dont be so quick

hi! how was your holiday? good? mine was alright i guess...i ended up going to the beach which i havent done for a while and got some funny pictures out of it! little known fact about me: i have super kinky hawaiian hair. when i went in the water it got wet and dried to its natural curly curly state. the wind was blowing and made for some really crazy looking pics, and of course that means i'll have to make a crazy scrappy page about it right????

in other news...we recently got through seeing the new ek, martha, and inkadinkado stuff! i will be honest, there was not tons and tons and tons of stuff, but hey thats still good for our pocket books right? and to be fair, it was all really nice stuff!

martha stewart has come out with some new border punches that coordinate with a corner punch so you can make your own lace cut papers! so far she just has 4 different designs: 1 halloween, 1 christmas, and 2 that are everyday. she has also redesigned her punches to store better! if you've ever seen martha's border punches, you'd know that they are sort of funky looking and dont stand up on their own which makes it difficult to store. now, the sides snap shut so they arent as wide and can stand up by themselves! its kind of hard to explain how they work, so i guess that means you'll have to come see for yourselves when we get them ;)

ek success has a bunch of new punches for halloween and christmas and they also have some really cute stickers too! did you know that ek's new punches store flat? they have a lock so that they lay flat and store easy. they have new sizes in these nifty little punches! they have teeny little ones that have 1/2 inch punch outs and they have whale of a punch sizes that are up to 3 inches!

inkadinkado has a bunch of new clear stamps and a few wood stamps! inkadinkado has to be one of my favorite stamp companies, especially since they have clear and wood stamps, and i loooove that they always have such gorgeous designs! we got halloween and christmas along with a some everyday stuff and a few thanksgiving...

i will post when we get all these goodies, so be on the lookout for that!

update on our epic demo tool: we should be getting it next week sometime, it's scheduled to arrive on wednesday so i'll be crossing my fingers for that. i will post here when we get it to let you know when we're gonna start demoing it!

i have to get going, but have a scrappy day!

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