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alright, this one's gonna be loaded with pics, so watch out!

this first picture is a cookie sheet. why would i put a picture of a cookie sheet on here? well, i am going to be turning this cookie sheet into an advent calendar! for those of you who dont know what an advent calendar is, its a basically a count down calendar created by early christians to await the season of advent and the birth of Jesus. most people nowadays use it to count down to christmas day. now, im going to show you pictures of its progress, so keep an eye out!

Ok, the cookie sheet i have isnt the exact same as this one, its a different brand, but hey in this case, all cookie sheets are pretty much equal. it was the same color as the one picured above and i felt that didnt go with the papers i was planning to use, so i decided to paint it GOLD!!! as you can see, the paint i used is modeled here by a beautiful, fabulous and wonderful young lady... :)

the cookie sheet i have is a cheapy $6 one that i got from walmart. it doesnt have teflon on it, but it is non-stick stainless steel. metal is NOT a porous material so that means it cant absorb paint the same way other stuff would, so i had to make sure that i got a special paint that would be able to go onto metal. i found this paint at walmart also, its not acid free, but i dont have to worry about that because i will not be preserving any photos on it.

here i have photos of the first couple of coats. the first picture is of the back side of the cookie sheet, the second is the front. if you noticed, the back seems to have a thicker layer of paint than the front. thats because i will be covering the front with paper, so i only needed to paint it so that my paper would have something to adhere to. keep in mind when painting metal, its best to read the label first, my label said that the paint would take 48 hours to cure (Cure, Curing: The process whereby a liquid coating becomes a hard film.) so i knew that i needed to plan this project thoroughly.

those are all the pictures that i have for that project for now, but keep your eyes peeled for more. just so you know, i may not have anymore pictures of this project for another few days because i need to finish painting it and it has to cure.

this picture is sort of random and off topic, but i saw this cute little birdhouse at walmart and i decided that i wanted to alter it and make it a little christmas house. i painted the fron a nice cream color, but now im thinkin that i want to cover it with paper instead. i already know that i want to cover the roof with paper and put ribbon on as well, but im still in the planning stages.

the following pictures are of the layouts that i have done for that online class that i am taking. some of them are sideways (so so sorry) and i dont know how to fix that in blogger. would you mind doing a head tilt?

this first picture is a layout thats still waiting on a journaling spot, but the layout is about the tattoo that i have on my neck. they are angel wings that i got in memory of a friend that i lost last year. a few months after this friend died, he came to me in a dream and told me to get them. that moment was a very touching one for me, so of course i had to scrap it!

this next one is my sort-of title page. when i finish the class, i will be having a complete album, so i decided to make this album a reflection of me, sort of like a self discovery.

these are pictures from my 19th birthday. it was a nice evening at CPK. i really hate how my hair looks. bleh.

heres a layout of me and my dear mama. these pics were taken at the july 4th augie t. show. we were waiting for the show to start so we were just goofing around (as usual!) i did get a chance to add my title to this layout, it says "MOM & ME"

Remember that CSI game we had this past weekend? well...we took some mug shots... no, i am not six feet tall. i'm actually around 5'7"

Here is dad, caught RED HANDED! if anyone took a cookie out the cookie jar, it was totally him!

I have no idea what he was thinking about this one...i guess hes an alien?

those are the pics for today! i hope you liked them, i'll talk to you later! also, dont forget about those teeny tiny calendars, we got them in, so come and check um out!

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