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hows this weather huh? wow. i haven't used my shower at all this week. i just step outside when i need a cleaning. ...ew! i am totally kidding! bleh, gross, i promise you that i shower every day. any hoo.

we just got in an order of Valentine's stuff. k&co's Sweet Talk collection and the Doodlebug valentine's collection. As usual, the doodlebug stuff is really adorable with all kinds of pinks and reds. a little flock goes a long way for their paper and they also have a glitter paper and two more flat papers.

the sweet talk stuff has a lot more pink to it and is packed with all kinds of hearts and flourishes. there are a few butterflies here and there and yes, there is glitter involved! We got the paper pad for this collection (i got one for myself as well, its so lovely!!) as well as a bunch of the embellishments like rub-ons, stickers and grand adhesions.

aside from that, there is not too much to report from here. i'm still working on some christmas gifts for a few friends, so i cant post images of those yet.

i also printed out 180 pictures at costco this weekend, so i have lots of work to do! they are all pictures from my last year at high school, so i have a lot. in fact, most of the pictures i have were taken during my senior year! i have them in categories, sort of. i have a separate album for my graduation, one for my last day of school, one for that year's vacation, and one for my general year. the one for my general year is bound to be the biggest. if i ever finish that year, i will move on to my junior year, which has a lot, but not as many. after that, i have my sophomore year which is absolutely minute. then the last of my school stuff is my freshman year. those photos were all taken from one particular marching band trip and thats pretty much all i want to remember from that year.

i also have a portfolio that i am trying to put together. not that i would show it off to get hired for anything, but i just want to have one. its filled with all of my art from freshman and sophomore year. they are all black and white photos and a few are award winning :)

while we are on the subject of school, a few months ago, my bank hired a new teller. i knew who he was before i read the name tag, he was a dude from my high school. he graduated 2 years before i did, but we were in marching band together and we talked briefly as friends. now, i remember faces and names really really well, so of course i remember him. so over these past few months, i talk with him a little and make small talk, but never mention that i knew him. so yesterday, Mama went to do our banking and she asked, "Arent you so&so? from PCHS?" he looked puzzled and said yes. then she went on to explain that her daughter went to pchs and recognised him and whatnot. then he came out to say, "No wonder she looks so familiar! I see her all the time but I can't remember where I know her from!" so this morning i walk into the bank and i see him there. my heart is pounding with embarrassment and i do my banking. he mentions this story to me and appears relieved that he found out where he remembers me from.

now, embarrassed you say? yes, i found it a little embarassing, mostly because i tend to remember a lot more people than i myself am remembered. not because i didnt make myself known, i just knew everyone even though they may not have known me. i find it embarrassing when i know someone who doesnt know me. not to mention, i'm afraid that the only reason he remembers me is for my embarrassing crush on the painfully obvious drum major. lets hope he remembers me for another reason!

now is time for me to go. i have buttons to hunt for and cd's to be bought & enjoyed. also, do me a favor: if someone is with you right now or next to you, turn to them and give them a hug. they just may need it.

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