come on!

alright people! time to come to Scrapbook Heaven!

we are ready for you to come and check out the new goods! we have the imaginisce princess paper, its sooooooooo cute! i swear i love it to pieces, so those of you with little girls, get it while the gettins good! for right now, we just have the paper, we are awaiting the arrival of a few rubons, stamps and brads.

isn't that paper just darling? i love it! i was telling a few customers that one day, i would love to play Belle at the Disneyland theme park. i mean, come on, who wouldn't want to be a princess for a living?

you know, i really do enjoy seeing all your smiling faces. i don't see as many now days, so please, come to me! make my day, and smile for me!

what do you guys think of day time crops? 11am-5pm! we have enough room for three people and you could come and crop all day! its just like our night time crops so one would call to reserve the seat, it would be FREE and get use of our tool selection, and don't for 10% off! for the day time crops, we will not be providing refreshments, but you are more than welcome to bring some from home! From Monday 10/20/2008 to Thursday 10/23/2008 we will be having our new Daytime Crops! So call today and reserve your seat! 680-9000

speaking of crops....Saturday 10/25/2008 -free crop!!! 6pm to 12am, 7 seats, call to reserve your seat, as usual, use of tools, refreshments, shop 10% off. call 680-9000 today!

Alright folks, pau hana time and i must hele on home! i hope to hear my phone ring off the hook tomorrow!


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