everyone wants

hey! i forgot to mention that this class:

starts at 3pm on Sunday February 8th. I put the date in the last entry, but i didnt put the time! oops!
see you later!

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how to

alright i have vacation pics!!!! first up we have my mom and me waiting for our American Crafts order to finish, in the first picture you can see Dave tallying up our numbers! the second one you can sort of see our winter coats, it was FREEZING in there!

then this one was when we ate lunch. everytime we go to one of these, the lunch tables are usually full so we never bother waiting for a seat. we always look for a little corner to make "camp" and eat. i like our little corners cuz its so cozy! by the way, before this pic was taken, i hadn't had a twix in forever. we got the king size and shared it

this was when we waited in line for Paris Hilton to arrive. She premiered her new craft line at the show; its very cutesy. she has a little bit of scrapbook stuff, some doll clothes and i think some sewing. if you look in the middle, you can see priya a little bit

and then of course you have Paris herself. she was almost an entire hour late, but we werent waiting for the whole hour anyway. she is a lot shorter than i thought she was, we're actually the same height!

at the EK Success booth, they had what was called a crafters challenge. basically, if you get picked, they sit you down 2 to a table, give you a pile of stuff and a half hour. which ever pair can make the best craft after the half hour, you win this trophy and keep the supplies. this lady that sat next to priya and me sort of copied our idea of turning a mini album into something else and ended up winning first place (even though our project was way cooler). mom won second with a page layout, priya and i won third with this "i love u" garland. we also got to keep the snazzy aprons

we are working on the class schedule for february, we are going to try an email that out tonight, so be on the lookout. here is the first couple shots of the class i am teaching on sunday the 8th. its a love themed mini album, and it costs $25. if you sign up by January 31st, you can save 10% off the class fee. if you'd like to sign up right now, we can take your Visa or Mastercard payment over the phone! 808-680-9000

when you come into Scrapbook Heaven today, don't forget to take a peek at the album in person!

enjoy the pictures!

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but its real

we're back! did you miss us? i missed you too! it was a nice short trip, but i'm glad to be home. we saw lots of great new stuff that we expect anytime now! i also wanted to say thank you to those who came in to say hello to my Dad, he really enjoyed running the store for a few days!

i'm really sorry that i have no pics for this post right now, we got in late in the evening and havent finished unpacking our things. hopefully tomorrow i will be able to post up some pictures!

we ended up being gone for only 4 days, but it was a nice little get away for us. The show didnt have as many people as it did last winter, but the vendors still had lots of pretty things! basic grey's release was gorgeous!

they had bittersweet (which is new, but didnt premier at the show)
lime rickey, its a very fun very bright color scheme that is great for almost any project. it features lots of primary and seondary colors and would be so fun for a little boy layout!
Marrakech has lots of blues and oranges. this collection is also very bright and would look great for any occasion. the blues are so cool, its like ocean water on a hot summer day!
Porcelain is a very gentle collection. its so soft and girly, with creamy pinks, ivory, chocolates and a splash of pistacio. it looks like the paper version of a banana split (ooh, now i am so ono for some ice cream! see what you did???)
and finally Wisteria. the color scheme for this collection is packed with purples and delicate shades of blue. with the little bit of ivory that peeks out, it becomes a charming combination that would look fabulous for a wedding! its funny, everytime i think about this collection, it reminds me of that show desperate housewives, the one with teri hatcher? i LOOOOOVE that show! i think its because the show takes place on Wisteria lane, get it :)

we should be getting 3 out of 5 collections in a few weeks, the other two will be shipping later on in a couple of months. either way, as soon as we get them in, i will be letting you know! so keep your eyes peeled!

also, do you remember the drippy goo punch from martha stewart crafts?
i borrowed this image from here. jogging your memory a bit? well back in october when they premiered this punch, it sold out very quickly and was not supposed to be made ever again. i even heard that it sold on ebay for $60 or so!
i have good news for goo fans: they're bringing it back! we have these on order, but they havent given us a ship date, so i DO NOT know when we will be getting them. i will post on here as soon as we get them.
i think thats all the news i have for now, so i guess i will talk to you later!

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it'll be okay

got some pics for ya! we got in our shipment of the Making Memories "Love Notes" Collection, we have papers

and lots of embellishments!

We also got in the Little Yellow Bicycle "Love Letters" Collection. It features lots of pinks and reds with hues of grey as an accented neutral. We will be using these papers for a love themed class next month. we haven't decided what we'll be making, but we did choose the papers for it! As soon as we have dates for next month, we'll let you know! take a peek at these for now:

a 12x12 paper stack of the collection for those of you who love it all! (i myself grabbed one of these babies!) it has two each of all their flat papers and it also includes cardstocks in coordinating colors.

a 6x6 paper pad is great for card makers because it is the shrunken version of the collection in one perfect little pad. some of the papers in this pad are cut with a decorative edge so your paper crafting can be (dare i say) edgy!
cardstock stickers to embellish, can be used for cards or scrapbooking, or both or neither, yeah you could eat it but it wouldnt taste good, the sky is the limit but just dont eat it! ;)

earlier i mentioned the paper pad, well it only includes the flat paper, this one is VELVET! touch it! touch your computer screen! yeah see, well it'll be flat when you touch your computer, but hey when you stop by today, feel it. touch it. appreciate its velvety goodness. its magical. really, it is.
we also got the open stock papers for those of you who just want a sheet or two. or if you hate all these papers except for the backside of one, yeah you heard right! they're double sided! these papers are fun they're a bit dirty, they're about lovey dovey love love and all that jazz. enjoy it!

and finally, we got a bunch of inks in. we got new inkpads and these little dewdrop INKPADS. they are the BEST thing on the planet because you can use them for stamping, distressing and whatever you can imagine an inkpad can do! the ones we got are chalk inks, so if you like chalkity chalk chalk, then these are the ones for you!

today is wednesday, we leave in 3 days! its gonna be great. lots of fun and pictures. i'm going to try and find out if they have an internet cafe there in the convention center. i think they did last time SO if thats the case, then i can update with my laptop while im there. so if you see an update between saturday and wednesday, then that means it worked! if not, then boo!
have a great day, scrap hard!

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i'm leavin' on a jetplane

I'm gonna keep this one short today, cuz i'm short on time, but i will most likely update tomorrow with a few pics.

so next week we will be at CHA in Anaheim. we leave this Saturday and get back on wednesday. i'm not sure if i'll be able to update while im there, but i will right before i leave. right now we have a bunch of new stuff for valentines day and a couple of springy things too!

we WILL be open while we are gone, daddy's gonna be takin over, so be sure to stop by and say hello!

i try to be back tomorrow, but i just stopped in to let you know that i am still alive!!!

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not this time

guess what? stuff!

new american crafts romance ribbon
rubons to go with the american crafts everyday collection
thickers! i love thickers!!
more romance paper
american crafts modern albums. these are d ring and have a chipboard covering so that you can customize the front! i used one of these for valentines day last year and let me tell you, these puppies can hold a lot! i ended up doing a year's worth of photos in one book, i think it was around 50-60 pages in one 6x6. wanna hear the story of the album? kay, here goes:
i had a friend from high school move to texas in the middle of senior year. we've kept contact and about a year after he moved, he told me how much he missed everyone and how badly he wished he could have been here to finish out the year. so for valentines day, i took all the pictures i had of the things he missed for that year and put it in an album so he wouldnt have missed a beat! it had things like senior prom, graduation, random days at school, funny inside jokes, pictures of his last day here... those are things you cant really get back, so i put them in an album for him so he could reminisce with me someday.
i've thought about making him a new one for this year that he missed. his birthday is coming up so i may do it then.
anyway, i must be going, but enjoy the pictures. better yet, come in and enjoy the real thing!! hahaha, have a great day!

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you cant give up

before i get started on this post, i want to let you know that the exclamation point on our keyboard is broken, so i have to end all my sentences with a period or question mark. if you could, please imagine this post with much more excitement, because i am usually not this bland. :)

alright, here are the photos of the Basic Grey Page of the Month kit. January 09's edition features the Ambrosia line, one of my favorites, which is lots of reds, oranges, blacks and greys. this class is on January 30th which is a friday and its $20. as of right now, we still have seats available.

the pictures are of our wonderful little puppies. the darker looking on is our girl Daphne, she is the most wonderful dog ever and she gives the best hugs (at least the best a dog can do) and the lighter one is our boy Scooby. he used to be really rotten, but now that he is a bit older, he's calmed down a lot. both are equally adorable.

also, don't forget about our mini book class, we have a few seats left for that as well. i havent mentioned our layout class. that class is on the 23rd at 6:30pm. its a great class for beginners, as we will be teaching you how to color match your photos to your paper. or for those of you trying to get back into the swing of things, this class would be lots of fun. the class will be based on one sketch, but since everyone has different photos, each student will leave with a different project. sounds like fun right? i think so.

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come on in

Check it out, i can put pictures today! these are the pictures of the mini album we are doing next week friday the 16th. if you can't tell, its valentine themed and great to give as a gift or to keep for yourself. It was designed so that you can put in one picture a day from february 1st to the 14th to stretch out all those days of love! i have the book here at the store, so when you come in later today, be sure to ask for it, its DARLING! ! ! ! !

i plan on taking this class. i didnt get a chance to take one of Distress Queen's classes a few years ago, but i got a chance to watch and she is lots of fun! if you can't make it in today to sign up, you can call us at 680-9000 with your credit card info to reserve a seat!

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I am a rock star.

new year, new blog. why not? this one is a lot easier to navigate than the last one. also, not sure if any of you saw that tagboard page on the old layout, but it got SPAMMED!!! and not the good kine spam that comes out of the can, the annoying kind that goes everywhere on the internet! oh, and fyi, i am a vegetarian so i don't eat spam, but back in the day when i ate meat, spam musubi was DA BOMB!!!! another bonus of this new blog, you can comment now, so have at it guys!

alright, lets get down to business. its 2009, the start of an EXCELLENT year! i believe its about 12 or 13 days until we have a new president? are those dates right? either way, that should be interesting. what else is going on... class shedule to the left there, also we have crops too. if you want the prices for any of those, feel free to call, 680-9000.

You know about the angel's club right? well, we have decided to have another club for the "hardcore" scrappers. well, maybe its not a whole new club, more like an upgrade! Here goes: its called the Archangels Club. For $40 a year you get use of competitor coupons, 10% off everyday, 40% off one item on your birthday, 1 free class per year, 50% off sale bin, quarterly member only sales. oh and you know those Angel Club coupons? those become 15% off! Feel free to call with questions.

Did you hear about that mini album class? well, i have the book in store, so today when you stop by, go ahead and ask to see it, you'll be glad you did! the project is called "14 days of Love" its taught by The Distress Queen. She is a great teacher who has taught with us before, but took a break to have 2 kids (she has a total of 3 boys, they are all the cutest kids ever. seriously, you have got to see their chubby little cheeks.) This project is featuring the American Crafts "Romance" collection.

I must be going for now, but i will be back later! try not to miss me too bad! :)

I will try to do more photos, but lately i haven't had our camera on me and i tried to add a few pictures today but blogger won't let me, i will try to add photos to this post later on this evening from my home computer.

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