I'm not gonna write you a love song

So....new blog! what do you guys think huh? i love it! its so artsy fartsy! hooray for artsy fartsy!

any hoo...tonight is the premier for ugly betty and grey's anatomy! i dont know about you guys, but i am totally stopping everything to watch them! i loooooove those shows! i was thinking about doing some scrapping, but uh hello? roxie? you cant watch and scrap at the same time! you arent talented enough silly! oh, thats right! thanks...

if you didnt get a chance to look, check the previous post, i left you a goodie! just copy and paste the text onto a word document and print that out, it should be fine!

lets get down to business. i discovered a blog challenge online. in case you dont know, blog challenges are to help inspire creativity when it comes to writing in a blog, so this weeks challenge was to discuss our favorite scrapbook tool as of lately. here goes!

My new favorite toy would have to be the Big Shot from Sizzix, paired with a few dies from Sizzix. The bigz and originals size dies are thick enough to cut fabric and chipboard, two of my new favorite mediums. I love doing home decor, and the Sizzix system really enables me to do that. Sometimes, just looking at a die can get me inspired! Not to mention, Sizzix really has the holidays covered. We got their Halloween dies last month and we just got our shipment of holiday themed and Hello Kitty dies earlier this week.
I just love making all sorts of wall hangings and art to hangup. its like being a preschooler but with out the macaroni! oh! but the glitter, there is still lots and lots of glitter!
So we are having a crop this Saturday night. 6pm to midnight! I wanted to give it a really cool name. i like crop-a-thon. or crop-tastic or crop til you drop. OMG! we should call it a croppy crop! hahaha, i'm being silly, i think its time for roxie to get a coffee, what says you?
Here is a tip-a-rooney for ya! When you glitter a project and you want to get it to dry a tad quicker, hold a heat gun over it for a bit and it will speed up the drying time.
by guys!

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