Hot and cold

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo k. time for an update!

This past weekend was the treasure hunt! How was it? did you enjoy yourself? I did! It was great to see so many new faces!!! Today is monday, so that means we close at 3pm. After i close up shop, i am heading to Ala Moana to hang out with some friends and then at 7pm, we have a meeting with PhotoCraft and A Place in Time, and we'll be pulling a winner! along with another winner! and one more winner! with a few more winners! for a total of 63 winners, granted its not the same "first place" prize. i see no first place, you guys are all winners in my book! As soon as we pull a name, I can go ahead and post it on here. i'm sure we'll be announcing it in the newsletters as well, so be sure to check for that!

We are working on the class schedule right now, looks like we'll be having 4 classes in November, along with 2 Star Light Star Bright Crops. We haven't worked out the dates yet, so hold your horses please! We'll send out dates in the newsletter, and i will post it on here when i can.

not sure if any of you noticed, but on the last page, i changed it to our "Stuff" page. i'm going to be posting our class schedule there, along with the crop dates. at the top of the stuff page, i changed the links up so that you can take a look at the stuff that tends to occupy my free time. The first link is PrincessLasertron. She is the coolest chick ever! She hand makes these custom felt bouquets (mostly for brides) and they are so beautiful! I loved them so much, i made an attempt at creating them myself! so if you ever see me working on them, she is the one who inspired me!

The next link is 2peas in a bucket. its the most unique site i have ever seen. It is an online scrapbook store, that has a message board to talk to other scrappers, a gallery to see other's work, and i think they have classes too. I mostly go there to chat on the message boards to see whats up in the scrapping world. i also roam the gallery to get ideas for projects and whatnot. if you have a spare moment, you should really check it out, its cool.

Then there is postsecret. i first heard about it when i was a senior in high school. my sociology teacher (by far the awesomest teacher ever) worked it into her lesson plan and i thought it was neat. i eventually forgot what the site was, but really wanted to find it again. about a year ago, when i first started working at borders, i was reshelving these books and happened to open one up. it turned out that the book was composed by the same guy that runs the site! so i found the site again and was content! the site is basically a display of postcards that anonymous people from around the world mail to the guy. each postcard is usually hand made and displays a secret of its creator. its basically a way to let out your deepest darkest secrets without anyone knowing who you are. i've thought about sending one myself. they only display a handful at a time and they change the postcards every sunday, so its become a "Start of my week" tradition. You really should take a look, it may change your life.

And the last link is to Big Picture Scrapbooking. They are the hosts of that onling class i'm taking. i've looked around at some of the other classes, and some are really awesome looking! some of them look really cool, but i cant really do them because they involve using more pictures than i have! i think they have a gallery there too.

alright, i must hele!

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