paper bag album - your wish is my command!

here is the paper bag album, as you requested in that spiffy little poll i made last month! take a look!

as you may know, i tend to march to the beat of my own drum, so this album is a little different from other paper bag albums you may have seen. my album has pictures from my most recent trip to the honolulu zoo so i decided to call it "not just creatures ...exploring the honolulu zoo" i am soooo loving giant flowers right now! each students a giant flower for their album and use of the cricut to cut their title.

this was my first time making a paper bag album, it was really fun! its a nice way to used up scraps too

i still wanna go back and dirty the edges, but i cant decide between using paint or ink...decisions decisions!

i was able to fit a lot of pictures in here; i counted 17! 2 of them were 5x7 and i have a 5 1/2 x 10 in there too! so just imagine if you put all tiny wallets in there; thats a lot of pics!

i have the sample in store, feel free to stop by and take a peek!
in this class we will be doing inking, embossing, die cutting, stapling, and all kinds of fun stuff!

this class in on saturday the 22nd starting at 6:30pm. i still have seats in class if you're feeling scrappy! if you are unable to make it this saturday but want to take the class, i'd be more than happy to book a custom class with you! all you need for class supplies are adhesive, scissors and a paper trimmer! see you later!

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