new layouts i've actually COMPLETED!!!

remember that crop i was telling you about? the one that was last friday night? yeah that one! well...during those six hours, this is what i came up with!

i've been working on an 8x8 album for my dog Daphne. i used some paper from my stash and i bought tons of cardstock to go with it. now, the design for this album is sort of based around the amount of printed paper that i have. i wanted to challenge myself because the collection is no longer available and i want a cheaper way to handle my hobby. i basically have 9 double-sided printed papers and a sheet of coordinating die cuts; i use the cardstock to "water down" my printed paper.

for those of you who wonder what double-sided paper is for, here's how i use it: when i'm challenging myself to use a limited number of sheets for a project like this, double-sided paper is a way for me to get twice as many prints with the same amount of paper. i used "bloom & grow" by my mind's eye and about 20 sheets of bazzill cardstock. i also threw in a few stash things like ribbons, flowers and a few brads.

ok...i loaded the pics on here in reverse order, so i'm gonna walk you through my album backwards! fun right??? this is the page i finished last; you can tell because i didnt put the pictures in. why didnt i put the pics in as i went? well i felt inspiration strike and i couldnt find my pack pf photos!

this layout has some bazzill cardstock as a background, and some stamping to embellish. i put flourishes in opposite corners and i inked the egdes all around. then i arranged my photo spots and flowers. the journaling spot on the left page went in last. if it seems a little plain to you, i agree! i wanna try to use some of thos die cuts, but havent figured out what im going to do yet. you'll probably see it when the whole album is done :)

and next we have a layout that was inspired by a 12x12 that my mom did! i didnt realize until another customer pointed it out, but i do a loooooooot of circles in my layouts! i'm not sure why; it just feels right...anyhoo! can you see the teal polkadot paper? thats the backside of another stripe paper. i thought that the vine paper had a nice stripe feel so rather than adding a second stripe, i flipped the paper over to use the dots! (dots are another version of my circle obsession!)

if any of you are looking for an affordable circle cutting solution, you should pick up a compass (you know, those things from geometry class!!) you can make size circle up to 12 or 13 inches. what i do is select my circle size, trace on the backside of my paper, cut with scissors (mine are spring action) and scrape the edge to cover up the boo boos. ooh and some ink too!

this layout is ok...i cant figure out what it needs...what do you think?

more circles! i borrowed the background for this one too but the photo layout is totally original! the rubon is from basic grey and it goes so perfectly!!! i had it in my stash for about 2 years and decided to use it because i recently learned that rubons have a shelf life!!! im not sure exactly how long it is, i magine it varies from brand to brand, but its not forever! so break out those rubons and put um to use!

the last stop on our journey: the first page! this is a layout i have done 1683523598989 times, but i cant stop! have you ever created a page that was so perfect you had to make more and more and more?? thats this one for me! my mom seems to think it needs more flowers to be finished... what do you think? maybe a title? i'll most likely do hidden journaling on the back of the page (i have messy handwriting so this works great for me!)
these photos are from when my baby girl was only a month old! she was so little and perfect! well, she's still perfect but not as little! she turns 5 this month :)
my dad really wants to take her hiking one of these days...we just have to wait for good weather! believe me, when we do go, i'm taking oooooodles of pictures!
before i go, i really want to share this silly picture of shaggy! he was goofing around the other day, playing with his ball and chewing on everything...and suddenly he stops and looks up at mom just like this:
he pinned his own ears back! isnt that cute??? hahaha he looks like he got a hair cut!

alright everyone! i must be going, but thanks for stopping by! have a fabulous day!!

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