as promised!

ok! if you couldnt guess what my next post was supposed to be about, here's the answer: my stash! im not sure how many of you have been curious about what my collection of craft junk looks like, but here it is! its not very organized because im still looking for that perfect organizational system, but for now, it sort of works!

first we have my paper section. i have 2 columns of stackable trays that are filled with paper. the left column is halloween and christmas themed with one or two DCWV paper stacks. the right column is sort of organized by vendor. i have american crafts in one tray, my minds eye is two trays, about 3 misc trays and the rest are all basic grey broken down by collection. collecting basic grey should be a sickness, cuz i got it bad!

the plastic drawers on the far right organize my small collection of 8.5 by 11 cardstock and other random things like bling, fibers, a few rubons and some scraps. the two smaller drawers on the top hold my tiny inkpads.

here we have one of my desks. when i got this desk, it was supposed to be for my laptop and other non-scrap stuff, but the scrappy-ness took over! the chest on the top holds my stash of buttons. its actually a hardware organizer from lowes that i got for $10! i also keep my perfume on here and there are some of my clear stamps on the right side in cd cases.

and here we have my bookshelf! it is my favorite piece of furniture in my room right now. i got it at target a few weeks ago and it is so beautiful! the bottom shelf is for my 12x12 scrapbooks; then above that shelf are the 8x8s and a couple 6x6s; middle shelf holds some mini albums and a few mass market books; next are my yearbooks, poetry books, hymnal, bible and art books; top shelf holds harry potter 2-6 and a few literture books.

getting this book shelf really helped in my organization because before this, i had no where to keep my scrapbooks! my reading books were boxed up in the garage and attic.

here we have desk #2. its supposed to be my crafting desk, but i have discovered that i dont scrap on it, i mostly scrap on the living room floor or dining table. so for now it stores stuff! the eiffel tower is from target, it serves no purpose but to be pretty! next to the eiffel tower is my desk-top organizer that holds scissors and other misc tools that i pretty much never use!

the small paper rack on the left holds paper for my "current projects" and everything else on the top of this desk is pretty much junk i havent organized into place yet!

here you can see my desk-top organizer again, along with a shadow box i have yet to make and a wire thing that hangs on the wall. the "stuff" in the top shelf are actually some button flowers i've made that havent a home yet and the second shelf houses a round green-ish purse that i dont know how to finish.

this is the undercarriage of my second desk. the giant plastic bin stores my half-finished mini albums; the white puffy bag is stuffing for a pillow i was going to make; the two blue-topped bins hold my flowers (bottom = paper flowers, top = fabric flowers) and the grey thing on the side is the sewing machine i got for christmas last year.

this is another desk-top organizer that holds assorted stuff. i have my big clear stamps and alpha stickers in the back; mini clipboard and camera bag on the left, comb binding and shaggy toys in the middle; and sizzlits dies on the right.

when looking at the organizer from the front, there is a drawer that pulls out. i keep ribbon spools and a few more rubons inside. i dont really use this drawer much, though i could use the real estate!

thats my stash! it may not seem really giant, but i think its a bit much for how productive i am. one day i'll have it organized perfectly and when i do, i'll be sure to create a new post about it. i've been doing lots of cleaning lately cuz we've lived in this house for 11 years and that equals lots of junk!

this week i had an extra day off, and it was lovely! i went to the zoo, the aquarium and all around waikiki on one day...

the next day was for chilling, watching movies and eating french fries...

and this sunday i went hiking on aiea loop trail!

enjoy my stash! when its all nice and pretty, i'll show you more pics! have a great tuesday!

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