so whats new with you?

eskimo kisses embellishments!!! eskimo kisses is a new line from my favorite company, Basic Grey. Its a very bright and cheery line that has pinks, purples, blues, reds and greens coordinated very well in a christmas theme! we've had the paper for a couple weeks and we just got the embellishments! check um out:

first we have the ADORABLE clear stamps! i love these two eskimo kids, they are so so cute!

epoxy stickers! these are great for card makers because they have quite a few holiday sentiments and they are the perfect size to embellish a card!

pops! pops are basically a dimensional sticker that add a nice POP to your paper crafting!
chipboard stickers!!!! i looooooooove chipboard! especially when its already prettied for you...ok i know "prettied" probably isnt a word, but if it were it would be the perfect word for that sentence right?
rubons rubons rubons! i've said it before, but i cannot get enough rubons! these rubon books that basic grey makes are great because there are tons of designs in one little book!
the collection pack: one sheet of each design, plus a sheet of stickers and a sheet of alphas!
card kit! this card kit is a really great way to jump start your creativity. it comes with the ingredients and step by step instructions on how to make 8 fabulous cards!

we just got these in, they are fresh onto the shelves! if you'd like any of these items feel free to stop by Scrapbook Heaven!
the embellishments for indian summer and eerie are on backorder right now, so stay tuned for more info on those!

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this weekend was...

ABSOLUTELY INSANE!!!!!! friday was off the wall with the make and takes and the coupon we had....saturday was crazy from the moment we opened until we closed....sunday went by like the blink of an eye and now its monday!

ok this post is gonna be mostly unscrap related, but i am so excited about it, i'm just telling everyone!!! my concert on friday was a blast!!!! i went with a few of my friends to see "Taking Back Sunday"

here are my friends Reo and Kainoa:

and katrina. katrina is the one who bought my ticket; i was so loving her that night!

then after the show was done i got to meet some of the band!!!! here's the bass player, Matt Rubano. he plays bass so well, i just loved watching him play!

and the singer Adam Lazzara! i cant believe i got to meet him! it was so awesome! he has such a great stage presence, he is super funny, very lively and excited but in person he came off quite shy. i thought it was very endearing!
i love this picture so much, i swear i must have looked at it a million times since friday! i cant wait to scrap it!

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exciting day today!!!!

today is going to be an exciting day!!!!!!!!!! its friday the 25th of september, and we have make and takes from 10am to 4pm! you dont have to reserve a time, simply come on down to Scrapbook Heaven! We are making a notebook cover in a christmas theme!

why else is today exciting???? i have more pics to show you! remember the 8x8 album i'm making with only a few sheets of printed paper? yeah that one! i have it finished! take a look:

this is my first page. i didnt intend for it to look like daphne was smelling the flower, but when my mom looked at it she said, "Hey! she's sniffing a flower!" so i guess from now on if anyone asks, i made it that way ;) i kept a simple patterned background and glued the picture down on an angle. after i glued the picture down, i added a rubon and the chipboard flourish and finished it with a fat layered flower!

i think i already showed this layout but i wanna show again :) this one is a pretty easy page to put together. i started off with my 2 background pages, added some vine paper, a half circle and arranged my photos!

i know for sure i showed this layout last time, but i added some goodies to it! i put some flowers and a pretty rubon in the corner. i didnt know until recently that rubons have a shelf life! eek! i i am trying to use up my giant stash of rubons before they all go bad!

for this one, i did add the flowers and a die cut bird, but i dont know how much i like that bird...

i had a hard time arranging the photos for this one. i kinda wanted it to look like bubbles, but it didnt really turn out that way...i'm thinking maybe if i add another circle with journaling it would be ok? what do you think?

this page is missing something. im not sure what, but i know its missing. whenever i get this way about a project, i stop in my tracks. if you keep going when you arent inspired anymore, it can ruin your projects. i think this is as far as i can get, i just cant see it!
this page is definetly one of the more simple ones that ive done. usually i have a printed paper dominating the page, but i felt this one deserved a more simple grace.

this layout was inspired by 2 different 12x12 sketches. when i first discovered the concept of sketches, i didnt really get it. after playing around with them a few times, i can to discover that sketches are like skeletons, you just fill in the blanks!

this layout took basically no time. its just squares, a picture and a rubon. not to exciting...

and there we go! after all the thickness and layers of each page, my book is about 2 inches thick! im so happy that i finally got this book done! i've been working on it for so long! i think i just needed the right paper and a good chunk of inspiration!
and the final reason for todays excitement: MY FAVORITE BAND IS HERE!!!! theyre called "Taking Back Sunday" and theyre a rock band from the mainland that is playing at pipeline tonight. im soooooooo excited!!!! seriously, im so excited that im gripping my pencil much more agressive than i should!
i have to be going, lots to do today! see you later gator!

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email coupon!!!

hey guys! if you get our emails, go check your inbox! we sent you a goodie!!!!

this is gonna be a short one, i gots lots of work to do, so i'll see you later!

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classes this week 9/18 and 9/20

hey! how are you this morning? im lovely!

i was finally able to finish the sample for sunday's class and i got a picture of friday's class. first up is the friday class. we'll be using k&company fall themed paper and bazzill cardstock. i'm going to teach how to use the cricut, acrylic stamps and a few distressing techniques. here's the sample:

its a two page layout that can easily be turned into 2-one page layouts.

if you want to take this class but arent a fan of the papers or color scheme, just let me know and i'd be happy to help you choose some different papers! to sign up for this class, we can take your visa/mastercard over the phone or feel free to stop by! this class is $20.

and we have sunday's class! i know it was kinda hard to "get" the project without seeing a picture, so here you go! we'll be using black and white papers and you get to choose a third color to work into the project. i used teal in the sample.

a black, white and pink album would be really cute! i've also seen some black, white and red projects that look really great and also a black, white and lilac combo looks very elegant. this class is $25.

i have both of these class samples in the store so if you'd like to take a closer look...come on by! also, if these class dates or times dont work for you, you should think about taking a custom class! there's no additional fee and we help you to pick a time that works for you! give us a call for more info!
see you later!

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finally an update! i know, i've been bad...does it help if i said i was thinking of you??? i have been working on so much stuff that time seems to just run through my fingers!

Remember that survey we had? It was a small, just a few questions about stamping (prefered brands, inks and accessories). we pulled the winner and here she is! this is Kim K. and she was the lucky winner of our survey! Congrats Kim!

we are still going over the survey replies and have looked into several of the recommended companies. since so many people requested Hero Arts, we just had to bring in some of their adorable holiday stamps!!

here's the wood stamps:
and our display of clear stamps! hero arts came out with a bunch of mini stamps paired with some rhinestones. you can see them in the picture; they're the ones on the top row towards the right (in the red orange and green packaging). you can also see some of our new inkdinkado stamps on the left side! i love inka's clear stamps, they come out so well when you stamp them!

how much do you guys love prima flowers? TONS? ME TOO!! i swear, i put prima's on every single page i do! i can't resist them! we just got a bunch in and they are at a really good price too. come check um out!
i loooove new stuff! we have basic grey's 3 newest lines! eerie is on the left, indian summer in the middle and eskimo kisses on the right.
here i have images of my favorite papers from each line. first i must say that indian summer has to be my favorite line of paper of ALL TIME. i kid you not, this line is so beautiful that i know i dont have photos that would do it justice! the colors are great for fall but so timeless that you could you it for anything! who would have thought to use pink & purple with orange & brown for fall??? here's my favorite paper:
eskimo kisses is a very cute collection! with little houses and eskimo kids in a very rich holiday color combination. this line is double sided with most of the backsides having a generic flourish design so you can really use it for absolutely everything!

and we have eerie, basic grey's first halloween collection. when i first heard that basic grey was coming out with a halloween line, i practically passed out. i have always been a huge fan of basic grey and of halloween paper (i hoard both) and when i saw this line in person, i knew i was going to have to add it to my collection! this line is also double sided.

i have 2 classes this week. one is this friday the 18th and the second is on sunday the 20th.
friday's class is a scrapbook layout class where i'll be teaching distressing techniques, how to use the cricut, and stamping with acrylic stamps. i have the finished sample in store if you'd like to take a look. its using the new fall line from k&company:
sunday's class is a chipboard album. you know those fabulous word albums that we make? each page is a letter and when the album is closed it spells something out. out project will be using an "I [heart] YOU" album. [heart] symbolizes an actual heart shape which i dont have on my keyboard :) we will be using black and white papers and the student gets to choose a 3rd color to go in the album. my sample will be using black, white and teal. its going to be fabulous! i still have room in both of these classes.
i'll see you guys later!

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Hey guys! i just wanted to pop in and let you know that i will be working on the website today, so its gonna be a little wonky for a bit. after careful consideration, we will no longer be able to have an online store. i will be fixing the site to be informational with a dash of fun! i'll let you know as soon as it is up!

take care!

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Happy Labor Day!

Aloha Scrapbookers!
As we said in our latest email, Scrapbook Heaven will be closed for the Labor Day Holiday, Monday September 7th.

We are going to spend the day at the Honolulu Zoo today! Haven't done that in years so it will be lots of fun! Lots of pictures to put in new scrapbooks too!

We will resume normal store hours tomorrow...Remember tomorrow is Tuesday, double points day! Get 2 points for every dollar you spend and get more Angel's Club coupons!

Also, we do have lots of the new Basic Grey papers in, so you might want to stop by and pick them up while supplies last!!

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Guess what?!

Basic Grey just walked in my door!!!!! woo hoo!!!! im talkin Eerie, Indian Summer and Eskimo Kisses baby!!!!! i just finished putting them out and let me tell you, they are too die for!!!!

just wanted to nip in and let you know! talk to you later!!

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new layouts i've actually COMPLETED!!!

remember that crop i was telling you about? the one that was last friday night? yeah that one! well...during those six hours, this is what i came up with!

i've been working on an 8x8 album for my dog Daphne. i used some paper from my stash and i bought tons of cardstock to go with it. now, the design for this album is sort of based around the amount of printed paper that i have. i wanted to challenge myself because the collection is no longer available and i want a cheaper way to handle my hobby. i basically have 9 double-sided printed papers and a sheet of coordinating die cuts; i use the cardstock to "water down" my printed paper.

for those of you who wonder what double-sided paper is for, here's how i use it: when i'm challenging myself to use a limited number of sheets for a project like this, double-sided paper is a way for me to get twice as many prints with the same amount of paper. i used "bloom & grow" by my mind's eye and about 20 sheets of bazzill cardstock. i also threw in a few stash things like ribbons, flowers and a few brads.

ok...i loaded the pics on here in reverse order, so i'm gonna walk you through my album backwards! fun right??? this is the page i finished last; you can tell because i didnt put the pictures in. why didnt i put the pics in as i went? well i felt inspiration strike and i couldnt find my pack pf photos!

this layout has some bazzill cardstock as a background, and some stamping to embellish. i put flourishes in opposite corners and i inked the egdes all around. then i arranged my photo spots and flowers. the journaling spot on the left page went in last. if it seems a little plain to you, i agree! i wanna try to use some of thos die cuts, but havent figured out what im going to do yet. you'll probably see it when the whole album is done :)

and next we have a layout that was inspired by a 12x12 that my mom did! i didnt realize until another customer pointed it out, but i do a loooooooot of circles in my layouts! i'm not sure why; it just feels right...anyhoo! can you see the teal polkadot paper? thats the backside of another stripe paper. i thought that the vine paper had a nice stripe feel so rather than adding a second stripe, i flipped the paper over to use the dots! (dots are another version of my circle obsession!)

if any of you are looking for an affordable circle cutting solution, you should pick up a compass (you know, those things from geometry class!!) you can make size circle up to 12 or 13 inches. what i do is select my circle size, trace on the backside of my paper, cut with scissors (mine are spring action) and scrape the edge to cover up the boo boos. ooh and some ink too!

this layout is ok...i cant figure out what it needs...what do you think?

more circles! i borrowed the background for this one too but the photo layout is totally original! the rubon is from basic grey and it goes so perfectly!!! i had it in my stash for about 2 years and decided to use it because i recently learned that rubons have a shelf life!!! im not sure exactly how long it is, i magine it varies from brand to brand, but its not forever! so break out those rubons and put um to use!

the last stop on our journey: the first page! this is a layout i have done 1683523598989 times, but i cant stop! have you ever created a page that was so perfect you had to make more and more and more?? thats this one for me! my mom seems to think it needs more flowers to be finished... what do you think? maybe a title? i'll most likely do hidden journaling on the back of the page (i have messy handwriting so this works great for me!)
these photos are from when my baby girl was only a month old! she was so little and perfect! well, she's still perfect but not as little! she turns 5 this month :)
my dad really wants to take her hiking one of these days...we just have to wait for good weather! believe me, when we do go, i'm taking oooooodles of pictures!
before i go, i really want to share this silly picture of shaggy! he was goofing around the other day, playing with his ball and chewing on everything...and suddenly he stops and looks up at mom just like this:
he pinned his own ears back! isnt that cute??? hahaha he looks like he got a hair cut!

alright everyone! i must be going, but thanks for stopping by! have a fabulous day!!

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