8 seconds left in overdrive.

Wow. Just wow. I haven't updated in so long!!! but its okay now. i am here, updating! never fear, roxie's here! hahaha, i am so funny! well....silly is more like it! any hoo..... here is whats going down in Scrapbook Heaven:

I got a chance to finish up my sample for the home decor class. i used beautiful fall colors like espressso, cranberry and pumpkin with a touch of celery glitter. remember, for this class, you supply the materials so that you can use up the paper stash you have at home. however, if you like my sample so much that you want the exact one, i have materials saved on the side for you to buy and use in the class. also, just to let you folks know, there was an error in the price for this class. it is NOT $15 it is $10, so sorry about that! now, the $10 fee covers the cost of the chipboard panels, the chipboard letters, and use of all dies and tools in the project.

here is the supply list for this class (all should coordinate ideally):
2 12x12 sheets of printed paper
2 12x12 sheets of cardstock
1 bottle of acrylic paint
1 bottle of clear glaze acrylic paint
2 different colors of glitter
a few scraps of solid papers (for the die cuts)
4 large eyelets (3/16" in size)
1 yard ribbon
paper trimmer
prefered adhesives

Scrappers Jam is this saturday and i have ants in my pants! i really really really cant wait!!!! its like an explosion of excitement, magic and wonder! we are going to have lots of stuff to see, so be prepared! i would also bring a napkin or two because you will salivate over our table! i really cant wait for this! i bet you cant wait either!!!!!

we also got in a bunch of new idea books an magazines! i really am enjoying the paper trends magazine! there are tons of ideas for the holidays, and really makes my mind soar at the possibilities! they have paper trends year round, so they usually have a lot of cute stuff for all the holidays. you would be amazed at how much a magazine can inspire you. some days i feel like i'm in an absolute rut with no way out, but opening a magazine really brings out my imagination. its also really helpful for those just starting out in a craft because it gives them a good idea of where to start out. if you haven't picked up an idea book or magazine before, you really should!

we are eagerly waiting our arrival of basic grey! if you get a chance, be sure to take a peek at the Basic Grey website and see whats in store. the newest lines are: Urban Prairie, Granola, Eva, Ambrosia and Offbeat. i haven't seen them in person yet, but online they are just beautiful! i cant wait to get ours in!

The hello kitty dies are on order! i don't have an exact date for when we will be getting them, but as soon as we get them i will update our blog to let you know! so as soon as you know we have them, be sure to get down to Scrapbook Heaven to snatch up yours! as far as i know, they come in bigz and originals sizes, and they sure are cute!!! see, now i have ants in my pants again! *jeez*

The AugieT comedy show was last friday, the 12th. it was a good show! i really enjoyed myself, and i could tell everyone else did too! A big mahalo to all of you who participated in our Augie in August promotion! they arent going to be doing the Pagoda show for very much longer, so i'm not sure when exactly we can do that again. i do know that Augie recently did another taping, so be on the look out for another DVD.

alright, this entry has gotten long enough. i'll leave you with a tip: when using embossing powder, rub a used dryer sheet on the surface to remove the static before you stamp and emboss in order to get a clearer image.

see you later!

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