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bloggity blog update!

alright alright, i know, i know! long time no see, i miss you too!!!

right now we are doing pre-orders for Cricut and Sizzix. you pre-pay for the die or cartridge that you want and we call you when we get it. what is so special about it? when you pre-order one, you save 15%, two, you save 20%, three or more you save 25%! the promotion ends november 9th, and it also includes the cricut machine too. so lets say you want to save 15% on a Cricut Expression, all you have to do is come to Scrapbook Heaven and pre-order it! or if you want to save 25%, all you do is pre-order the Cricut along with 2 cartridges and you can save 25% on the whole order! Feel free to give us a call at 680-9000 for any questions or if you'd like a price range.

I'm not sure how many of you saw our recent email newsletter, but we will be honoring competetor coupons from November 1st 2008 to December 31st 2008! See our store for details!

remember that post about all the projects i have going on? well, i got a chance to work on a few and i finally finished one! you know those felt flowers i told you about? well, here is a little bit of how i do them!

This is the little table top basket that i keep my supplies in. in here goes thread, floss, felt, pins, wire and a few more goodies. i usually layer all my flowers before i get started, just so i can get an idea of what the finished product will look like. color coordination really comes in handy with these flowers!

these two flowers are going to be pins and i chose the colors to go with a fall theme. one thing i have come to learn in doing these flowers is that buttons are really incredible things. if you use them incorrectly in even the slightest degree, they look HORRIBLE! but the moment you use them for something else (other than clothing) they look so awesome! the button in this next flower is a great example:

The button is made of wood and its really thick and kinda dirty looking. when i first bought it, i really didnt think id ever use it because it looked so bad! but when i was working on these autumn flowers, i pulled that one out and was amazed at how perfect it was for this flower! i stood back and looked at it and just couldnt believe that button was it. great things come in strange packages!

this next flower is another autumn themed one. its not as dark as the other one is, but trust me, when its done, it will be BEAUTIFUL!!!

this next one is featuring pinks and greens. looks cheerful huh? i like it. its almost princess like dont you think?

this last one is all pinks with a touch of white. this is going to be for breast cancer awareness. speak of which, i saw this banner on a website that had a pink awareness ribbon with a heart, and on the bottom it said, "Save the Ta-tas" i thought it was the funniest thing ever! i would love to get a tshirt that has that on it! i want to hurry up and finish this one. im excited for the outcome!

ok, now here are the pictures of my finished bouquet. its kinda small, i honestly wish it were bigger. but hey, its my first one! its not that i made a mistake, i'd just like it to be bigger. i learned a lot from this bouquet. the theme is Peacock by the way

Those are all my felt flowers. i'm trying to work on a citrus one, but i think i chose one particular color wrong. you see, i wanted to pick a light orange, almost peach, but i settled for a bright orange orange. its a nice color, but not with this theme. i'm really trying to like it, but i am not happy with it. i'm sure i'll finish it one day and show you! for now, you get to look at things i'm pleased with :)

i must be off, so i'll see ya when i see ya!

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