hand batik eggs!

i have pictures from the egg class!!!

this class taught the art of batiking using goose eggs! batik is a wax-resist dyeing technique used on textile. our wonderful friend, Kent, instructed these students on how to make beautiful works of art like his. Kent uses huge ostrich eggs for his custom works, but for this class he used a goose egg.

pysanky is the art of Ukrainian egg decorating using the betik method of dyeing. traditionally the symbols have deep religious meanings believed to help rid the world of evil,protect households and celebrate abundant harvests and prosperous years. In manycultures around the world, the egg is recognized as a revered symbol of life.

he started off the class by having the students draw their designs onto the egg using a pencil. he also had books showing different designs they could create to help inspire them.

once their design was completed, they would draw over the design with wax to prepare for the dyeing process.

and then the dyeing takes place!

and voila! a pysanka! (pysanka is a Ukrainian Easter egg)

this post is loaded with pics! i looooove it!

looks kinda messy huh? after class, Kent told us that he got extra kits for us to do our own! so we gotta call him up so we can get down and dirty too!

these eggs look so lovely! i was sad not to be able to stay for class (i had to go watch my puppy) but im soo excited to do one of my own!
i just cant decide what design i'd like to do...perhaps somethings floral? i'm loving this one:

and in other news....we have a crop coming up this friday!!! i havent had a lot of time to scrap lately, so i really look forward to our crops. now that my scrap time is restricted, i try to plan better for these crops so that i can be as productive as possible.
what i'll do is plan to work on a specific project. for example: i'm working on an 8x8 book for my dog daphne.
1) i've already chosen my printed papers and i bought more than enough cardstock to last the whole album.
2) i have the album i'm going to put it in.
3) i have some of the pictures that i want to use.
4) tonight when i get home, i'm going to choose the ribbon that coordinates with my color scheme
5) i keep an idea book handy in case i run out of ideas
so all i have to do is put it together! i have 6 hours on friday night to complete an 8x8 album...think i can do it? i sure hope so! i'll show you pictures after friday!
have a lovely day!

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