come on in

Check it out, i can put pictures today! these are the pictures of the mini album we are doing next week friday the 16th. if you can't tell, its valentine themed and great to give as a gift or to keep for yourself. It was designed so that you can put in one picture a day from february 1st to the 14th to stretch out all those days of love! i have the book here at the store, so when you come in later today, be sure to ask for it, its DARLING! ! ! ! !

i plan on taking this class. i didnt get a chance to take one of Distress Queen's classes a few years ago, but i got a chance to watch and she is lots of fun! if you can't make it in today to sign up, you can call us at 680-9000 with your credit card info to reserve a seat!


That's adorable! I wish I had the money to join in the class. *pouts* But have fun making the book everyone! =)

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