step one

today is monday the 20th of july, and it surely is a gorgeous day outside!!! the sun is shining and the clouds are fluffy and white, so its a great day to shop at Scrapbook Heaven :)

for those of you who haven't yet checked your email: shame on you; for those of you who have, tomorrow is the last day to use that FABULOUS coupon i emailed out! if you have friends who arent on our email list, feel free to forward the coupon to them too, i'm sure they'd love to save on their scrappy supplies too!

another great thing about tuesdays is that they are double punch days! thats right! you get twice the Angel points for shopping on tuesdays! when you get twice the Angel points, you get your Angel coupons in half the time! have no idea what i'm talking about? take a look at the far left of our blog, and you can read all about our Angel's club! trust me folks, you're gonna wanna get some Angel coupons because we are putting together a special promotion for August using these wonderful coupons!

we're also putting together our class schedule for august and i STILL cant decide what to teach! since i cant decide, i put a poll on the left side of the blog, so you can go and vote for what i should teach! you dont have to do anything to vote, just click! vote as many times as you like, the poll will close next monday the 27th.

i also wanted to say thanks to all of you who stopped by over this last week! you all made my week so much better! i hope to see a few more of you tomorrow!!!

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