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we're back! did you miss us? i missed you too! it was a nice short trip, but i'm glad to be home. we saw lots of great new stuff that we expect anytime now! i also wanted to say thank you to those who came in to say hello to my Dad, he really enjoyed running the store for a few days!

i'm really sorry that i have no pics for this post right now, we got in late in the evening and havent finished unpacking our things. hopefully tomorrow i will be able to post up some pictures!

we ended up being gone for only 4 days, but it was a nice little get away for us. The show didnt have as many people as it did last winter, but the vendors still had lots of pretty things! basic grey's release was gorgeous!

they had bittersweet (which is new, but didnt premier at the show)
lime rickey, its a very fun very bright color scheme that is great for almost any project. it features lots of primary and seondary colors and would be so fun for a little boy layout!
Marrakech has lots of blues and oranges. this collection is also very bright and would look great for any occasion. the blues are so cool, its like ocean water on a hot summer day!
Porcelain is a very gentle collection. its so soft and girly, with creamy pinks, ivory, chocolates and a splash of pistacio. it looks like the paper version of a banana split (ooh, now i am so ono for some ice cream! see what you did???)
and finally Wisteria. the color scheme for this collection is packed with purples and delicate shades of blue. with the little bit of ivory that peeks out, it becomes a charming combination that would look fabulous for a wedding! its funny, everytime i think about this collection, it reminds me of that show desperate housewives, the one with teri hatcher? i LOOOOOVE that show! i think its because the show takes place on Wisteria lane, get it :)

we should be getting 3 out of 5 collections in a few weeks, the other two will be shipping later on in a couple of months. either way, as soon as we get them in, i will be letting you know! so keep your eyes peeled!

also, do you remember the drippy goo punch from martha stewart crafts?
i borrowed this image from here. jogging your memory a bit? well back in october when they premiered this punch, it sold out very quickly and was not supposed to be made ever again. i even heard that it sold on ebay for $60 or so!
i have good news for goo fans: they're bringing it back! we have these on order, but they havent given us a ship date, so i DO NOT know when we will be getting them. i will post on here as soon as we get them.
i think thats all the news i have for now, so i guess i will talk to you later!

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