one step

we just got our shipment of Bazzill, and it included lots of bling!!! it really does amaze me how much the bling papers add to a page. i was working on a page for the online class i'm taking, and i needed a certain shade of yellow. i draped all kinds of flat bazzill cardstock, but none of those seemed to make it pop the way i wanted it to. so i tried using bazzill's metallics...and BINGO! it was the absolute most perfect shade of yellow! its metallic just enough to make my page shimmer, and its the perfect shade to compliment both the photo and the printed paper! sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect shade in a flat paper, but when you turn to Bazzill Bling, it can end up being the perfect color that you never would have expected!

we also got in our american crafts order, with TONS of absolutely adorable stuff! i cant wait to sink my teeth into some of this stuff! it looks so delicious! (jeez, with the way im going on its sounds like we're talkin food here!) but really...we got the everyday collection, christmas and romance. we got the matching embellishments too, so be on the look out for those! oh yeah, remember thosse ribbon boxes we have the register? those ribbons are actually made to match with the paper and embellishments that go with each line! i dont know about you folks, but i loooooooooove ribbon! like, to the point where its scary. seriously. i have tons of ribbon. hooray!

we got a few corner punches, so if punches are your thing, be sure to stop by and check um out! we have a charming little tree where our corner punches hang out.

you know, sometimes i wish there were more hours in the day. i love scrapbooking, and i would love to do it all day long. even if its just touching my papers and looking at all my flowers and ribbon, i feel a little better. if there were more hours in the day, i could finish so many books! remember i told you about that online class im taking? well, it is starting to get away from me! i'm still doing pretty well with keeping up with it, so far i'm only a week behind, and i would love to keep on top of it. just by taking this class, my style has changed so much, and i like it! its like i scrap smarter. instead of printing out bunches of photos at once, i print out as needed (which spreads out the costs). i also select my papers better. i do color matching from photo to paper so that they compliment each other! by scrapping this way, it really opens my eyes to prints i never would have dreamed of falling in love with. i still do have "techniques" that are sort of my signature on the page, but my thought processes have morphed into a more productive being.

so far, i've gone through my stash and used up a bunch. i think i will always have a "reserve" of fabulous papers, but hey, thats what makes me a scrapbooker right? i will always love this hobby, no matter what. its fun, its fabulous, its mine!

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