are my favorite pictures. some are photos that i took. i took a foam core board and covered it in printed paper. then i covered the edges in ribbon to hide the core. i selected my photos carefully and arranged them before i adhered them down. i printed out the title on my computer and voila! i didnt realize it at the time, but after i hung it, i noticed that the subject of each photo is looking at another photo on the board. very harry potter dont you think?

so those are my current projects. i know it seems like i never finish what i start, but sometimes i feel like if i'm too involved in a project, i cant see its proper ending. this way, i keep my inspiration from going stale.

i love to love the finish product. i love looking at the things i make and say "wow, i cannot believe that i made that." it warms my soul to be surrounded by beautiful things like art. i believe that everyone deserves to be surrounded by nice things, and that doesnt mean it has to be bought, sometimes its what you create.

i love you guys!

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Croppy Crop!

Sooooooo...... UPDATE!

Okay, well lets see...this was one action PACKED weekend i tell you! first, we had a class on Friday (that fall themed layout class) it was so much fun! Everyone left with such beautiful layouts!

Then was Saturday. We had our canned food drive that day. It turned out ok, we got some great donations! I also got a chance to re-arrange the store that day, i love it! New blog, why not have a new store layout? so heck yes! i re-arranged! and then there was CROP!

the crop was so great! i had a really really really good time! 6 hours of talking story, scrapping and plain old goofing around! i got a lot done actually. i havent felt that motivated in a while. its really amazing how being around crafty people can make you inspired to do so much! like many of you, i aspire to use my stash and i finally got a lot closer because of that awesome crop. also, thank jeebus that we are next to a starbucks because let me tell you, there is nothing quite like having their **awesome** pumpkin spice latte at 10pm! ok picture time!

So these are a few of the lovely ladies that attended our crop! From left to right we have Maegan, Natalie, Carol and Stephanie! If I remember correctly, Carol was working on some disney stuff (came out really cute!) Natalie was working on a bunch of different stuff from graduation, Stephanie was working on a really neat presentation board (featuring the ever popluar browns and blues color combo!) and Maegan was working on an awesome little holiday planner set!

work in progress!

This is Nicole. Nicole won some awesome stuff. She won it from the Scrapbook Heaven Croppy Crop. (hahaha, that sounded so "see spot run" right? i think so...) Nicole was working on her disney album too. She had one of those albums you buy at disney land, man i was so jealous! i really wanted one of those when we went, but i talked myself out of it :( Her book was really really cool!

I love our customers! they always make such awesome stuff!

Group Shot! left to right is Nicole, Carol, Nana, Natalie, Maegan and EmilieAn. Those are all the goodies they from us (hooray for goodies!) These are the ladies that ended up staying till midnight! That is one heck of a graveyard shift huh?

mom. and me. falling asleep. burning the midnight oil. after our long, awesome scrapbook-y day. yay for crops! let's do it again! We are soooooo having more crops! they are just too much fun! i love croppy crops! hip hip hooray!

So i've been forgetting to do this, but i'm going to take some pictures of the projects i've been working on and put them up here. a bunch of people have been asking, but i suffer from horrible brain flatulence and i can never remember to bring home our camera! so look forward to my pictures!

We just placed an order for some stuff. album and adhesives mostly. we had some special order items in there and i know we also have new stuff coming too. as soon as we get those things, i will let you folks know through the blog.

alright! thats all for now! enjoy! ooh, but while i'm at it...did you guys catch the premiers for Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy? or the ones for Desparate Housewives, Brothers and sisters? THEY WERE AMAZING!

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