just for jamie!

i'm gonna start this post off with a trip through my crop bag. fun huh??? last saturday was our most recent crop and i still haven't unpacked my bag yet. this bag is just like the rest of my scrappy stuff at home: a complete un-organized mess. here we go!

first, this is what i see when i look into my crop bag. its not a very huge bag because i dont like to haul my whole stash when i crop. i can fit a chunky stack of paper, some ink and whatever embellishments.

and next we have the stack of paper i grabbed before i left my house. i mostly selected my papers at random, but i kept in mind that the photos i was gonna scrap had a lot of reds and browns. i like to match my paper to my photos because the colors in the paper will bring out the colors in my photos. i happened to have lots of basic grey in this stack :)

and here are the random embellishments to go with my random papers. i believe they are all die cut titles from My Mind's Eye, as well as some of their rubons. i only ended up using one die cut title because the rest didn't match what i was doing that night. i think this pile of stuff was much more random than my paper.
omg! the ribbon! my favorite part!!! i tell people all the time how much i love ribbon. i love ribbon so much that i will buy tons of it and display it in jars in my room so that everyone who comes to see me will see how much i love ribbon. whats the problem with that? I NEVER USE IT! its not that i dont want to, its just that its soooooo hard to cut up something so pretty!!! luckily, i spent about 20 minutes going through my ribbon stash to select pretty ribbons that i swore i would cut up and use! and i did! i used a lot actually...and i still have more to do! see that chunky red one? i need it in order to finish this page ive been owrking on...

and here is a pic of my favorite tool ever, the edge scraper. you slip your paper into that crack and run the tool up and down the edge of your paper to rough up the edges. i have used this bad boy so hard that i have to throw it away :( theres a little blade in between the 2 plastic pieces and i noticed that the blade chipped away. thats alright, i've gotten a new one!
my embossing folders. they are from cuttlebug, but i use them in my big shot. i have used them for pretty much everything but cards. my favorite thing to do with them is to emboss the image on a plain solid cardstock and ink it with paint, chalk or ink. when i was working on a halloween project, i embossed the haunted house folder on a piece of metal and colored it with black paint. IT CAME OUT SOOO COOL!! i just might show you one day :)
and the last item in my crop bag is my nail file. this is really a scrappy girl's best friend! rather than using a "scrapper's sanding block" i use a walmart mail file. what's the difference? about $4. i got this mail file in a 2-pack for one dollar. plus its pretty!

so that was my crop bag. when i finish the pages i worked on, i'll post them so you can see :)
how many of you voted in the poll? it closed on monday, and the result was a paper bag album! here is a teaser of the sample:
it features the june bug line from basic grey; lots of fun bright colors, flowers, polka dots and bottons!
you guys know bead girl right? well, she sent me this pic in an email! bead girl did our plaque make and take a couple of months ago and ever since, she's been making them like crazy! the picture is of one her friend made, isnt it so cute??
i'm loving all that bling! thanks for sharing jamie!

Are you ready to rock?! Scrapbook Heaven is giving away tickets to "No Doubt" live in concert! Award winning rock band "No Doubt" is coming on Wednesday, August 12th to the Blaisdell Center, and you can enter to win 2 tickets to see them! check out our website for details!

and before i go, here is a little clue about what you'll see next time! see you later!

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there's no surprise

hey do you remember those marth border punches i was telling you about??? i know you do! well guess what? THEY CAME IN FINALLY!!!! when i saw that box, i about died with excitement!!! i looooooooooooooved these new punches from the moment i saw them in my email a few months ago and now that they are finally here i am so eager to use them on everything!! check um out!

first we have the borders and corners that work together. the corner punch and the border punch are sold separately. when you purchase one of these punches, i'll go ahead and give you a demo so you wont be confused when you go home and play!
this lacey loopy number is so cute! its designed to be a christmas edger, but i say that it would be so adorable for a little girls page! it would also make a lovely wedding page or a fabulous baby card!
and the snow flurry set is so beautiful! i love how intricate the little flakes are! imagine how delicious this frost will look when its punched out on a diamond bling paper!
and we have my personal favorite, the spider web!!! i bought myself this punch as soon as it came outta the box and believe me, i already tried it out! i punched out an entire 12x12 with this punch and it looks so pretty! i know that sounds kinda weird, but the only 12x12 cardstock i had around was a really pale lavendar. i just figured, why not? its just practice anyhoo!!! so went on my merry way, punching my paper! i think because it was such an elegant color, it made it look more lacey and pretty than gross and spidery. i can show you when you come in!
so those were the corner & border punches, here are the new borders! the great thing about these new border punches is that they fold up to stand up by themselves and they store better!

i love these little mice! they'd be great for a kitty page!
the pumpkins are cool! i've never gone to a pumpkin patch before, but maybe one day i'll hit a real one in the mainland! if you punch out a bunch of these in different oranges and layer them, it makes for a very beautiful pumpkin patch!
the spooky tombstones! i love pretty much anything halloween and i believe it's also martha's favorite holiday (who knew??) so this punch is going to make a great addition to my collection!
next we have the infamous drippy goo punch! i have seen sooo many cute samples with this punch, its unbelievable! you can use it as an icky border for a page; edge your goodie-bag toppers, deck-out the edge of a scary holiday card and so much more! i've also seen it used as frosting on a cake, drippy ice cream and as candy!

i am loving this forest punch! this is another one that i like to make layers with. punch it out with a bunch of greens and you can frost the tip with a white pen or a shimmery white inkpad.
i'm not sure what it is about this frosty villiage border that i love so much! maybe its the tiny houses or that little church, whatever it is, i cant resist!
and finally we have the icicle punch! it looks so beautiful punched out with a shimmery white vellum! but i've also noticed that it makes great grass! yet again, i punch it out in different greens and layer them for a really full look. i've even seen it used as frankenstein hair! the possibilities really are endless!

and here we have a couple more punches! one is a corner punch with bats! and the other is a beautiful snowflake shape punch!
if you'd like any of these punches, feel free to give us a call at 680-9000. we take visa and mastercard over the phone, or we can hold them until the end of the next day.
I'll see you later!!!

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step one

today is monday the 20th of july, and it surely is a gorgeous day outside!!! the sun is shining and the clouds are fluffy and white, so its a great day to shop at Scrapbook Heaven :)

for those of you who haven't yet checked your email: shame on you; for those of you who have, tomorrow is the last day to use that FABULOUS coupon i emailed out! if you have friends who arent on our email list, feel free to forward the coupon to them too, i'm sure they'd love to save on their scrappy supplies too!

another great thing about tuesdays is that they are double punch days! thats right! you get twice the Angel points for shopping on tuesdays! when you get twice the Angel points, you get your Angel coupons in half the time! have no idea what i'm talking about? take a look at the far left of our blog, and you can read all about our Angel's club! trust me folks, you're gonna wanna get some Angel coupons because we are putting together a special promotion for August using these wonderful coupons!

we're also putting together our class schedule for august and i STILL cant decide what to teach! since i cant decide, i put a poll on the left side of the blog, so you can go and vote for what i should teach! you dont have to do anything to vote, just click! vote as many times as you like, the poll will close next monday the 27th.

i also wanted to say thanks to all of you who stopped by over this last week! you all made my week so much better! i hope to see a few more of you tomorrow!!!

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ive got a feeling

hi! how are you? good? thats good! how many of you are familiar with eggsactly? A friend of ours makes these gorgeous eggs and he posts them on his website. He does them to order, and he works very closely with the customer so that each egg is deeply personal and one of a kind.
using all kinds of eggs, from goose to ostrich he dies each egg by hand! depending on the design, these eggs can take anywhere from 3 to 80 hours of labor! so why am i telling you about these eggs? well we were lucky enough to get our friend to teach an egg class here at the store! we are currently putting our August schedule together, so be on the lookout for that email!
so what else is up? its raining....and rain is kinda sad....but if you think about it, the rain is good because then all the beautiful flora and fauna that make our aina so great get watered and nourished! gosh...lets not talk about the weather, thats a topic reserved for small talk between aquaintances! and lets face it, we're more than that!!!
today is saturday, and i have a crop tonight! it feels like forever since we've had one! crops are one of my favorite things to do here at Scrapbook Heaven because not only do you get to finish your scrappy projects, but it gives me a chance to hang out with you guys and check out your style one and one!
we still have a couple of seats left, so let me know if you wanna come! its $5 and its from 6pm to midnight.

i have to get to work, so i'll see you later! also, if you havent checked your email yet, why not? theres a goodie in it!

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like a battlefield

hey! have you checked your email yet? do you get our emails? WHY NOT????? i sent out a little goodie for you! check your email next chance you get!!!

today is wednesday the 15th of july and i am really loving today! i'm not sure what it is, maybe there's paper in the air.... a customer came in yesterday and gave me an overwhelming desire to organize my scrappy stuff. i'm not sure how many of you are in the same boat, but i can never spend enough time organzing my scrappy stuff!

it seems that as soon as i get it the way i like it, it needs to be redone for one reason or another. how many of you have a craft room??? i am soooo jealous!! one day, when i have a huge house of my own, i am going to have 1. a walk in closet (cuz what girl doesnt need one?) and 2. a MASSIVE MASSIVE CRAFT ROOM!!! but until then, i have to figure out how to control my hobby...any tips?

also, a reminder that this class coming up on the 24th of this month:

it is the basic grey page of the month kit that includes paper, embellishments and instructions. the kit is available, so if you dont want to attend class, then you can take a kit home!

this month's kit uses paper from the june bug collection, which is a double sided collection that features lots of fun bright colors! the kit also includes a chipboard alphabet sticker set, a pack of buttons, rubons and and cardstock stickers!

i have to get going! enjoy this beautiful day!!

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dont be so quick

hi! how was your holiday? good? mine was alright i guess...i ended up going to the beach which i havent done for a while and got some funny pictures out of it! little known fact about me: i have super kinky hawaiian hair. when i went in the water it got wet and dried to its natural curly curly state. the wind was blowing and made for some really crazy looking pics, and of course that means i'll have to make a crazy scrappy page about it right????

in other news...we recently got through seeing the new ek, martha, and inkadinkado stuff! i will be honest, there was not tons and tons and tons of stuff, but hey thats still good for our pocket books right? and to be fair, it was all really nice stuff!

martha stewart has come out with some new border punches that coordinate with a corner punch so you can make your own lace cut papers! so far she just has 4 different designs: 1 halloween, 1 christmas, and 2 that are everyday. she has also redesigned her punches to store better! if you've ever seen martha's border punches, you'd know that they are sort of funky looking and dont stand up on their own which makes it difficult to store. now, the sides snap shut so they arent as wide and can stand up by themselves! its kind of hard to explain how they work, so i guess that means you'll have to come see for yourselves when we get them ;)

ek success has a bunch of new punches for halloween and christmas and they also have some really cute stickers too! did you know that ek's new punches store flat? they have a lock so that they lay flat and store easy. they have new sizes in these nifty little punches! they have teeny little ones that have 1/2 inch punch outs and they have whale of a punch sizes that are up to 3 inches!

inkadinkado has a bunch of new clear stamps and a few wood stamps! inkadinkado has to be one of my favorite stamp companies, especially since they have clear and wood stamps, and i loooove that they always have such gorgeous designs! we got halloween and christmas along with a some everyday stuff and a few thanksgiving...

i will post when we get all these goodies, so be on the lookout for that!

update on our epic demo tool: we should be getting it next week sometime, it's scheduled to arrive on wednesday so i'll be crossing my fingers for that. i will post here when we get it to let you know when we're gonna start demoing it!

i have to get going, but have a scrappy day!

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happy happy joy joy

hey guys! happy 4th!

just a quick reminder that we will be open today (7/4/2009) from 10am to 2pm. so if you're like me and you're spending the holiday scrapping, then feel free to stop by and pick up a few supplies to keep you going!!!

i hope you all have a safe and happy holiday!

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i got your crazy

ok i know its 4 oclock and i said 2 or 3, but um....too bad ;)

here is my finished project. like how it matches my room colors? yup...i designed it that way!

here's a close up of the flower (i loooove giant flowers!) i used a furniture tac as the center and had that fancy washer looking thing in my stash.
and a close up of the lace, another treasure dug up from my stash!!
the sides are two 5x7s that i left simple with a stamp, ribbon and some "white space"
this was the first time i used this bird cage stamp. ive decided that i cant live without it and it is so deeply fabulous!

if you're wondering what the quote says, its latin and my absolute favorite mantra. it means "Art is long, life is short."
if you'd like to take a class like this, give us a call or send an email and i'd be happy to book a custom class for you! custom classes can be up to 8 students and there are no additional charges for a custom class. plus, i heard they are tons of fun!
original post:

extended sale! big shot dies and accessories are going to be 40% off until this sunday july 5th!!! you can also grab yourself a big shot machine for just $69.99! this sale is good while supplies last until 7/5/2009 and is only good on products in stock, not valid on custom orders or special orders. we have a pretty good selection of dies left, but only 4 big shots, so hurry in before they're gone!
also, dont forget about our accucut services! we have lots of boxes and cards to choose from so if you know someone who's planning a party or having a wedding or if you just feel like making a few boxes for your friends, come on by! when you buy the paper from us, we accucut them for you! for those of you who need them by the hundreds, we can special order them for you! we also have access to tons of gorgeous specialty cardstocks, so check out our swatches!

this sunday is our lime rickey card class. we still have seats available but if you can't make this sunday's class, feel free to take home the kit instead! this class is $20 and starts at 3:30pm. lime rickey is a paper collection by my favorite company Basic Grey. it features fun, bright colors that are great to celebrate summer. the card kit includes materials to create 8 fabulous cards in a variety of sizes and they come with envelopes!

if you would like to sign up for this class or reserve your take home kit, give us a call at 680-9000 with your credit card info or stop by and see us, its always a pleasure!!!

we are still waiting on our Epic machines; i am so excited, i cant wait to get them in!!!

i like that little handle on there...its like it was built to crop with! as soon as we get our tool, we will let you know when we're having our release party! so stay tuned!
did you read the previous post? it was about the dirty home decor class...well i ended up taking it and i absolutely love love love love my finished project! i'll post pictures later so you can take a peek at its beautiful awesome-ness... im glad i took the class cuz now that i know how to make them, i can teach you how to make them! if you end up liking what i made, i can book a custom class for you!

i must hele for now, but check back later for the pictures! im thinking i'll post the pictures around 2 or 3. see you!

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