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alright i have vacation pics!!!! first up we have my mom and me waiting for our American Crafts order to finish, in the first picture you can see Dave tallying up our numbers! the second one you can sort of see our winter coats, it was FREEZING in there!

then this one was when we ate lunch. everytime we go to one of these, the lunch tables are usually full so we never bother waiting for a seat. we always look for a little corner to make "camp" and eat. i like our little corners cuz its so cozy! by the way, before this pic was taken, i hadn't had a twix in forever. we got the king size and shared it

this was when we waited in line for Paris Hilton to arrive. She premiered her new craft line at the show; its very cutesy. she has a little bit of scrapbook stuff, some doll clothes and i think some sewing. if you look in the middle, you can see priya a little bit

and then of course you have Paris herself. she was almost an entire hour late, but we werent waiting for the whole hour anyway. she is a lot shorter than i thought she was, we're actually the same height!

at the EK Success booth, they had what was called a crafters challenge. basically, if you get picked, they sit you down 2 to a table, give you a pile of stuff and a half hour. which ever pair can make the best craft after the half hour, you win this trophy and keep the supplies. this lady that sat next to priya and me sort of copied our idea of turning a mini album into something else and ended up winning first place (even though our project was way cooler). mom won second with a page layout, priya and i won third with this "i love u" garland. we also got to keep the snazzy aprons

we are working on the class schedule for february, we are going to try an email that out tonight, so be on the lookout. here is the first couple shots of the class i am teaching on sunday the 8th. its a love themed mini album, and it costs $25. if you sign up by January 31st, you can save 10% off the class fee. if you'd like to sign up right now, we can take your Visa or Mastercard payment over the phone! 808-680-9000

when you come into Scrapbook Heaven today, don't forget to take a peek at the album in person!

enjoy the pictures!

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