***forgot to mention*** we are now selling a few of our stackable paper trays!

have you ever heard of sailor glue? it comes as a felt marker type dispenser and its blue when the glue comes out. its a bit more watery than regular liquid glue (because it comes out of the felt tip) but it's formulated so that if you let it dry a bit, its repositionable or if you tack it down right away its permanent! we've had it before a loooooooooong time ago, but we finally got it back in! we had one from martha the was similar, but i think i like this one better!

for me, lately i've really been into embossing. be it dry or wet, i love it! i even tried double embossing, that's where you dry emboss a piece of cardstock and then take a watermark pen and rub it over the design. before it dries, pour on the embossing powder and then heat! it comes out really cool. i also really dig the clear embossing powder. there is so much you can do with it! i could go on and on about that stuff, but i dont want to BORE you, so...NEW TOPIC!

i'm not too sure if told you, but a couple of weeks ago, i signed up for an online scrapbook class. lately i've felt unmotivated and useless when it comes to my favorite hobby. signing up for this class has helped me out a lot! so far, i finished more pages in two weeks than i have in the past six months and it feels really good. it feels like my style has improved and i'm using up my stash at home (so i have an excuse to buy more hehehe). it makes me feel so happy to finally have MY hobby back! for so long its felt like this hobby got me by the neck, but now i feel so much more in control! i know that sounds kind of weird, but that's kinda how it was for me. i love having creative freedom, it makes my scrapbook pages look so much better!

i've also found a new love for thickers! before, i was very much opposed to buying alphabet stickers for fear of wasting all those letters, not anymore! thickers are so much more than just alphabet stickers. they make the page come alive! most of the ones we carry are glitter, but we do have some foiled ones on order. WAIT TILL YOU SEE THOSE!!!

i'd also love to know... what kind of classes do you guys like to take? layouts? cards? digital? chipboard? let me know! scrapbookheaven@hawaii.rr.com -send us an email!

i must take off, so i will talk to you later!

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