you cant give up

before i get started on this post, i want to let you know that the exclamation point on our keyboard is broken, so i have to end all my sentences with a period or question mark. if you could, please imagine this post with much more excitement, because i am usually not this bland. :)

alright, here are the photos of the Basic Grey Page of the Month kit. January 09's edition features the Ambrosia line, one of my favorites, which is lots of reds, oranges, blacks and greys. this class is on January 30th which is a friday and its $20. as of right now, we still have seats available.

the pictures are of our wonderful little puppies. the darker looking on is our girl Daphne, she is the most wonderful dog ever and she gives the best hugs (at least the best a dog can do) and the lighter one is our boy Scooby. he used to be really rotten, but now that he is a bit older, he's calmed down a lot. both are equally adorable.

also, don't forget about our mini book class, we have a few seats left for that as well. i havent mentioned our layout class. that class is on the 23rd at 6:30pm. its a great class for beginners, as we will be teaching you how to color match your photos to your paper. or for those of you trying to get back into the swing of things, this class would be lots of fun. the class will be based on one sketch, but since everyone has different photos, each student will leave with a different project. sounds like fun right? i think so.

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