it'll be okay

got some pics for ya! we got in our shipment of the Making Memories "Love Notes" Collection, we have papers

and lots of embellishments!

We also got in the Little Yellow Bicycle "Love Letters" Collection. It features lots of pinks and reds with hues of grey as an accented neutral. We will be using these papers for a love themed class next month. we haven't decided what we'll be making, but we did choose the papers for it! As soon as we have dates for next month, we'll let you know! take a peek at these for now:

a 12x12 paper stack of the collection for those of you who love it all! (i myself grabbed one of these babies!) it has two each of all their flat papers and it also includes cardstocks in coordinating colors.

a 6x6 paper pad is great for card makers because it is the shrunken version of the collection in one perfect little pad. some of the papers in this pad are cut with a decorative edge so your paper crafting can be (dare i say) edgy!
cardstock stickers to embellish, can be used for cards or scrapbooking, or both or neither, yeah you could eat it but it wouldnt taste good, the sky is the limit but just dont eat it! ;)

earlier i mentioned the paper pad, well it only includes the flat paper, this one is VELVET! touch it! touch your computer screen! yeah see, well it'll be flat when you touch your computer, but hey when you stop by today, feel it. touch it. appreciate its velvety goodness. its magical. really, it is.
we also got the open stock papers for those of you who just want a sheet or two. or if you hate all these papers except for the backside of one, yeah you heard right! they're double sided! these papers are fun they're a bit dirty, they're about lovey dovey love love and all that jazz. enjoy it!

and finally, we got a bunch of inks in. we got new inkpads and these little dewdrop INKPADS. they are the BEST thing on the planet because you can use them for stamping, distressing and whatever you can imagine an inkpad can do! the ones we got are chalk inks, so if you like chalkity chalk chalk, then these are the ones for you!

today is wednesday, we leave in 3 days! its gonna be great. lots of fun and pictures. i'm going to try and find out if they have an internet cafe there in the convention center. i think they did last time SO if thats the case, then i can update with my laptop while im there. so if you see an update between saturday and wednesday, then that means it worked! if not, then boo!
have a great day, scrap hard!

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