you just might get it

omg! its been soooo long, but never fear, for i am here!!!!

alright, here is the image of my halloween collage class project. I posted it earlier on twopeasinabucket and they seemed to looove it!

i'm not sure how many of you are in a funk right now. i know that stress really affects the creativity in our lives and hobbies tend to take a back seat, but hobbies make us happy, thats why we do them. i have been a funk for a bit, but i signed up for an online class and its only the first week, but i feel so much better. being in this class pushes me to get stuff done. its allowing me to dig deep and find a good inspiration. if any of you are stuck in a funk, you really should try signing up for a class. you'd be amazed at how one little class can effect your whole mood!

Scrapbook Heaven is going through some great changes! some of you may know, we are re-doing the layout of our store, thats why its been a little topsy-turvy in here! We are hoping to make your shopping experience even more pleasant by making our store better for your movment. we all move to the beat of our drummer you know! so if you havent been in in a while, expect the unexpected!!!

we have our free Krop-toberfest on the 11th which is this Saturday, if you havent signed up, do it now! remember... its free! if you'd like, talk to your girlfriends, get them to come. bring your stuff, do your thang! its all in fun! as usual, at our crops, you get use of all of our tools including paper trimmers and die cut machines. if you want to sign up, give us a call at 680-9000 or email us at

we just got in the making memories "Spellbound" collection. so far, i looooooove it! Halloween is by far my favorite holiday and these papers are so great! one is a lacey style paper, it has pumpkins on it with the teeth cut out.

another is black and COVERED in glitter *awesome*

then there is one with an orange word background and black glitter on the border and it has a glittered crow on it.

then the one with the zig zag cut and news print background. its really simple, but so far its my fav of this season! these arent all the papers we got! we got a few more from Spellbound and we got our Sweet Cakes from DCWV
of course i had to grab two each for myself. *gosh, i love paper*
anyhoo... speaking of Halloween, i have no idea of what i want to do that night. trick or treating is not my thing and scary movies dont scare me too much. call me boring but i think i may just stay home and scrapbook until the wee hours of the morning! come to think of it, it sounds way more fun than dressing up... jeez how can this be my fav holiday if i dont do "halloween" stuff. well, i really love it because of its origins. the term "Halloween" is actually derived from "A Hallowed E'en" which is short for "A Hallowed Evening." Hallowed is another term for "Holy" and the reason its considered a Holy evening is because its the evening of a 2-day celebration that takes place until November 1st, also known as "All Saints Day" where one would celebrate the Saints.
not my intentions to get "religious" on you, just sharing a little bit of history and insight to my mind! thats why i love you guys, you are great listeners! I find it interesting how traditions change over the years. dont you?
oh! also, a little known fact: Benjamin Franklin (yes the inventor) was a scrapbooker. yep! he was! i also recently discovered that Katie Holmes (the girl thats now married to Tom Cruise) is a scrapbooker too! apparently she has an entire room in her house just for her hobby and she spends an average $3000 a month on scrapbook materials! now, a non-scrapbooker would never understand how one could spend that much money, in one month, nontheless. i think that if i had a craft room and the funding, i totally see spending that much a month! i mean, i am such a paper hoarder. i love paper.
until we meet again!

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