exciting day today!!!!

today is going to be an exciting day!!!!!!!!!! its friday the 25th of september, and we have make and takes from 10am to 4pm! you dont have to reserve a time, simply come on down to Scrapbook Heaven! We are making a notebook cover in a christmas theme!

why else is today exciting???? i have more pics to show you! remember the 8x8 album i'm making with only a few sheets of printed paper? yeah that one! i have it finished! take a look:

this is my first page. i didnt intend for it to look like daphne was smelling the flower, but when my mom looked at it she said, "Hey! she's sniffing a flower!" so i guess from now on if anyone asks, i made it that way ;) i kept a simple patterned background and glued the picture down on an angle. after i glued the picture down, i added a rubon and the chipboard flourish and finished it with a fat layered flower!

i think i already showed this layout but i wanna show again :) this one is a pretty easy page to put together. i started off with my 2 background pages, added some vine paper, a half circle and arranged my photos!

i know for sure i showed this layout last time, but i added some goodies to it! i put some flowers and a pretty rubon in the corner. i didnt know until recently that rubons have a shelf life! eek! i know....so i am trying to use up my giant stash of rubons before they all go bad!

for this one, i did add the flowers and a die cut bird, but i dont know how much i like that bird...

i had a hard time arranging the photos for this one. i kinda wanted it to look like bubbles, but it didnt really turn out that way...i'm thinking maybe if i add another circle with journaling it would be ok? what do you think?

this page is missing something. im not sure what, but i know its missing. whenever i get this way about a project, i stop in my tracks. if you keep going when you arent inspired anymore, it can ruin your projects. i think this is as far as i can get, i just cant see it!
this page is definetly one of the more simple ones that ive done. usually i have a printed paper dominating the page, but i felt this one deserved a more simple grace.

this layout was inspired by 2 different 12x12 sketches. when i first discovered the concept of sketches, i didnt really get it. after playing around with them a few times, i can to discover that sketches are like skeletons, you just fill in the blanks!

this layout took basically no time. its just squares, a picture and a rubon. not to exciting...

and there we go! after all the thickness and layers of each page, my book is about 2 inches thick! im so happy that i finally got this book done! i've been working on it for so long! i think i just needed the right paper and a good chunk of inspiration!
and the final reason for todays excitement: MY FAVORITE BAND IS HERE!!!! theyre called "Taking Back Sunday" and theyre a rock band from the mainland that is playing at pipeline tonight. im soooooooo excited!!!! seriously, im so excited that im gripping my pencil much more agressive than i should!
i have to be going, lots to do today! see you later gator!

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