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wanna know what i've been up to? yup, thought so...

we just got in a Bazzill cardstock order, and boy did it have some great colors in it! are you familiar with the color raisin? no? well, its a really great color because when you first look at it, it looks like, well, a raisin. but as soon as you lay it down with a nice pastel pink, it looks chocolate brown! then again, when you lay it down with a bright bright orange, it looks BLACK! its such a versatile color, because it goes with just everything!

speaking of color, i just love it! i love color matching my photos. what i looooooooooooooooooooove even more is finding that PERFECT paper to match my pictures. the other night, i pulled my mom into my craft area and ask her opinion on what papers go with what pictures. i ended up pulling out ALL the paper in my stash! the great thing was that i ended up matching my pictures with some pretty old paper. dont get me wrong, this isnt about only using your stash. what i mean is, i bought the paper the first time i saw it. i had no ideas for what i would use it for. low and behold an entire YEAR after i bought said paper, i found its soulmate in a photo. when you see a paper, or sticker or this or that, something you adore, make sure you pick it up. just because you dont feel right using it as soon as you get home, it doesnt mean you shouldnt get it. trust me, it comes in handy way down the line!

so last night i went to waikiki to watch a friend of mine dance polynesian at the Hilton. it was pretty nice, he's a good dancer (especially at hula). after that, we went back to our other friends house to eat and watch movies. the hula dancer was the one doing the cooking, and he made the best thing ever! there isnt a name for it because one of his other friends made it up, but its sort of like a malasada with out the sugar, but filled with chocolate! all he did was take that pillsbury biscuit dough and flatten it with his fingers. then he tucked a piece of hershey's chocolate in the middle and pinched the dough back together. then, he deep fryed it in a pot (a wok would work too) and he had it on a really low heat. after it turns golden brown on one side flip it over and brown the other side. when its done, put it on a few paper towels and lte it cool. it takes a few minutes to cool cuz the chocolate is pretty hot. after i tried the first one, i had him make me one with dark chocolate, and OMG it was so seductive!

hula dancer used the flaky kind of dough, so i'm not sure how it would turn out if you didnt. if you have a moment, you should try it. its really good. the chocolate is melty, and the dough inside cooks, but stays soft. you'll love it! i bet you could even use savory stuff in there too, like spinach and mushrooms! yum!

dang, all this talk is getting me ono now! i think i'm gonna go and get some food! see ya!

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